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Your Orthopaedic Technician Career Options After Graduation

By August 7, 2023October 5th, 2023No Comments
Orthopaedic Technician Career

“With 160,000 patients waiting in pain for life-changing orthopaedic surgery across Canada”, and the need for a team of support to see them from diagnosis to recovery, healthcare professionals in the field are desperately needed. As an orthopaedic technician you play a key role in assisting surgeons, care providers and their patients. And with the rise in an aging population and an increased demand for ortho techs, according to Job Bank Canada, you have a world of opportunities upon graduation.

Orthopaedic technician training / orthopaedic technician programs, will offer you the skills and knowledge to apply, adjust, and remove casts and splints and will teach you how to observe, monitor and document patients’ conditions and progress, and how best to support them physically and emotionally through their healing. A progressive college will have industry experts leading you through your studies and will provide hands-on training as well as a practicum where you can apply what you’ve learned. But where you’ll apply your expertise after your orthopaedic technician course will be up to you and your options are varied and dynamic.

What Career Opportunities Can You Explore with an Orthopaedic Technician Diploma?


Various Options on the Job

This ortho tech career is as dynamic as you are. You may work full time or part time, on evenings and/or weekends. You may be on call, as patients in some work environments may need your support at a moment’s notice and at different times throughout a day or night.

Specific Expertise and Responsibilities

Depending on where you apply your new-found expertise, your role will shift with what is required, but your responsibilities could include:

  • Assisting orthopedic surgeons,
  • Applying and removing casts or splints,
  • Setting up traction devices,
  • Adjusting medical equipment, like crutches or walkers,
  • Educating patients on how to safely use their medical equipment,
  • Making minor repairs or adjustments to medical equipment when required,
  • Acting as first assistant to an orthopedic surgeon in the operating room,
  • Interpreting patient X-rays.

Potential Work Environments

After graduation you can choose what kind of support you’ll provide, by selecting from a number of work environments. Your schedule and the patients you serve and support with shift based on where you apply your skills. These are some of the exciting environments you can contribute to:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Clinics
  • Privates Practices
  • Orthopaedic Clinics
  • Ambulatory Healthcare Services
  • Research Laboratories
  • Sports Medicine Centres
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinics
  • Medical Supply Companies

After you study in an orthopaedic technician program, you will have the skills and training to contribute significantly, not only to patients but to the healthcare team you choose to align with. Your job is hands-on, provides a chance to collaborate and communicate with other healthcare professional, and truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

If you’re still deciding if your interests are aligned with this position, take the “Anderson College Orthopaedic Technician Training Readiness” Quiz. But, if you’re ready to assist the healthcare industry in meeting the dire needs of orthopaedic patients, we’re here to help. Book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today to start exploring your Orthopaedic Technician career and let’s get you started!

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