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Your Career Path Options as a Health Info Management Graduate

By August 31, 2023September 1st, 2023No Comments
Health Info Management

Advancement in technology and digital capabilities are forging a way for enhancing patient care and for health information management professionals who want to be a part of this vast and essential evolution.

With an increasing reliance on electronic health and medical records, professionals in this field play a vital role in maintaining accuracy, security, and compliance in medical documentation.

A myriad of fields, industries and positions are available for those exploring a career in healthcare information management and health records management. We thought a comprehensive list would be of value to those either currently in, or considering, a health information management program.

Fields of Opportunity

  • Health Records/Information
  • Services Admitting/Patient Registration
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Research and Statistics
  • Information Systems
  • Utilization Management/Decision Support

Potential Industries to Explore

  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Community Health Clinics
  • Law Offices
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Care/Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Primary Care Agencies
  • Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities

Career Options for Health Information Management Graduates

  • Health Information Manager
    In this role you will be responsible for processing and safeguarding patient health information records. You will set standards and policies for documenting and retrieving patient details upon the physician’s request. You ensure systems for storing patient info are secure and follow applicable privacy and security laws.
  • Medical Coder
    You are the liaison between the healthcare providers and the billing office. As a medical coder you will review patient information for preexisting conditions and other challenges and issues to ensure data can be coded properly. In keeping with understanding patient info, you will have the responsibility of assigning appropriate diagnosis and procedures codes for care, health statistics and billing purposes.
  • Data Analyst
    As experts in health information technology and computer-based applications, data analysts identify details and insights from medical data that can improve patient care. Utilizing patient health data, you could be responsible for gauging effectiveness of treatments, and identifying cost-saving and/or patient-safety initiatives.
  • Clinical Systems Manager
    Focused in the area of computer systems administration, as a clinical systems manager you will be responsible for updating and maintaining computer systems in healthcare. And in the management role, you will plan, assign, organize and schedule as you lead and manage application staff and systems workers. You will also ensure the team operates effectively and efficiently and your guidance will instill a customer-focused approach to providing quality service.
  • Medical Research Analyst
    This role will see you conducting medical studies and clinical trials and coordinating key details, by tracking inventory, collecting patient data and overseeing protocols, and even working with research sponsors. Utilizing your medical, analytical, scientific and financial knowledge, as a medical research analyst, you will work with physicians and scientists to coordinate vital clinical research studies.
  • Patient Care Coordinator
    As a patient care coordinator, you will provide continuity of care as patients transition from one care setting to another. You will provide the appropriate education materials and help patients navigate their healthcare needs, and responsibilities. Your responsibilities may include coordinating between patients and physicians, making calls and explaining situations to patients and recording patient information accurately.
  • Medical Auditor
    In this key role as medical auditor, you will be responsible for accurate documentation, effective operations and identifying areas for strategic development and improvement in healthcare businesses. Your tasks range from creating strategies and policies for effective patient care, to internal and external assessments for ensuring coding accuracy.
  • HIM consultant
    After establishing your professional expertise in health info management, you may determine that your skills are best applied in a consulting role for a myriad of industries and organizations. As a HIM consultant, you will support healthcare companies as they address and solve complex business issues and, namely, implement new and updated medical records systems and processes.
  • Population Health Analyst
    As a population health analyst, you play a key role in developing medical initiatives and adjusting programs in response to public needs and healthcare climates. You will be responsible for assessing medical and government institutions’ healthcare programs and policies, identifying ways for streamlining costs while maintaining quality care, and making recommendations for improvement.

These positions merely touch the surface of the dynamic opportunities available to the health information management professional. As technological development in the area of healthcare continues to surge ahead, the industry will continue to require skilled, savvy and confident healthcare information management graduates, just like you!

If you’re still on the fence about whether this path is for you, take the “Anderson College Health Information Management Career Discovery Quiz”.

But if you’re ready to launch your Health Information Management career in just over one year, then we know where you can start. Book a virtual appointment with one of our Admissions Advisors today; we’ll help you navigate every step along the way to your first, or next, thriving healthcare career.

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