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Your Guide to Landing Your First Medical Office Administration Job

By December 14, 2022No Comments
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You’ve persevered and are celebrating the completion of your medical assistant training program, maybe even have that medical administrative assistant diploma in hand. But now the practical part begins. How do you translate all you’ve gleaned from training into a job that puts your medical office assistant (MOA) savvy to work?

Job hunting can be nerve wracking and overwhelming, but with a few tips n’ tricks you can have the leading edge in the marketplace and increase your odds of landing that dream job, exponentially.

Your Guide to Scouting and Landing Your First MOA Job


1. Network Your Way to Success

If you’ve graduated from Anderson College or another medical assistant college that comes with a practicum, then you may be well on your way to a rewarding position. Anderson’s Medical Office Administrator program comes with on-the-job training with potential employers. With that experience, you’ve been gleaning from experts in the industry who are usually first to hire MOA graduates. If you’re coming clean out of a program, or are looking for something outside your placement, you’ll need to leverage the professional connections you’ve made or create new opportunities for yourself.

Reach out to personal and professional contacts and let them know you’ve graduated and are looking for work. This may lead to learning about opportunities before they’re posted and ensure you’re first in line when applying. Research associations and business networking groups that host functions and networking events where you can meet those in your field.

2. Prepare a Leading-Edge Resume, Practice Nailing the Interview

The key to landing a professional position is presenting yourself as a professional. Your resume is your ticket to creating a first impression that will lead a potential employer, recruiter, or HR professional to want to learn more about you. The interview is when you clinch the deal.

Understanding how to position yourself is key. Here are our top, popular blogs on doing just that – 5 Tips to Score Your First Job After Graduation, Tips for Writing a Winning Resume to Score an Interview and Ace That Job Interview by Using These Proven Steps.

And if you’re an Anderson College graduate, you know you have a whole team of career service professionals to support you as you land your first, next, or even next job. We evolve with you throughout your career, that’s why our career services are provided to our graduates for life. From up-to-date insights on all the tips mentioned above, to customizing those guidelines to match the specific career you’re pursuing, our Career Services team provides workshops and direct support designed with your success in mind.

3. Job Search, Apply, Land.

You’ve explored and contacted connections. You’ve got a stellar resume that highlights the skills and training you’ve gained from your medical administration courses. And you’re beginning to feel more confident about acing interviews that come your way. Now you’re ready to take massive action to generate opportunities.

  • Research potential employers that you’d like to work for and sign yourself up for ‘job alerts’ from online job-search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Google for Jobs, Monster etc…
  • Follow and read about the companies, doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals that you’d like to be a part of. When you immerse yourself in those potential-employer experiences, you can be the first to see an opportunity arise.
  • Tap any first or secondary connections (second-tier connections of those you know) on LinkedIn and reach out with a personal note. Tell them you’ve just graduated and you’re looking to learn more about the industry. Ask if they would be willing to meet with you to answer some questions. This is called an ‘informational interview’. Sometimes, once they meet you and you’ve demonstrated your initiative, enthusiasm, and potential, you can become top of mind for a current position or when one becomes available.

Above all, as an Anderson graduate, know you are not alone in this process.

Our Career Services team will help you navigate every step along this way. From job fairs to strategizing on the who, how and when to apply for those dream positions, they’re a team of experts in the business of ensuring you succeed.

After all, your success is our success.

If you’re just exploring your career options, why not take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

If you’re ready to receive the training and support to take your career and life to new levels, and are interested in our Medical Office Administration program contact us! Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to join the next class!

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