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Your Career Options as a Business Administration Graduate

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Business Administration

You’ve a passion for business, excel in organization and time management and see all the potential of attending a business admin college, taking a business administrator course or business studies online. You may even have received your diploma in business administration already.

Now what?

Not surprisingly, there are myriad options once you’ve gleaned the knowledge and skills from a leading-edge training program. But to set your specific goals and sights on the future, it’s powerful to know, precisely, the careers you can choose from and then you can take those, informed, next steps.

Business Administration Fields to Explore and Potential Career Options Within Them


Accounting and Finance

Financial Auditors and Accountants – plan, organize and administer accounting systems, and analyze accounting and financial records of individuals and organizations to ensure accuracy and compliance in keeping with accounting standards and procedures.

Financial Administrator – for those interested in a finance and bookkeeping role, they maintain transaction records and prepare monthly and quarterly financial reports.

Human Resources

Human Resources Generalist – develop, implement, and evaluate programs and procedures, and advise employers and senior teams on human resource matters and labour relations policies.

Human Resources Coordinator – supports in the area of administrative duties for a company’s HR department, assists with recruitment, maintains employee records, assists with payroll and provides support to employees.

Production and Operations

Project Manager – oversees projects from concept and design to implementation, identifies success markers, and supervises teams and resources to ensure project deadlines and targets are met, on budget.

Operations Assistant – provides administrative support to an organization’s senior executives, schedules meetings, manages travel arrangements, coordinates events and prepares reports and communications to free the team up to prioritize and implement goals and strategies.

Director of Operations
– responsible for ensuring that operations run efficiently and smoothly, taking employee interests and needs into account. They develop and implement operational schedules, oversee daily operations, with quality assurance as their main objective.

Customer Service

Business Admin – oversees and analyzes financial operations, approves purchases and expenditures, markets and promotes, mediates between staff members and executives, and facilitates training programs.

Customer Services Representative – supervises customer service and relations, manages customer inquiries and oversees customer service representative needs and requirements. They operate between customers and the organization, ensuring quality of service and communications.

Customer Service Admin – often the first point of contact for customers, they represent the values of the company, answering phone calls, handling inquires, dealing amicably with complaints, and supporting the companies’ sales and promotion.

Marketing and Sales

Advertising, Marketing, or Public Relations Manager – plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates the activities, communications and creative presentations involved in advertising, marketing and public relations for the organization.

Sales Representative – sells services or products to customers; the position may include asking and answering questions to identify needs and provide best offerings, presenting, giving demonstrations, and creating and maintaining customer relationships.

Marketing Associate – conducts market research to identify new revenue opportunities, analyzes consumer behavior, and builds effective marketing campaigns. They create marketing reports, assist in organizing promotional events and help to create advertising materials.

Business Development Associate – is responsible for boosting sales and organizational growth, conducting market research, developing business strategies, building, and maintaining quality customer relationships and identifying and implementing new business opportunities.

Administration and Management

Office Manager – oversees and implements administrative procedures, establishes work priorities, analyzes administrative operations and co-ordinates the acquisition of admin services and supplies.

Account Manager – responsible for both sales and ensuring quality customer relations, they oversee relationships, recognizing and understanding client priorities and needs, and ensure quality service and delivery on strategic goals and projects.

Administrative Assistant – provides administrative support to managers and employees to ensure efficient operation of the office. They are responsible for confidential and time sensitive materials and are intimately familiar with, and uphold, company procedures and practices.


E-commerce Administrative Assistant – manages day-to-day operations for e-commerce, including processing and fulfilling sales orders, updating inventory, entering new product information and promoting products on multiple e-commerce platforms. They also work closely with the finance team with regard to purchase orders, invoices and payments.

E-commerce Operator – inspects and ensures accuracy regarding product information, landing pages, checkout options, and all other pertinent website-related systems to ensure visual appeal and ease of use. They also assist with company, product, and service promotions.

We’ve listed here those careers that get you in the door once you graduate. Where you take your career, how you leverage those entry-level positions, is in your hands. You’ll just want to pick those companies dedicated to empowering you to grow and rise within the organization over time and with experience.

As you can see there are near-limitless career opportunities for you once you complete your business studies online, or in person. Now that you understand the options, your next step is further research, or if you haven’t yet enrolled for classes or business studies online, we’re here to help you navigate your way.

At Anderson College, we’ve had the privilege of helping graduates gain confidence and train to be in demand in the job market for 137 years. We’d love to help you live your career and life goals too! If you’re still determining if this path is for you, take our “Business Career Discovery Quiz”. If you’re ready to start your Business Administration career , book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team and let’s explore your eligibility to join the next class!

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