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Your Complete Guide to Becoming an Executive Assistant

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Executive Assistant

As a foundational support to high-powered executives and fundamental key to a company’s success, the role of an administration executive is a thrilling, and potentially lucrative, one. But before you dive into pursuing a diploma in administration/executive studies, there are some details you’ll want to be aware of. We’ve pulled together all you need to know – from what an EA is and does, what’s great about executive and administrative opportunities, the skillset and character traits that make EAs successful, to the benefits of signing up for an executive program or administrator programs. Welcome to …

Your Complete Guide to Pursuing a Career as an Executive Assistant



What is an Executive Assistant?

Your role is one of key support and as a gatekeeper for leaders within an organization or group. You assist with various administrative and organizational needs from booking appointments and making travel arrangements, overseeing schedules, and prioritizing emails, calls and inquires to preparing presentations and acting as a representative for your assigned executive.

Upon graduation you can explore positions such as executive assistant, administration professional and/or office assistant, to name a few. And the businesses and teams you can contribute to are nearly endless, from private companies, and non-profits, to government agencies, in small or large organizations.


Is the Career a Fit for You?
If you are just beginning to explore how your interests may align with your career, you can begin by taking the “Anderson College Executive Administration Career Discovery Quiz”. Next, you can connect with our popular blogs 5 Thrilling Benefits to Becoming an Executive Assistant and Qualities of an Invaluable Executive Assistant and How to Become One.


What Type of Skill Development Do You Need?
We encourage students to pursue a program that has a track record for producing in-demand graduates. Preferably, you want a course that blends theoretical learning with practical training, delivered by industry experts. At Anderson College, our Executive Administration Diploma program is 48 weeks. You will gain a foundation in business, explore best practices for running a successful business and effective communication in an office setting, become proficient in office software including Microsoft Office, and even learn the basics for bookkeeping, computerized accounting, and event planning. Some of the areas covered within the curriculum are applied business communication, documentation, language fundamentals, mathematics, torts and contracts and the Canadian legal system.


What Traits Do You Need to Cultivate to Succeed?
You can find all you need to know on this point in our blog, Top 10 Executive Assistant Skills to Cultivate for Success!


How do you prepare a winning resume and get that interview?
For Anderson College students, our career services are focused on empowering you to take your skills to market, and as a graduate, our resume, interview and job preparation and search services are provided for life. Here are just some of the topline insights we offer:

A career as an executive assistant can be a challenging, as you juggle not only your own priorities but everyone else’s too, but oh it’s so rewarding too. There are endless opportunities for networking and advancement. The first step is getting started.

If you’re ready to explore your Executive Administration career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team, today. You could even join the next class! I mean, why wait to begin that future you have your sights on?

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