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Your Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Law Clerk

By April 14, 2023No Comments
Law Clerk

If you’ve got a passion for the law, thrive on keeping order and can see yourself working alongside a legal team helping clients, this career could be golden for you. Within just one year in Anderson College’s Law Clerk program, diving into a leading-edge law clerk course, you could land a position and be embarking on a bright future.

If you believe an education for legal assistant is for you, we’ve got the step-by-step details to get you connected to what you need to know and how to begin the process of pursuing a legal program.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Law Clerk


1. Research and Assess

The first step is to determine if you feel drawn to this kind of work. You may already know if this career path excites you, but if you’re still exploring whether it fits your interests and passions, here are two potential actions to take:

2. Education, Training and Skill Testing

Now you want to connect with an in-person or online law clerk course. It matters where you receive your diploma from, and you want to learn from industry experts who blend theoretical and practical education and training. Since 1885 we’ve been committed to ensuring our graduates are skilled, confident and in demand. Take a look at our Law Clerk program and then reach out to our team to get your questions answered (contact details below).

3. Provincial Exam Prep and Pass

Once you’ve crossed that graduation stage and are scouting job prospects, you’ll want to set your sights on provincial exams and certifications to give you the competitive edge. Anderson’s Law Clerk Diploma program prepares students to write one, or all, of the four provincial Law Clerk exams: Litigation, Corporate Law, Real Estate, and Wills and Estates. You’ll want to make sure the college you choose drives curriculum to meet the practical need and helps you prepare for taking those crucial exams.

4. Interview and Dream Job Prep

You can have a solid education and even the credentials employers are looking for, but you still have to land and nail the interview. Anderson’s career services are available to our students for life, but these resources, our blogs on Writing a Winning Resume, and Steps to Acing the Interview, will give you an idea of what you can expect.

5. Selecting the Ideal Career Path

And finally, you want to review your job options and explore those that ignite your interest. You can find an overall listing of various jobs available to you in our blog What Jobs Can You Do with A Law Clerk Diploma?. From here you can set your sights and your goals.

We’ve been honoured to celebrate many law clerk graduates as they took the leap in the direction of their dreams. Of course, we feel extremely proud of the program we’ve developed for our students, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Insights always means more coming from someone who’s been through it personally – someone just like you. Here is a Graduate’s Perspective for you.

If after moving through this Guide, you’re ready to connect with our team and take next steps to launch your Law Clerk career, book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today. We’re here to help you navigate every step along the way!

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