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Why Assistants are Indispensable to Executives!

By April 25, 2023No Comments
Executive Assistant

High powered executives and entrepreneurs may seem to be holding all the success-cards, but behind every one of those, is an administration executive who’s organizing the deck. While you may want to be humble about it, in this role you are indispensable.

If you’re exploring the idea of executive studies/executive and administrative work or getting a diploma in administration, we’ve got great news for you … thriving companies need administrator program graduates.

And here are, The Top 5 Reasons Executives Need You.


1. You Empower Execs to Do What They Do, with Wow

Because you keep a senior member of management, or even the owner of a company, organized, on task and scheduled, make sure they have what they need when they need it, they can focus on what they do well and their top priorities. From communicating daily plans, answering phones and responding to emails to note taking and orchestrating the calendar in a way that makes it all possible, you help your exec create the impression that they’re a wizard at business. This is invaluable to your boss and the business.

2. You Are a Constant Support and a Confidante

They can count on you, nearly night and day, to be there at a moment’s notice. You have your eye on the goals and your intention set on providing the support needed, day to day, whether they’re in the office, at a conference or on vacation. You get a buzz out of organizing the minutia minute to minute, and as you are discreet and respectful, you can be counted on for personal and professional support.

3. You’re a Mind Reader Extraordinaire

Okay, so you can leave the mind reading at the door, but you do have an uncanny ability to anticipate needs, sometimes even before your boss knows she/he/they need it. You don’t require supervision or delegation; you take such pride in your career that you show initiative and use excellent judgement at all times.

4. You Fill in Any Weaknesses with Your Strengths

You can see clearly what your boss does exceedingly well, and you see where the skill gaps are that need filling, and you fill them. We all have things we know we need to work on, and you know your executives. Mind, you don’t mention them, but you can subtly, with ease and expertise, help in a way that makes your worth obvious. Perhaps that’s ensuring a prompt response to emails, call backs or never allowing your boss to miss a meeting – even scheduling a lunch break, or time with family. You pride yourself on keeping everyone in the know and on task and time.

5. You Enhance Productivity and the Bottom Line

All of these qualities, characteristics and savvy skills allow your boss, your team, to work more efficiently and effectively and the clients to receive the quality service they deserve. This brings accolades to the business, enhances the brand, and generates more business. Behind the scenes you work tirelessly. Couple this with hard-working co-workers and visionary management, and there is little that cannot be accomplished, together.

And an executive assistant you are truly the foundation of a company upon which successful systems and quality service are build. You should feel proud of your position and profession. And if you felt thrilled about the possibilities that may be yours if you choose this path, then we’ve got the next steps for you to take.

First, if you’re still considering whether your interests align with what you’ll learn in an executive program, take the “Anderson College Executive Administration Career Discovery Quiz”. Still looking for more? Check out our popular blog post, 5 Thrilling Benefits to Becoming an Executive Assistant.

Now if, after that, you’re ready to start your Executive Administration career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team! We’re here to help you navigate every step along the way.

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