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Your Thrilling Career in Supply Chain and Logistics – What You Should Know

By March 14, 2023No Comments
Supply Chain and Logistics

There are those careers we hear of, and think we sort of understand what they’re about, what the responsibilities are and the perks of the job may be, and then we discover … there’s so much more to know. Careers in supply chain and logistics are like that. There’s meaning in the name, but it doesn’t scratch the surface of the rewarding opportunities that exist along this path.

If your considering supply chain management courses, supply chain and logistics training or supply chain management programs in Ontario, this you’ve got to hear!

First, what exactly is supply chain and logistics … A supply chain, (more like a ‘supply network’ in the global economy of today) is a flow of businesses and activities that take a product from raw material suppliers to end consumers. Logistics refers to the processes of acquiring, transporting, and storing resources along the supply chain. The people who pull this off are the professionals, in various roles along the course, who have claimed a thrilling career in supply chain and logistics.

Now … What You Need to Know About Those Supply Chain and Logistics Careers


Boredom Doesn’t Exist – when you hear ‘supply chain and logistics’ it can sound dry, technical, perhaps even conjure an idea that it would be routine, even tedious, work. Not the case at all.

Everyday is an exciting ride, unpredictable, juggling many balls, navigating moving parts, definitely geared for someone who likes a challenge, is adept at problem solving and gets a buzz from chaos and creating order.

The Field is as Diverse as People Are – ‘supply chain and logistics’ is really a catch-all for a variety, and diverse range, of professional positions that help products move. You can begin as an expeditor, move to a buyer, work in operations, load product, focus on sales or become a production manager, to name a few. Any where products flow from inception to end-user, is a place you can hang your (hard) hat.

It’s Data Driven so You Need to be Too – the whole flow is data intense, so you need to be able to sift through, understand, extract, summarize and communicate data to the right parties effectively and efficiently, in any given moment.

People Skills and Networking Are a Must – the better you can connect and communicate with teams of professionals who perform processes, operate the technology, and demonstrate best practices, the more you’ll learn and grow. The more effectively you communicate with customers, the more powerfully positioned you are for success and the more the company you work for will thrive.

And the ability to network, finding a mentor to guide you, listening to suppliers, and developing relationships, will ensure that when you’re in need of a favour from your team, they’re there to support.

Certification Gives You the Competitive Edge – you want to ensure that the college training program you attend, provides you with a foundation of theoretical learning, provided by experts in the industry, and the hands-on training (ideally with potential employers), that sets you up for supply chain management certification. Our Anderson College Supply Chain and Logistics program, sets graduates up to be eligible to receive the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) certification and also offers a membership to the Association for Supply Chain Management for further support. Processing these credentials truly sets you apart in the industry.

Fast-Paced Days and Job Growth – Not only are the days filled with variety and moving at a break-neck pace, but opportunities for moving up the chain of command yourself (with those people and networking skills at work) are quick to evolve. Advancement potential is real and the perks and pay that go along with it are tangible.


If you’re looking for an in-demand, challenging but thrilling career, this is for you. If you’re still exploring whether this is a fit for your interests and goals, take our “Supply Chain and Logistics Career Discover Quiz”. If you’re ready to leap and start your Supply Chain and Logistics career, or want to learn more about our other 30+ programs, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team. We’re here to help you navigate your way.

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