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Discover Our Greatest Asset

Our instructors are qualified professionals with industry-specific expertise, providing knowledge, leadership and mentorship; they bring passion and dedication to the classroom, everyday.

We know you have what it takes – to be a skillful, confident and in-demand employee; these are your future mentors who will prove that you can!

Adela B., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“When a challenge comes your way, embrace it, learn from it, and try to find solutions to solve it. This is your safe place to do so. This is what Anderson College offers. A safe place to learn and grow. I will be on your side all the way.”

Adela graduated from the Medical Laboratory Science program at The Michener Institute of Education in 2010. Before this, she gained a strong foundation in the field from her native country, Romania, by graduating from the University of Sibiu in biology and ecology.

Since becoming a registered medical laboratory technologist (MLT) she has dedicated her professional life to learning about new MLT techniques by working in various Ontario hospitals: Stratford General Hospital, Grand River Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, and Brantford Hospital.

She has strong technical skills in departments such as haematology, transfusion medicine, and microbiology. Currently, she is involved with teaching MLT students that were having their placement done in these departments.

Adela is looking forward to growing, teaching and last not but least, learning more along with the students in the MLT program at Anderson College.

Adenike O.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I believe in ensuring my adult learners have the required knowledge, skills, and mentoring support needed to be a “master of the art”.

Adenike started her career in 2010 after successfully completing a bachelor’s degree in laboratory medicine and then, due to a love for education and disease prevention, obtained a master’s degree in public health.

Adenike is currently an infection prevention practitioner certified by the Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC), a public health professional and laboratory professional. She has worked as a lab professional locally and internationally in acute care, long-term care, and reference laboratory (Public Health Ontario); she feels privileged to lead and educate those embarking on a career in this rewarding medical laboratory field.

Agnes V.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It is very satisfying for me to teach and help my students achieve their goals. I have a lot of empathy and respect for the incredible struggles our students overcome, as many of them are also working and caring for their families while they are completing their studies.”

Agnes has over 50 years’ experience in nursing, having worked in various hospital and long term care settings, including acute care and mental health. She also owned and ran her own nursing agency for 16 years, employing 170 staff members and servicing nine long term care facilities. Agnes has been a Personal Support Worker instructor for almost 18 years, delivering a comprehensive and relevant learning experience to her upcoming PSW students.

Agnes has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has completed a variety of post graduate courses, including Gerontology, Psychiatry, Mental Health and Business Administration.

Agneta B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am a true believer that ‘The sky is the limit!’ when it comes to achieving your dreams. It is truly humbling and elevating at the same time to see: the accomplishments of the students, the passion, and knowledge at the time of graduation. It is an honour when they come back and talk about their achievements and accomplishments. It is an amazing feeling to make a change in someone’s life and I will continue doing that with kindness and compassion.”

Agneta started her career with the college in 2008, as the instructor for the dental assisting program. Before this, she held positions in private dental offices and had the opportunity to develop her skills in both general dentistry and specialties such as endodontics, orthodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery, with an emphasis on implants.

As an educator, Agneta strongly believes that we better ourselves by learning from our students' lives and professional experiences. Originally, Agneta was a chemical engineer and she majored in macromolecular compounds in 1987.

Agneta is very enthusiastic in everything that she teaches and that applies to both academia and direct curriculum. She has been a member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association for many years and participates in continuing education courses, seminars, and annual dental meetings. Agneta develops the curriculum by integrating the newest technologies and materials into the program.

Aileen V.

Faculty, Healthcare

Aileen Valenzona has over 30 years of dental experience, having worked as a dentist with postgraduate specialties in orthodontics, periodontics, and neuromuscular dentistry in the Philippines before moving to Canada. She also completed a diploma in Dental Hygiene, receiving the Valedictorian award. She holds a Canadian Certified Dental Assistant level 11 and Certificates of Mastery of Skills and was also on the short list of nominees across Canada for two consecutive years (2020/2021) for excellence and innovation in leadership in practice.

Dentistry isn’t just Aileen's career, it’s her passion. Her superior services are rooted in both her academic achievements and specialized skills. She engages in continuous training, professional development and education allowing her to perpetually offer her best to students and patients. Aileen's desire is to produce highly skilled clinicians.

“Education is the key to success! As an educator, I love to share my knowledge and skills with my students in order to empower them to achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.”

Aleksandra D.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Meeting individuals from all walks of life and contributing to their empowerment is a privilege I do not take lightly. I strive to provide my students with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the dental field."

Aleksandra has over 10 years of experience in the Dental field. After graduating with Honours from the Intra Oral Dental Assisting program at Everest College, Aleksandra gained experience working as a Treatment Coordinator as well as an Intra Oral Dental Assistant at general and specialty dental offices.

Aleksandra is a HARP certified Intra Oral Dental Assistant (level II) and member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association. She furthers her involvement in the Dental field by teaching courses on Intra Oral Dental Assisting as well as pursuing online education herself.

Amber B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Life is too short to think a lot and plan a lot if you need to be successful in your life take paper write your dream goal & objectives make strategies to achieve them and never look back until you reach your goals. Be in mind Jumping jacks are always ‘Jack of all but master of none.’”

Amber was born in Pakistan and grew up in Saudi Arabia. She graduated from Baqai Medical College in 2000 becoming a doctor. She worked in the hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan before moving to Dubai, UAE for almost 10 years in 2007 to serve various hospitals and clinics.

She had a lead role in establishing a new chain of clinics called Clinics Dubai. She then moved to Canada in 2017 and passed the medical laboratory technician (MLT) exam becoming an instructor for CDI College and Anderson College.

Amber’s career has been based on drive, determination, and love for the field. She hopes to pass this on to her students.

Amy J.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I really admire the students who come to Anderson College to pursue their passion and make a better life for themselves. I love being an RMT and am honoured to help my students prepare for, and enter, this fulfilling career.”

Amy has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) since 2014 and has completed additional training in perinatal massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports therapy, and TMJ dysfunction. Being an RMT has given her the freedom to move across the country and gain experience working abroad. As a mother of two, this career allows her the flexibility to take care of her family while being a healthcare provider within her community.

Amy started teaching in 2018 and has been sharing her enthusiasm for health and wellness with future RMTs ever since.

Amy L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I hope you find your passion in sonography the way I have discovered in the last decade!”
Amy is enthusiastic about adult education, patient care optimization, organizational development/effectiveness, workflow management, and outcome analysis in the clinical setting.

She has been a frontline diagnostic medical sonographer at a teaching and trauma hospital for the last 7 years. Before this, she spent 3 years working at community hospitals, clinics, and fertility centres. Amy has published multiple case reports in the Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography.

Her involvement in the sonography community enables her to connect diagnostic medical sonographer students to the top healthcare facilities for their clinical placements.

Anahita M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"If you show courage and love for what you are doing your success is guaranteed, and I will share all my knowledge and experience with you along with this journey."

Anahita is a passionate and experienced medical esthetician (ME) with more than 20 years’ experience in providing personalized skin care treatments and achieving remarkable results for clients. She is skilled in a wide range of esthetic procedures and graduated with honours from the Canadian Beauty College in Toronto.

Anahita is a service-oriented spa manager and business owner, committed to building an engaged and talented team, focused on offering a superior client experience to ensure a maximum return on their investment. She is also an expert in training new staff members and employees.

Anahita brings her skills and dedication to each class as a passionate ME instructor at Anderson College. In addition to her professional experience, she holds a bachelor`s degree in English translation.

Anand R., MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“When facing a mountain, always try to take a few small steps at a time, and eventually you will cross the mountain. Learning is a lifelong process, and the more you learn, the more you will want to know (in any subject field).”

Anand has over 25 years of experience in medical ultrasound in a variety of clinical environments including high-risk obstetrics, emergency room imaging and clinical research. He has experience in a wide range of clinical applications such as obstetrics, gynecologic, abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular, breast, contrast, elastography, neonatal head scans and infant hip sonography.

He has an additional 6-year experience in x-ray-based imaging, including computerized tomography.

His management experience includes successfully leading the ultrasound department in Ayrshire, Scotland and Arran, Scotland.

He is currently an instructor at Anderson College in Toronto where he developed and currently delivers the Physics of Ultrasound course.

Angeera W.I., BScN, BEd

Faculty, Healthcare

"I envisioned becoming an educator one day once I knew I had the experience, knowledge, and skill set to teach what I know best, 'health care!' I am happy to share with the amazing students enrolled in the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program at Anderson College as they begin their healthcare educational journey. I know that as I facilitate our students we will also learn together and from each other. In turn, they will be prepared for their future healthcare work-related experiences!"

Angeera is a Toronto Metropolitan University and Brock University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Education (BEd). She is a registered nurse with 17 years of nursing experience in labour/delivery, postpartum, and special care nursery/paediatrics.

A majority of her nursing career is in the intensive care unit, both medical/cardiovascular, and emergency room. Angeera held simultaneous employment adventures working for Princess Cruises as a nursing officer, her role included responding to critical situations alongside coastguards and medevac with 4000 passengers and crew onboard. Her love of nursing leads Angeera to the field of education starting with Seneca College and Centennial College, and currently working with Anderson College.

Ani A., MD

Faculty, Healthcare

Ani is a hardworking individual with over 10 years of experience in medicine. She gained her medical degree from Armenia, did her residency in the field of neurology, and was trained in Switzerland, Austria, and the United States. She did her diploma assessment in 2016 and was established as a Doctor of Medicine in Canada.

Ani graduated from Anderson College’s cardiology program and became a registered cardiology technologist in September 2019.

Ani has exposure to cardiac patients at Mackenzie Health and various cardiac clinics within the Toronto area specialising in ECG, stress testing and ambulatory monitoring. She has worked as an instructor at Anderson College for the past 3 years and is known for her dedication and commitment to her students.

As a newcomer to Canada, Ani understands the challenges students face, and her lived experience brings a unique perspective in helping students achieve the goal of graduation.

For Ani, it is rewarding to see her students have limited or no cardiac knowledge at the beginning of their educational journey and then see them graduate as confident and eager cardiology technologists with excellent cardiac knowledge and skills.

Anuradha T., PhD

Faculty, Healthcare

“Teaching has been my passion since I was a student. I believe that learning is a constant process throughout our lives, which can also be achieved by teaching and sharing our knowledge and experiences with others. Each day, I look forward to teaching my students and making it another wonderful day for them and me.”

Anuradha came to Canada from India in 1999 and started her career as a research associate at Victoria Hospital for three years. After this, she moved to Robarts Research Institute and worked on different aspects of prostate cancer research.

She has several years of experience in the field of molecular biology performing cloning, synthesis, and extraction of different proteins related to the studies of Alzheimer’s research.

Anuradha has been teaching for 8 years in the medical laboratory technician assistant program.

Anuradha has Ph.D. in physiology and is a Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science certified medical laboratory technician assistant.

Aparna B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Educate to elevate. As your instructor, I'm not just imparting knowledge; I'm sculpting a path where curiosity meets competence, empowering you to thrive in the endless possibilities of learning using a combination of knowledge, skills, and real-world experience I have."

Aparna holds a Master of Civil Engineering from India, a certificate in occupational health and safety leadership from Ryerson University, a certificate in adult education from the Canadian College of Educators and is an accomplished occupational health and safety practitioner with over 10 years’ experience spanning industrial and academic settings.

Aparna is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and has contributed significantly to the field by serving as a trainer and facilitator for the CRSP exam preparation course. This, in addition to her roles as health and safety specialist, advisor, and consultant, and her diverse background and comprehensive understanding of OHS industry issues in various contexts, all contribute to Aparna’s dynamic ability to connect theory with practical insight, making her an exceptional resource for students.

Ashneet Saini, MLT, HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

Ashneet Saini is an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual who inspires students to learn and grow in their careers. She has a passion for learning and always finds opportunities to expand her knowledge and understanding. She believes that education is the key to success and is grateful to be a part of the medical laboratory technologist program (MLT) and faculty.

Ashneet graduated from the University of Toronto in 2015 with an Honours Bachelor of Science and began a position as a medical laboratory technician of haematology at LifeLabs in 2017.

Through her experiences, she discovered the medical laboratory sciences profession and completed her schooling at The Michener Institute of Education. She has been a certified MLT since 2020 and worked in the core lab at William Osler Health System and Mackenzie Health. She played a vital role in staff training and teaching MLT students during their clinical placements at her sites.

Ashneet loves to give back to her community, advocate for her profession and is always looking for ways to volunteer in her spare time. As a Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) member, she volunteered on the exam panel and was the charity committee Vice President at The Michener Institute of Education. Ashneet hopes to motivate her students to pursue their goals and ambitions and guide them towards success.

Avery S.

Faculty, Law

“All in all...The most amazing and wonderful moment as an instructor the "Ah ha" moment of excellence and understanding. To share and build a network of like-minded people is amazing. To provide students with the tools to become self sufficient members of society, and be a part of it, is the most incredible journey to be on.”

Avery started her professional career in Law Enforcement with the Manitoba Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. Following that, she successfully completed Police Constable training in Ontario and served with the Ontario Provincial Police as a Police Officer. During her Law Enforcement service, she had the opportunity to work as a Canadian diplomat at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Her duties included working as a Security Specialist and as an Immigration investigator.

After successfully completing her posing in Europe, Avery was relocated to Toronto, Canada where she turned her focus on education and has been a part of the Ontario Career Colleges as a Police Foundations instructor for the past ten years.

She has continued to enhance her professional teaching career through ongoing personal education and development in the field of Human Science.

Avery looks forward to what every day brings.

Bardhyl V.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Teaching is an art, because you have to put your heart and honesty into it; you have to work hard. My passion is teaching. Since receiving my diploma, my priority has been changing students’ lives, preparing them to serve people in need and to lead successful futures.”

Bardhyl has been a college instructor for over a decade, with his teaching practice informed by his practical skills gained working as an Independent Medical Examiner.

Since earning his MLA/T Diploma, Bardhyl has been a member of the Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario and the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science. He is also a certified First Aid and CPR Instructor with St. John Ambulance in Mississauga, Ontario.

Ben C., BA

Program Coordinator, Law

“Although I am a program coordinator, I am also an instructor. I really enjoy this aspect of the job. I enjoy taking the journey with the students from day one to field placement and eventually using their skills in the industry to start a new career.”

Ben is a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Ontario. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Windsor and has graduated from the Paralegal Program at St. Clair College.

Since 2010, Ben has been mentored into the legal profession by an experienced lawyer and has continued working and gaining experience in the industry. He has been the sole proprietor of Canniff Paralegal since 2011 serving businesses and residents in Windsor, Essex County, and Chatham-Kent.

In 2013, Ben began teaching part-time at St. Clair college and has gained valuable experience both in the classroom and in developing resources.

Since 2020, Ben has been the Paralegal Program Coordinator at Westervelt College (now Anderson) in Windsor.

Bonnie T.B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Follow your heart. You have the power within you to make any dream come true.”

Bonnie has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) in Ontario since 2006. Before that, she studied massage therapy and worked in London, England.

She has worked in a variety of RMT settings including health spas, high-end hotel spas, and multidisciplinary clinics. In 2014, Bonnie opened her massage therapy clinic in Paris, Ontario. Her clinic offers registered massage therapy, reflexology, osteopath, hypnosis treatment and Reiki.

Bonnie is excited to work with the students at Anderson College to share her knowledge and experiences with them. She wants to inspire the next generation of RMTs.


Faculty, Healthcare

"Anderson College provides me with the opportunity to share my OHS knowledge, skills, and experience with students in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Online program. I admire and applaud the commitment, effort, and time that each of my students puts forward on a daily basis, and I look forward to being an integral part of each student's success in the program, and beyond."

Boris earned a Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma from Centennial College, an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) post graduate certificate from Ryerson University, and a Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management from the University of Fredericton. He is a practicing Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), holds a Professional, Gold Seal Certificate as a Construction Safety Practitioner (P.GSC CSP) and a National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) credential. Boris has accumulated over 14 years of experience as an OHS professional serving the Ontario construction industry.

Boris has been a health and safety instructor since 2020, and joined Anderson College’s faculty in 2021 to pursue his passion for teaching.

Brad M.

Faculty, Law

“When you join law enforcement, the purpose you serve is no longer your own.”
Brad has over 20 years of law enforcement experience in policing and public health investigations. Throughout his policing career, he worked in uniform patrol, drug/gang investigations, human trafficking, and organized crime enforcement.

Brad achieved the rank of staff sergeant before leaving policing and is now working as a public health inspector.

He loves working with students and mentoring future law enforcement officers. Brad received several chiefs’ awards during his career for criminal investigative excellence and hopes to share his experience with his students.

Brenda M., BScN

Faculty, Healthcare

“I believe all people have value and something special to offer and I take pride in helping the students I teach to find their way to success.”

Brenda is a registered nurse and in addition to her responsibilities as the education manager, she has been teaching personal support worker programs for 22 years.

She is passionate about teaching and believes it is her calling to open minds to new experiences that will help students change their lives for the better in a holistic way. Brenda wants to be a leader and role model in mentoring and empowering students to take control of their learning and envisioning their future selves.

Brenda knows the learning environment needs to be fun and interactive to ensure students are engaged in their learning. She believes in the importance of connecting and listening to the needs of the student to adapt teaching styles to encompass different ways of learning.

Brenda strives to create a safe and inclusive space of learning for all students.

Brigitte L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I love teaching at Anderson College because our students also teach me so much! Our students bring a great deal of diversity and energy into the class; to teach them is a great honour. I look forward to meeting you next!”

Brigitte has 20 years’ experience in early childhood education, working with special needs children and teaching ages 0-14 years in private Montessori Schools and child care centres across the Greater Toronto Area. Her previous roles include Summer School Director, children’s in-home-tutor, and Parent Workshop Leader. She combines her interior design background with the childcare field to ensure children, families, and her students have inspiring educational environments to learn from.

Brigitte holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education, is a Registered Early Childhood Educator (with the College of Early Childhood Educators), and completed her Montessori Casa training in 2015. She is also a qualified Interior Designer.

Brooke M.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I always try to remind my students of the oxygen analogy that they use on an airplane about putting your oxygen mask on before helping someone else. In healthcare, I know how important self-care is and I am an advocate for good self-care.”

Brooke has over 20 years of experience in healthcare. Brooke worked in a variety of healthcare settings including long-term care, hospital, home care, and public health.

Brooke was a personal support worker before becoming a registered practical nurse in 2011 after graduating from Conestoga College. She was awarded honours and a certificate in palliative care.

Brooke has three children and volunteered on many sports teams within their schools. Brooke has a passion for teaching and enjoys witnessing her students succeed.

Bryan D.

Faculty, Law

“The law leaves much room for interpretation, but little room for self-doubt.”

Bryan has been a paralegal in private practice since 2014. In 2020 Bryan joined the college as an instructor in the paralegal program. In 2021, Bryan was appointed, by order in-council, as a Member of the Landlord and Tenant Board. In 2022, Bryan received his credentials as a Qualified Mediator with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

Carlo C.

Faculty, Law

"I have always been a teacher at heart. Policing is an exciting field; no two days are the same. I considered it a privilege to help people during my career and hope to instill that same sense of honour in my students.”

Carlo served as a police officer with the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) for over 35 years and was involved in myriad facets of police work, ranging from criminal investigations to public safety. From his designation as a Scenes of Crimes Officer (SOCO) with a specialty in forensic photography and evidence collection, as a qualified breath technician, which included breath testing and preparing Crown briefs and video evidence for trial, to his service as a member of the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) unit, in service to those with mental health issues, Carlo’s experience is varied and extensive.

Carlo also provided HPS NICHE database and reporting system training to frontline officers and was a coach officer responsible for newly graduated officers, training them on policies, procedures, legislation, and the application of all duties. Over the course of his career Carlo was responsible for the training of 25 officers in this capacity.

The practical, powerful, perspective, experience and skillset Carlo offers to our Anderson students is invaluable and second to none.

Carol R.

Faculty, Healthcare

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

Carol is honoured to join the Windsor campus as an MOA Instructor.

She brings a wealth of knowledge having been in the Medical Office field for twenty plus years. Carol had the opportunity to work in several professional Medical Offices of different specialties, such as ENT, OB/GYN/General Surgeon as well as Family Health Teams. Her last position of Medical Office Employment was held as the Referral Specialist wherein she completed Referrals and Diagnostic Imaging appointment bookings for 7 Physicians.

Not only does Carol find her roles extremely rewarding but, she is also involved with various Committees. In the past, Carol held the role of the Health and Safety Representative for our team, sat on the Quality Improvement Committee and the Wellness Committee.

She is fully qualified and wants to share a positive role in the future of her MOA students.

Carolyn M.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy bringing all my unique experiences in healthcare to share and motivate personal support worker students to be successful in their chosen field of study. Seeing students evolve from the beginning of the program through to placement and graduation is an experience that has many rewards.”

Carolyn has over 30 years of experience in healthcare as a registered practical nurse (RPN). Her scope of practice consists of 20 years in palliative care, mainly in hospital and hospice settings.

While travelling overseas, Carolyn was presented with the opportunity to work in an HIV/AIDS clinic in Athens, Greece for just under a year. Upon, her return to Canada she spent 15 years as an RPN working with patients in a medical clinic that focused on addictions and mental health.

Before joining Anderson College, Carolyn was a charge nurse at a long-term care facility and a retirement home in London, Ontario.

Carson B., MEd

Faculty, Business and Media

“The business of education is not to make the young perfect in any one of the sciences, but to open and encourage their minds and make them capable of any and all, when they shall apply themselves to it.” - John Locke

Carson is an educator, researcher, and author. He specializes in educational administration, organizational behaviour, educational psychology, and the interdisciplinarity of professors in higher education.

He has written two textbooks: Theories of Individual and Collective Learning and Leadership and Management in Higher Education, the latter was selected for the Canadian Society for the Study of Education text. Carson earned his master’s in education at the University of Windsor.

Casey B., BA

Faculty, Healthcare

Casey is a Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker instructor at the Anderson College - Brantford Campus. They have been with Anderson College for approximately 1.5 years and hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a post-graduate certificate in concurrent disorders.

Casey is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) as they finish a master’s degree in counselling psychology. Their passion is fuelled by their students, and they aspire to send their students into the working world prepared with all the clinical and practical skills they need to be successful.

Casey finds it vital to prepare these students with realistic expectations and education surrounding the vulnerabilities and realities that their future clients will face. The passion that their students hold for education and their future clients is inspiring.

Casey is fuelled by their students to provide engaging and supportive lessons every day.

Cathy L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Knowing you were able to help someone at a difficult time in their life will be the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling of pride you will ever know in your lives. Kindness makes life better. Integrity makes life better. Purpose makes life better. Gratitude makes life better.”

Cathy has worked for the last 17 years in the fast-paced environment of Credit Valley Hospital as a medical office administrator (MOA) and also holds a position as a lab technician in the emergency department. She is recognized as a top performer, and revered for her compassion, empathy, and dedication to go beyond the typical scope of work for the patient.

Cathy’s ability to be the ‘face of an office and clinic’, and a professional patients can rely on, as well as her experience as part of a healthcare team of support in a dynamic work environment, give her a wealth of expertise to share with Anderson students. She brings her feeling that working as a MOA is one of the most
rewarding and satisfying professions one can hold to the classroom and all she contributes.

Chantal N., BSc, MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy inspiring and facilitating the learning of others. It’s so fulfilling to see students master the concepts you have taught them. I am eager to share my knowledge and skills in the diagnostic medical sonographer program at Anderson College.”

Chantal’s interest in health sciences, specifically diagnostic imaging inspired her educational endeavours. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Toronto and completed the Ultrasound program and Radiological Technology: the University of Toronto Joint program at The Michener Institute of Education.

Since 2001, Chantal has practised sonography in both clinic and hospital environments. Her desire to further her knowledge led her to obtain a master’s degree in ultrasound from Charles Sturt University in Australia in 2007.

For more than 10 years, Chantal had the privilege of teaching sonography to learners in various settings. As a clinical educator for both The Michener Institute of Education and Medical Radiation Science at McMaster University and Mohawk College program, she facilitated the learning of sonography students in a busy hospital environment.

Charles U., PhD

Faculty, Business

“Education is an investment.”

Charles’s major goal is to educate and guide students so they can achieve their career objectives. As an instructor, he facilitates learning and encourages unique independent ideas so students can pursue their career goals.

Charles has been an occupational health and safety professional for over a decade and held various positions in private and public institutions. Charles obtained his PhD in Life and Earth Sciences from the University of Tsukuba. He has continued to adopt teaching methodologies that effectively empower students and create a desire for learning.

He is a member of the Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) and has an environmental professional designation (EP) from The Environmental Careers Organization of Canada. During his time at Tsukuba, he became fluent in Japanese.

Charles looks forward to promoting a great learning experience for students at Anderson College.

Charlie R.

Faculty, Healthcare

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." ~ Wayne Gretsky

Charlie has been working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) since graduating from Mohowak College in 1994. For almost 13 years, he has worked as an MLT for Canadian Blood Services (CBS) as a lab supervisor in the Blood Component and Product Distribution labs.

Charlie has been involved in clinical labs in hospitals in Hamilton and Sioux Lookout, ON, performing testing in hematology, chemistry, transfusion medicine, phlebotomy, and accessioning (data entry). He also worked for CBS in Winnipeg, MB as an MLT in transfusion medicine and worked in sclerotherapy for eight years before becoming a program instructor. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to students and has been inspiring Anderson’s future MLT/As since 2021.

Charmaine S., BA, MA

Program Coordinator, Healthcare

“Today's students will become tomorrow's Health Information Management Professionals. It is a pleasure to teach them.”

Charmaine has more than 35 years of experience in health information management, 12 of which include privacy. She has served as director of health information management for several large healthcare organizations. Charmaine was a consultant in health information management/privacy for more than 10 years, working with ministries and in several provinces.

She has experience in acute care, community care, public health, the Ministry of Defence, the First Nations Inuit Health Branch, and the private sector. She has been teaching courses in health information management since 2016.

Charmaine is a certified health information management professional with the Canadian College of Health Information and is certified as a privacy professional with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Waterloo and a master's degree in health information management through the College of St. Scholastica in the United States.

Charmaine has been a member of the Board of the Canadian Health Information Management Association and has taken an active role in participating in the Ontario chapter. She joined Westervelt College in September 2021.

Cherrie B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I want to mentor and assist everyone in reaching their objectives; I’m focused on constantly encouraging them to give their all and to not be hesitant to try because you can't accomplish anything until you have the courage to begin.”

Cherrie is a medical laboratory assistant technician professional with an extensive background and dynamic industry experience. Since 2017, she has been contributing to healthcare teams in a variety of lab settings, covering a broad range of disciplines. Cherrie’s expertise lies in routine and core lab organization and maintenance and specimen management. She has held positions at LifeLabs, the molecular microbiology department at Mount Sinai Hospital and the molecular genetics department at SickKids Hospital.

Cherrie brings a wealth of knowledge, and a passion for the role MLAT professionals play in a field that directly impacts the health and well-being of patients, to her classroom instruction. Her mentorship and support are paving the way for Anderson students to gain the knowledge and confidence required for them to succeed in this in-demand industry.

Christeen G. , BA HonOHS CNM-FS CHSC

Faculty, Healthcare

“With over 30 years of practical experience, it is my greatest pleasure to be instrumental in assisting the future health and safety professionals to be the very best safety officers that they can possibly be. ‘The safety of the people shall be the highest law’. Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of our contribution to safety management that determines whether the people we work with will live or die.”

Christeen has earned her HonOHS and Human Resources Management at the Conestoga Polytechnic College in Guelph, Ontario. She is also a graduate of the Human Nutrition and Food Safety Management program with the Canadian University College, Alb Canada. Christeen has been a designated member of the CSNM-FS Healthcare Services Management for over 20 years. Christeen has extensive experience as an Occupational Health and Safety professional working in the public arena including the Healthcare and the Retail Food and Drug sectors. Christeen also functions as an OHS Advisor-Emergency Management with the Canadian Red Cross. She has been an on-site and online OHS Instructor for over 30 years.

Christeen achieved her CSNM-FS designation (Canadian Society of Nutrition Management- Food Safety) as well as her HonOHS/Human Resources Management with the Conestoga Polytechnic College, Guelph, Ontario. She is working towards her Teacher/Trainer of Adults certification.

Christian G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It's okay to struggle when looking for success.”

Christian has been a registered massage therapist since 2015. His approach to massage therapy is to look at the body as a whole and not just chase pain.

There was a point in his career when he wished he had more guidance and topics that could have been covered better while he was in school.

He decided to get involved in teaching in hopes to make others in the profession struggle less. When Christian is not massaging, he enjoys spending time with family and weightlifting.

Christiane L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Everything worth doing is hard. Massage therapy is not an easy course to choose, but the reward is so great. I love teaching; I love health and wellness and watching people heal and grow. So, naturally I love being able to instill these same things in others. I hope that all of my students get as much joy from experiencing their journey, as I do watching them grow throughout their journey.”

Christiane received her Registered Massage Therapist designation in 2010, found her passion for rehabilitation almost instantly and for over 10 years has applied these skills in a clinical environment.

Christiane has worked alongside clinical practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, and acupuncturists to aid in the health and recovery of hundreds of patients, including competitive athletes. In addition to this valuable experience, Christiane has also furthered her education and understanding in modalities and conditions geared to complement her practice, such as taping, concussion protocols, postural rehabilitation, and more.

Latterly, she has discovered another passion, teaching, and Christiane’s skills, experience and passion are invaluable as she guides the next generation of RMTs.

Christy B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“When teaching adult learners, it is always my goal to teach them how to think; not what to think. I believe in providing them with the purpose of what I am teaching and showing them the value in the information that they are about to learn. It is very important to me to encourage their individual growth and not just support their passion but also renew it.”
Christy’s passion for teaching was evident at an early age. Her favourite game as a child was playing teacher; she would corral her three siblings and present them with a lecture, which included homework. Her interests have always focused on science, biology, and space.

She began putting her passion to practical use in 2005 by attending Medix in London, Ontario where she graduated with honours from the Medical Laboratory Technician and Assistant diploma program. Directly after graduation, Christy began her professional career at the Lawson Health Research Institute. During her time there she worked in research with the primary focus on working with schizophrenia patients and patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

In early 2019, she returned to her alma mater where she finally found her niche by becoming a medical laboratory technician/assistant instructor. After leaving the education field for a year, Christy returned to form as an instructor and began duties as placement coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant and Orthopaedic Technician programs at Anderson College.

Cleofe Ann F.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Effort is like toothpaste, you can always squeeze a little bit more. Let's be a reason someone smiles today!”

Cleofe Ann is a Dental Assistant program graduate, and successfully challenged the national dental assisting exams. She has over three years of experience working alongside a dentist and orthodontist. Her work ethic is exceptional, and she is known for efficiently completing administrative tasks, demonstrating and teaching various skills, and assisting chairside with dental procedures.

Cleofe Ann, has a dynamic personality and her strengths include effective communication, leadership, organization, and problem-solving skills. For over a year, Cleofe Ann has been bringing her energy and mentorship, knowledge, and skills to students as an instructor in Anderson College’s IODA program. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to empower the next generation of certified dental assistants to live their dreams.

Cory G.

Faculty, Law

“Facta, Non-Verba. Acts, not words."

Cory graduated from Niagara College with a Law & Security diploma and immediately started working his way up, from frontline employee to branch manager, within Canada’s largest financial institutions. After gaining this experience and following the events of 9/11, Cory was selected to join the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Military Police Branch. When honourably released from the CAF after five years of loyal service, Cory attended Brock University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

With his combined experience and education, Cory has spent the last 10 years teaching various law enforcement programs part-time at the collegiate level, while also running his security company, “Gaffey Law & Securities".

David S., HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

David has more than 35 years of experience in microbiology, virology, and infection prevention/control with London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in London, Ontario.

He has an honours bachelor's degree in Microbiology from the University of Guelph and a diploma in medical laboratory technology from Fanshawe College in London. Upon graduating from the University of Guelph, David decided to refine his microbiology education with the world of medical lab sciences, and, as a result, obtained his license to practice medical laboratory technology allowing him to work in hospital laboratories. After graduation from Fanshawe, David worked in microbiology at the Regional Public Health Laboratory.

Two years after this work experience, he transferred to LHSC in the microbiology department, where he worked for the rest of his career. Functioning in that role, David worked as a bench tech moving between microbiology and infection prevention/control. Through the years, LHSC became a regional centre and microbiology was consolidated from smaller hospitals to this regional center. During this time, David worked with the regional hospitals to facilitate this initiative.

As David approached retirement, an opportunity arose within the department to become the coordinator, David was the successful candidate and managed the microbiology lab and the virology lab for 5 years until his retirement. During that time, David was introduced to the director of Anderson College, who upon David’s retirement asked him to become an instructor for the Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant program.

Deborah L., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy teaching and the challenges it can present. At Anderson College, I can help adult students in their endeavours to attain higher levels of education and provide the skills necessary to allow them more choices in their career path.”

Deborah was the senior pathologist’s assistant in surgical and forensic pathology at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) for 30 years. She worked with a team of pathologists in educating and delivering innovative health care and research to the Middlesex community.

Deborah has a Bachelor of Science degree and additional learning in anatomy, physiology, and pathology from the University of Western Ontario (UWO). In 2007, she developed and coordinated the syllabus for year 2 of the UWO Master of Clinical Pathologists' (MClSc) Assistant Graduate Program. She received a letter of recognition in 2010 and a certificate of recognition in 2011 for “Commitment to Teaching and Mentoring” at the UWO MClSc Pathologists' Assistant Graduate Program.

Deborah is a past member of the Pathologists’ Assistant Section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists and was the regional director of College Prospects of America, southwest Ontario division from 2000 to 2006.

Deepthi M. , MSc, RMLT

Faculty, Healthcare

“I feel proud to be a teacher because it gives me a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. It means that I am doing the valuable task of shaping the future with a solid commitment to the social, academic growth and development of every student. I am happy that I have become a lifelong learner.” I love the quote – ‘To Teach is to Learn Twice.

Deepthi has over 10 years of experience in the field of teaching and research clinic. She is working as a Medical Laboratory Assistant since last 8 years. She is also a member of various research teams at Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology.

Deepthi has a Master of Science (MSc) and is a Registered MLT with the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and the Medical Laboratory Professional’s Association of Ontario (MLPAO).

Denise (Chih-Fang) S., HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am excited to share the knowledge and experience I have in ultrasound with all the students so that they may also share my passion for the profession.”

Denise has over 8 years of experience in the field of ultrasound. She is an active member of both the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario and Sonography Canada. Working in a busy hospital environment, she has obtained a wealth of experience performing general and specialized ultrasound exams.

Denise received her diploma in ultrasound from The Michener Institute of Education. She also holds an Honour Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo.

Desiree A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“You will reach what you focus on, bad or good, therefore if you want to be successful, direct your thoughts and soul to your goal. Your pathway will always show a bigger obstacle every time. Go through it and keep yourself focused on your goal. When obstacles appear in life and you overcome them, they came to bring you wisdom, do not allow them to stop you. Fall in Love with your goal and keep your steps toward it until you reach it!”

Desiree worked as a dental assistant for 10 years before coming to Canada. She used to work in the HIV unit in her hometown.

Desiree always wanted to be a teacher because she could not find a more rewarding profession than sharing her experience and knowledge with the new generations and seeing how students grow in the dental assisting field.

Desiree used to volunteer in training adults and children in the prevention of communicable diseases. She organized and scheduled treatments that could affect oral tissues in patients with different health conditions.

Upon Desiree’s arrival in Canada, she started working as a chairside assistant and decided to obtain her certification as a dental assistant. Desiree graduated with honours from CDI College - London in 2006.

That same year she wrote her National Dental Assistant Exam to become a certified dental assistant. She is a member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association in London, Ontario.

Doris D.

Faculty, Healthcare

"It’s so gratifying to be able to instruct students, to help them train for their future careers, teaching them, not only from the school curriculum but also from my own experiences on the job.”
Doris graduated from St. Clair College 22 years ago as a certified dental assistant level II. Since then, she has worked in a variety of dental offices for various doctors, always expanding her understanding and skills within the dental industry. While assisting within an endodontic office for six years, in addition to general dentistry, she also had a hand in oral surgery, implant surgery, pediatrics, orthodontics and periodontics.

With this vast experience to offer students, Doris has blossomed as an instructor in the IODA program at Anderson. She is an inspiring instructor, and her knowledge of the industry and real-world stories bring the training alive for students and set them up for career success.

Dylan B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“You just have to show up everyday, that's the hardest part. once you have mastered that, then it all gets easier.”

Dylan is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with a passion for health and fitness. Prior to becoming an RMT, Dylan worked in a factory setting and witnessed firsthand how repetitive strain and poor posture can affect the body.

This fueled his decision to utilize his expertise and knowledge to help improve the quality of life of those dealing with pain and poor mobility. Now, Dylan wants to utilize his experience and knowledge to help foster a new group of Massage Therapists. He truly wants to give back to the community that has helped him so much in his career.

Ebenezer N., MA, CRSP

Faculty, Healthcare

“I’m motivated to share my knowledge with people because I was once in your shoes walking down that path of ambition to find my passion. I had been looking for an outlet to cement myself professionally and express my passion artfully and safety was it! My goal is to get you from the unknowns of the safety world to a place where you would be able to engage with the field with competence and curiosity.”

With a BA in Health Studies from York University, Ebenezer, sought to pivot towards the health and safety field. He did this by doing the Health and Safety Administrator designation from the Alberta Construction Safety Association and then proceeded to complete professional certificate in Environmental Health and Safety from the University of Calgary. Ebenezer has earned his MA in Environmental Sustainability from Royal Roads University and obtained the Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation. With experience in construction, manufacturing, healthcare in cross provincial workplaces Ebenezer has rich exposure to the health and safety industry to share with all types of learners.

Ebenezer obtained his CRSP designation while completing a MA in Environmental Sustainability from Royal Roads University.

Edward G.

Faculty, Computers

“Even the most successful person makes mistakes. The process of learning from life’s failures is not easy, but it can be a good thing for any of my students to experience. As a teacher, I cannot stop students from struggling, but I can help them discover important lessons while encouraging them to continue.”

Edward completed studies in adult learning and has 27+ years of teaching experience in business courses, soft skills, and computer applications. Edward is a specialist in Microsoft Office and has written curricula at 4 different career colleges.

He is the former chair of the academic council of Everest College. Edward’s teaching experience in financial and computerized accounting allows him the ability to deploy multi-purpose education in an online learning environment.

Before Edward completed his technology training, he initially applied his certification and training in culinary management working in hotels including The Windsor Arms, King Edward, and the Royal York.

He has developed all testing materials and organized all student data resources for computer lab courses including student syllabus, tests and exams, assignments, and instructor resources.

Elizabeth O., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“Well-managed time is the best spent time. I have never failed a student...the student failed. If you need guidance as to how to study a subject matter or just simply require an attentive ear, just drop me a line or two for a chat. I am looking forward to not just instructing the students but seeing them ‘bloom in their garden.’”

Elizabeth is, primarily, a registered medical laboratory technologist. She happens to be enthusiastic about being an educator in the histotechnology discipline as it was her favourite discipline while enrolled in the medical laboratory sciences program.

Her medical laboratory sciences journey started in 1986. She attended the program at The Michener Institute of Education. In her clinical year of the program, she trained at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital for 1 academic year.

She took advantage of the many professional development courses that Michener offered to improve her teaching skills. Camaraderie, communication, organisation skills, and strong rapport with her students were her strong suit.

Elizabeth is looking forward to teaching Anderson College students everything about histology and histotechnology.

Eman Q.

Faculty, Healthcare

“What I like most about teaching is the great fulfillment I get in sharing my knowledge with my students. I love mentoring my students and getting to know them, as I believe each student has a different reason to get their education; knowing that helps me to motivate them.”

Eman has several years’ experience both as a dental assistant, and as an instructor in Canada’s private sector. Eman started her dentistry career abroad, gaining several years’ experience in the field in her home country of Yemen. After coming to Canada, she continued her career by achieving her Intra Oral Dental Assisting diploma, working in the field as a Dental Assistant for several years.

Eman is NDAEB, CDA Level II, and HARP-certified and is an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association.

Emily B.

Faculty, Healthcare

Emily has more than 18 years of experience in medical office administration (MOA).

Beginning her career in the Health Records Department at St. Joseph's, she went on to offer administrative support in various roles such as primary care, specialized private practice, and the cardiology division at London Health Sciences Centre.

She loves being able to share her varied MOA experience with her students and help them explore the area of medical office administration they wish to pursue.

Faith G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It’s an honour to witness students’ personal and professional growth, seeing their unique passion, empathy, and creative style. My students bring me life and give me such hope.”
Faith has over 10 years of addiction and mental health work experience, has her Professional Studies certificate in Addictions Counseling and is a Canadian certified addictions counsellor. She expanded her education with the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health and University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine in Opioid Dependence Treatment and completed her internship in Brooklyn, NY at a residential addiction treatment facility.

Throughout her career, Faith has provided services in hospitals and a variety of shelters and treatment, residential and emergency centres. She has been a volunteer with Crisis Text Line within Kids Help Phone, and is a certified site interviewer, providing GAIN-Q3 assessments to individuals looking to access treatment.

Faith S.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

Faith has a Pharmacy Technician diploma and graduated with Honours from Mohawk College. She has over 10 years of community pharmacy experience working in a variety of different settings such as specialty compounding and aseptic practices.

Faith has worked with patients who are learning how to use medical devices for the first time. She has spent some time working with patients with addictions and assisting in running a needle exchange program to help stop the spread of blood- borne diseases.

Felix R.

Faculty, Healthcare

“What I love the most when I am teaching is sharing all the information, from my experience, that can help them to solve problems in the practical field. I pay close attention to their skills because I do believe that every single student has one skill minimum, better than me and, I take that skill to start building confidence on them that can be spread toward other techniques. The result, is a very skilled, confident, knowledgeable, and professional laboratory technician.”

Felix has more than 30 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the Medical School of Centro-Occidental University in Venezuela and also from the Medical Laboratory Program at Everest College in London, Ontario and is certified by the MLPAO.

He has worked in different institutions such as hospitals, private clinics, research institutes, universities, and colleges. Some of the fields Felix has taught and worked in are emergency rooms, as a university professor in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, researcher in malnutrition and brain development, neuroscience, immunochemistry, and electron microscopy.

Fely Grace P., BScN

Faculty, Healthcare

“Teaching is a calling, a calling to serve and to impart our knowledge to future professionals. It is a very fulfilling job being able to see how students transform from having zero knowledge on day 1 to being confident and knowledgeable at the end of the program. I admire their perseverance and hard work because truly hard work beats talent. And to my current and future students "always remember to reach for the moon and the sun for if you'll fall you will be among the stars.”

Fely grew up in a family of teachers and she can proudly say that teaching is in her genes. She has been a nurse for 17 years and 13 years of those were serving the community in Toronto.

She was a professor of nursing in the Philippines before immigrating to Canada and had the privilege to teach the personal support worker program with various colleges in Toronto since 2015. She knows that being able to impart her education and skills to personal support worker students is an extremely rewarding accomplishment.

Frances Jakelyn A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am committed to shaping the next generation of medical laboratory professionals and my teaching philosophy revolves around ensuring students not only master the technical aspects but also develop a profound appreciation for the significance of patient care.”

Frances Jakelyn is an accomplished medical laboratory technician with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Philippines-WES verified), and a dedicated instructor.

Frances graduated from Anderson College’s Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant (MLT/A) program, with honours, and has earned certifications from both the Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario (MLPAO) and the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS).

After gaining years of experience in the field, Frances returned to guide the next generation of MLT/As. She has an extensive knowledge base, specializing not only in phlebotomy but also vaccine administration, and administrative procedures. Frances' dedication to education, passion, and diverse interests make her an inspiring and well-rounded instructor.

Frank Kwa, MLT, HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

Since he was a child, Frank Kwa was interested in the sciences. Whether building a steam engine from a tin can or exploring nature in a conservation area, he had passion and curiosity. This love of the sciences enables him to keep growing as a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) and an MLT instructor.
After earning an HBSc in Human Biology from the University of Toronto, he completed his MLT training at The Michener Institute of Education in 1998. Since then, he has worked in various hospital laboratories in Toronto and is now the charge medical laboratory technologist of haematology for Scarborough Health Network at both the Lawrence Ave E and Birchmount Rd hospitals.

Frank has experience working in a core laboratory and an additional 5 years specializing in haematology, his passion and dedication to the medical laboratory profession have enriched the students that he teaches.

His teaching philosophy is captured in the words of Bertrand Russell:
“Education is not to be viewed as something like filling a vessel with water but, rather, assisting a flower to grow in its way.”
In Frank’s own words, “I began my career in the medical laboratory sciences field in 1998 and I can think of no better way of giving back to it than by educating and inspiring the future generation of our profession. Many can teach but few can inspire, and it is that which I want to accomplish.”

Gayane O.

Faculty, Language

“I believe that teaching a second language is like guiding learners on a journey, planning a route for them to take, where the destination is the acquisition of communicative competencies. It’s very rewarding to see your students achieve success knowing you’ve helped them along the way.”

Gayane is the English as a Second Language (ESL) program chair and an ESL instructor within Anderson College’s Department of Languages.
She has extensive experience in both teaching general and specialized ESL courses, including Business English, and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Preparation courses. She holds a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Canada Professional certificate, TESL Part II certificate from Queen’s University, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) diploma from BridgeTEFL USA, TESL Training certificate from the York Catholic District School Board, Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) Instructor Training certificate, and Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Instructor Training certificate.

Additionally, Gayane holds a Master of Arts degree in International Economics. She is passionate about teaching and empowering students as they improve their English language competencies.

Gemma Joy G.

Faculty, Healthcare

Gemma is a hardworking, highly organized, has a strong work ethic and exhibits professionalism in her ability. Gemma is highly motivated dependable in her career. She Always want to learn and expand her knowledge and skills. She believes that education is a continuous process.

Gemma finished her Medical Laboratory Assistant program at Anderson College of Health, Business and technology – North York Campus. She completed her internship program at Humber River Hospital. Started her Medical Lab career before and after completing her course. She works at Alpha Laboratory as a Medical Laboratory Technician for a year. Right after she completed her internship, she got absorb at Sick Kids Hospital as Medical Laboratory Technician. She also a member certified Medical Laboratory Professionals in Ontario. Joined the CSMLS seminar in Transfusion Science Certification.

Taking great pride in her work and consistently working on her skills to ensure she is operating at the highest caliber. Has a positive outlook and energy as an asset to any organization.

Genelyn F.

Faculty, Business

“Teaching is my “calling”. I love sharing my knowledge with others, as well as the feeling of accomplishment seeing my students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills. Every single day we make a difference in someone's life which goes far beyond knowledge.” - Genelyn

Genelyn has over 10 years’ experience in accountancy and customer service. In her role as an instructor, she identifies and selects different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs, establishing and communicating clear objectives for all learning activities. She believes that a positive attitude, commitment, and hard work are the keys to success.

Qualifications: BSc in Accountancy; Accounting and Payroll (Diploma); Tax Fundamentals (Diploma)
Accreditation: Member of Canadian Payroll Association, Member of Association of Filipino Accountants

Genevieve G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Genevieve has a rich and varied background and experience working within hospitals, clinics, communities, and long-term care facilities, and she is committed to strengthening healthcare by integrating “mixed reality” within education to support the nursing health force.

Genevieve was selected for the Substance Abuse Research Education and Training (SARET) program as a junior investigator at New York University Langone School of Medicine; this gave her keen insight into culturally considerate clinical practices for patient safety. She was also recognized as a York University Praxis Leader in 2018. The students who attend Anderson College’s PSW program, learning from Genevieve, are fortunate indeed to have her knowledge and skillset as they forge a pathway for their healthcare careers.

George D.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Turn challenges into chances for success. I'm here to guide you through this journey, showing you how to turn obstacles into steppingstones for success.”

George graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Alexandria University in 2011 and completed his Master of Business Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2022, bridging his passion for pharmacy and community with his business acumen. As a certified black belt in Lean Six Sigma, George seamlessly integrates operational efficiency into healthcare practices.

With hands-on experience as a pharmacy manager since 2021, he brings a wealth of practical pharmaceutical knowledge to his instruction; his mentorship reflects a genuine passion for guiding emerging technicians on their transformative journey. George stands at the intersection of experience, education, and a heartfelt commitment to advancing pharmacy for the benefit of communities.

George T.

Faculty, Law

"Of all the jobs I have had, teaching paralegal students is the best. Seeing my students become comfortable with the numerous concepts in statutory and precedent law is very satisfying; seeing them become confident and successful, is extraordinary.”

George began working as a police officer in 1970, worked as a uniform officer, detective, and community liaison officer and while with community programs, initiated and organized several community consultative committees.

George retired from policing in 1998 and began working as an agent for counsel for a criminal defense lawyer. In 2007, he became a licensed paralegal. In 2013, he began applying his extensive experience toward teaching within Paralegal programs, first at Cestar College, becoming the program coordinator, and then at the Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology in Brampton. He is now thrilled to work with Anderson students as they embrace their paralegal career futures.

Gloria M.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am very passionate about teaching. As an instructor, I understand that students choose to study PSW course, but they are not sure if this is the right field they should get for their future. I feel that my mission is to teach and guide them the best I can so that they can agree that this is the right course, and that they can be part of the staff community during this crucial time in our world.”

Gloria is a Registered Nurse from George Brown College. She is also a certified CPR and an active member of both the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Registered Nurse Association of Ontario.

She has several experiences including hospital, private health care settings, and community-based centres dealing with wide range of medical areas, as well as acute medical and surgical conditions. She has also been a Personal Support Worker program instructor since 2014, incorporating a variety of teaching and learning strategies in order to meet the students needs.

Gloria achieved her certificate as an Occupational Health Nurse with distinction at St. Lawrence College.

Hamsha M., BScN, HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

"I'm truly passionate about engaging with and teaching my students the wonders of personal support work using clinical expertise and current best practices in the field of medicine. My goal is to connect with my students on an academic and human level and to provide a safe space for them to learn and develop the skills they need to work competently, ethically, and compassionately with vulnerable patient populations in our community. My teaching philosophy for my students is not about perfection, but rather the ongoing pursuit of knowledge in healthcare to provide the best care possible we can to those that need it the most."

Hamsha is a registered oncology nurse with over 10 years of experience in the nursing field and is passionate about healthcare and adult education.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto and has gained experience in various clinical fields including maternal/newborn care, general medicine, oncology/palliative care, and community health nursing. She remains a current member in good standing as a registered nurse (RN) with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) and is entitled to practice without any restrictions.

Hamsha graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) from the University of Toronto, double majoring in human biology and zoology.

Hamsha's love of teaching and preceptorship of nursing and personal support worker students began while she worked as a staff nurse at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the Department of Radiation Oncology. This love of medicine, patient-focused care, and education brought her to Anderson College as a healthcare instructor. She teaches the Personal Support Worker-Hybrid, Medical Office Administrator, and health unit coordinating programs.

Further to her current role as a senior healthcare instructor, Hamsha is the program chair of the Personal Support Worker-Hybrid program and was actively involved in the research and ongoing development of the program which aims to educate, train, and competently prepare students interested in a personal support worker career.

Heather P., BEd, MEd

Program Chair, Healthcare

"Good is only good enough. I inspire my students to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives."

Heather stumbled into the field of cardiology technology and teaching early in her career. She realized that she possessed an exceptional ability to impart knowledge to others and she knew that she wanted to help students acquire and understand the concepts used by successful cardiology technologists.

She managed to enhance her craft by completing her BEd in Adult Education from the University of New Brunswick, becoming a master’s candidate in Adult Education, and obtaining her project management professional designation.

Heather learned that communication possesses certain specific characteristics that are fundamental to its effectiveness. The ability to communicate is one of the great attributes of humankind.

She is forever grateful to the Anderson Team who has allowed her to craft and perfect her conceptualization of communication.

Helen L., BSc, MLT

Faculty, Healthcare

“I retired from the Hospital Laboratory after 36 years on the bench to pursue my other passions. Teaching is one of those other passions. I love being able to spend time with and mold the next generation of Laboratory Professionals. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student succeed in class and then succeed in their chosen career. Putting them on that career path makes me very proud to be an instructor.”

Helen has earned her MLT at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology. She is CPR certified and an active member of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO), as well as The Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and The Medical Laboratory Professionals of Ontario (MLPAO). She has years of experience teaching the Laboratory skill set. She has taught Medical Students, Nurses and Future Laboratory Personnel since 1989. She has been the Lead Medical Laboratory Instructor since October 2020, incorporating various teaching strategies in order to make her students successful in their chosen field.

Helen received her MLT Diploma from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology. She also holds a BSc in Genetics from Waterloo University. Helen is also the Director of Women’s Development for the National Slo-Pitch Association of Canada.

Heng S., HBSc, MEd

Faculty, Healthcare

"I felt most proud when my students think like a medical laboratory technician in the lab. I am passionate about helping them to make learning possible in their unique ways and helping them develop good clinical reasoning skills."

Heng recently transitioned his career from clinical practice to education at Anderson College. He came to Canada in 2009 and completed an honours bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto. He then furthered his credentials by completing the Medical Laboratory Science program at The Michener Institute of Education in 2017. Since then, Heng has worked as a medical laboratory technician (MLT) at The UHN Research & Innovation Cores.

During his time as an MLT, Heng participated in instrument validation projects, retail research projects (one of which was published in early 2022), and clinical education for placement students. Having found his passion in professional education, Heng returned to the University of Toronto to pursue his Master of Education.

Heng enjoys his time teaching and interacting with students at Anderson College and is excited to see the new MLT Hybrid program continue to grow.

Huma A., MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“Teaching is my passion, and I believe that every student has the potential to learn and achieve great things even if they do not recognize it. I am determined to show every learner I come into contact with how much potential they have. I want to teach, mentor, and most importantly, make a difference.”

Huma is a Medical Office Administrator Instructor at Andersson college. For nearly 10 years, she has been involved in the healthcare field in various capacities - first as a dentist and later as a medical education lecturer at various organizations.

This is her first year at Anderson College, and it has been an incredible experience thus far. She has a Master’s in Public Health, and she is currently working on her Master’s in Health Studies with a teaching emphasis.

As a part-time student pursuing her next degree, Huma understands the challenges that adult learners face and uses her personal experiences to reflect on methods that can be used to facilitate and support adult learners.

Ian B.

Faculty, Law

"I’m enthusiastic about the profession and enthusiastic about teaching. I know the reward of achieving a paralegal diploma and starting a fulfilling career, and I want that for every student in my class. When I see former students who are now equal colleagues with successful careers, I couldn't be more pleased."

Ian has been a paralegal since 2010 and has had a wide range of experience in various legal areas such as landlord/tenant and small claims court, before deciding to focus on provincial offences.

Ian has a firm and continues to serve clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. After agreeing to be a guest speaker to a classroom of paralegal students in 2013, Ian became an instructor via invite.

It was an invitation that he was happy to accept. He considers teaching to be an extension of his paralegal career and a responsibility to the profession. Ian brings real-world practical situations, knowledge, and advice to the classroom.

In 2019, Ian received the CCO Excellence in Teaching Award from Career Colleges Ontario. The award is described by the organization as "the highest honour our sector can provide next to a fulfilling career."

Iryna R., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

"Dear students, always believe in yourself. You are now a part of a heal care team, take care of your health and the people around you. You are a professional who can change a person's life providing encouragement, comfort, and hope. You can change their world. I believe and know you all can do that. Regardless of your age, background, or status, you can achieve your goals and go beyond. Do your best no matter what the task is, and you will find your happy place."

Iryna is a registered practical nurse and has been in the healthcare industry for over a decade within the fields of pharmacology and nursing. Besides having a bachelor's degree, Iryna graduated with honours from the practical nursing program at George Brown College. Currently, Iryna is enrolled in the BScN nursing program at Trent University.

Since 2019, Iryna has been working as a personal support worker instructor. Her students are primarily adults who want to become healthcare workers and help people when they need it the most. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and working experience with students who are looking to start their careers in the healthcare field. She believes that every single life is precious and demonstrates that daily in the field and the classroom.

Isaac J.

Faculty, Business

“Every day I have the opportunity to witness Anderson students bloom, developing the self-confidence to face the real world after just two months of a computer course. It is an amazing feeling to have the chance to make a humble difference in someone’s life. It is not what you teach, but how you teach that makes a difference.”

Isaac has over 15 years’ experience in IT, having worked in multiple roles, including computer hardware technician and web developer. His skills range from system administration to software development (for which he has a particular passion). Isaac’s belief that knowledge is empowering has led him to teach, which allows him to both share knowledge with others, and to further his own learning.

Isaac has a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as certifications in Computer Hardware and Networking, and Multimedia.

Jackie S.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Teaching is my passion. I take great pleasure seeing my student’s hard work result in one of their greatest achievements.”

Jackie has taught in the Intra-Oral Dental Assisting program for 24 years. She holds a certificate in Teaching the Adult Learner from Mohawk College, a Level II Dental Assisting Diploma from Medix College and a Level I Dental Assisting diploma from Fanshawe College.

Before moving into education, Jackie worked as a Dental Assistant in a variety of common practices. She is a certified member of the Ontario Dental Assistant’s Association, holds her IPAC Certificate and is also a certified First Aid Instructor.

Jacqueline H.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcolm X

Jacqueline is a registered practical nurse (RPN) with over 10 years’ experience in the field. She continues to practice bedside nursing, as it is her passion.

In addition to dynamically contributing within the nursing field, Jacqueline is a caring relationship builder with an analytical mindset and excellent decision-making skills. She is devoted to promoting student learning and strengthening individual potential. As such, she passes on her experience as an instructor to future personal support workers (PSW). Jacqueline is adept at directing the classroom environment and enhancing student behaviour by taking a positive and forward-thinking approach to instruction and mentorship.

Jagdeep B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Remember, your efforts will always yield rewards. Embrace the journey, stay resilient, and watch your dedication unfold into meaningful achievements."

Jagdeep has over 30 years of experience in pharmacy, dedicating the initial two decades to the renowned SickKids Hospital. She is currently working at Credit Valley Hospital and concurrently serves as the hospital's student preceptor.

As a mentor and instructor, she takes pride in guiding students through the complexities of the field and finds immense joy in witnessing her students' intellectual and professional growth. Her aim is to create a lasting impact on their academic and personal journeys.

Jagdeep holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, and is registered as a pharmacy technician with the Ontario College of Pharmacists.
"Remember, your efforts will always yield rewards. Embrace the journey, stay resilient, and watch your dedication unfold into meaningful achievements."

James B.

Faculty, Computers

“I do my best to assist students looking to advance their career by creating a positive learning environment that accommodates diverse educational backgrounds, experiences, and individual learning styles. I also enjoy learning new things along the way with them because with information technology, you never stop learning.”

James has over a decade of experience teaching computer networking and security, preparing students to maximize their potential by pursuing certifications from Information Technology organizations such as Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco.

James can present and paraphrase complex technical information into terms and concepts that each student can readily grasp.

James has over 15 years of experience providing I.T. support and consulting to various businesses in Windsor, Ontario.

Janet B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Janet is a health information management professional with active CHIMA certification since 1985 when she received her first CHA certification CCHRA(A). She received her Bachelor of Health Administration (HIM) from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) in 2013 (Dean’s Honour List, Founder’s Scholarship). She has extensive coding experience in DAD and NACRS coding (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio) and has worked as a coding coach with expertise in communicating complex coding concepts to new coders. She successfully completed the CHA/CHIMA Coding Specialist course in 2018. Janet has worked as a coding specialist and decision support analyst and co-authored the CHIMA Professional Practice Brief on Mentorship (PPB-0040.16) (2016).

Janet is a life-long learner, enjoys teaching and values the benefits of knowledge transfers that are so critical in today’s dynamic healthcare environments.

Janet D.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It is personally gratifying to me to know that many collection centres and labs in Southwestern Ontario are populated by former students!”

Janet has 20+ years of workplace experience as a medical laboratory technologist in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and specimen collection. This experience was gained in a variety of settings including large and small hospital labs, community labs, and public health labs. She also brings 20+ years of teaching experience in the MLT/A program.

Janet has a love of learning and is committed to continuous education for her personal development; she also has a love of teaching and is committed to sharing information learned with her peers and with the next generation of laboratory professionals. She does this exceedingly well as Anderson’s MLT/A program coordinator.

Jasbir S.

Faculty, Healthcare

“As a health professional, I always feel motivated and excited when it comes to assisting students in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the health care field. I always try to motivate and inspire individuals to come into this noble profession and be able to lead a successful future.”

Jasbir has earned her BSc in Nursing from India, she is CPR certified and an active member of College of Nurses of Ontario. She has immense experience in teaching all the medical subjects to the nursing students in various private career colleges, as she has managed large groups, trained health professionals in class and provided hands on training to nursing and personal support worker students since 2007. She has worked in various care communities as a registered nurse since 2012.

Jasbir received her RN degree from India and since has served in different health care colleges as clinical instructor and Registered Nurse in different long-term cares since 2007.

Jeet B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“As a responsible instructor, I believe my responsibility is to provide accurate and timely information about pharmacy courses to my prospective students. My purpose of teaching is to promote learning and spread knowledge amongst future Pharmacy Technician students.”

Jeet is a Registered Pharmacy Technician with Ontario College of Pharmacist. He has experience working in all three pharmacy settings like Retail, Long term Care and Hospital Pharmacy. Currently he is working as Registered Pharmacy Technician at Trillium Mississauga Hospital. He is also a Registered Preceptor for SPT students. He has been in teaching profession since 2017 for pharmacy technician students guiding them to achieve their long-term and short-term goals.

Jeet is a Registered Pharmacist from India and received his Pharmacy Technician Degree in Canada.

Jennifer M., BSc., CRGS

Faculty, Healthcare

"I am excited to start this new chapter of my career and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with all of you!"

I have over 18 years of experience in the field of ultrasound, having obtained my diploma from the Mohawk/McMaster Institute of Applied Health Sciences in 2003. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

I currently work at a busy community hospital in the GTA where we do a variety of exam types, encountering many different pathologies. In addition to general imaging, our centre has specialized departments for High-Risk Obstetrical ultrasound and Breast Imaging.  

Joan G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It is a privilege to be a part of my student's lives. My priority is to enrich their lives by ensuring they develop the skills required to have a successful Medical Lab career. By sharing my experiences, I believe I can make that connection between the curriculum and the student. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a student succeed in their first venipuncture. I celebrate their accomplishments and I am there to encourage and mentor them if they fail.”

Joan began her career as a medical laboratory technologist over 30 years ago. She has worked in both the private and public healthcare sectors and Canadian Blood Services. It was in 2006 that she found her passion for teaching.

Joan is a member of the Medical Laboratory Professional Association of Ontario having sat on the Board of Directors and volunteered on the exam committee.

Joanne I.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I have always wanted to be a teacher so I can share the knowledge I have acquired over the years, but I also gain knowledge and experience from my students. I love interacting with them and seeing how far they have come by the end of the program. It’s amazing! In life, we are always students; always learning. Our possibilities are infinite!”

Joanne has been in the dental field for 21 years. She has worked in many areas of the industry, including General Practice, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, and now, Teaching. Articles she has written have been published in the Ontario Dental Assisting Association Journal, and her work has taken her across Canada as far Nunavut.

She has her Level II Dental certificate and has also completed further training in Orthodontics.

John L.

Faculty, Healthcare

John began his diagnostic imaging profession at Toronto General Hospital almost 30 years ago and with the ebbs and flows of time, he rapidly changed roles from sonographer to charge technologist to manager.

After Toronto General Hospital, John spent valuable time at Mount Sinai Hospital innovating and co-founding the Centre of Excellence in Obstetrical Ultrasound contributing to teachings, conferences, presentations, and publications. He was immensely involved with the Fetal Medicine Foundation of Canada’s first-trimester screening program. John had the privilege of working closely alongside perinatologists, geneticists, and radiologists to provide excellence in Imaging during his career path.

John was a diagnostic imaging manager at Trillium Health Partners before joining Anderson College, where he played a crucial part in overseeing breast imaging, vascular lab, and ultrasound.

He has happy memories of his time spent in healthcare administration, and he is now starting a new journey with Anderson College by imparting the information, abilities, and expertise he gained through his time working in the field of medical imaging.

John loves seeing family/friends, cycling, cooking, and travelling outside of work.

John P. J. M.

Faculty, Law

"I have been proud and honored to be part of the law enforcement community and to serve my country; I am just as proud and honored to help prepare a new generation to take on that role."

John is a retired military policeman with 25 years’ police experience, having worked in multiple roles and eventually becoming a Platoon Sergeant-Major and Warrant Officer. Upon retiring, John opened a private investigation business and later became the Security Manager of St
Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton. John has taught at various Ontario colleges, as well as at the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security (now the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy).

John has completed numerous professional training courses with the armed forces and RCMP, as well as courses from Leiden University in The Hague in topics such as Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Operational Preparedness.

Johnny C., BSc, MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

"I am passionate about teaching and education. I look forward to sharing with you all the adventures and experiences I had, all the places that Sonography has taken me in my career!"

Johnny is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer since 2013, having had the amazing opportunities to travel and work in sonography within Canada and USA. His clinical experience includes working at high-risk maternal-fetal medicine, teaching and tertiary hospitals, community hospitals, independent health facilities and research academic centres.

Johnny graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiation Sciences and a Master of Science, where he conducted sonography research in exercise and cardiovascular physiology. Johnny published his journal article in Artery Research and Physiological Reports.

Jonathan D., BA, MBA

Faculty, Law

“I am passionate about teaching and hope to inspire my students toward successful careers in the legal industry.”

Jonathan finished the Bar of Ontario in September 2013. During his 6 years as a licensed lawyer, he owned and operated a private law practice. He has worked as in-house counsel in both the private sector and with the government in the areas of corporate law and child protection, respectively.

Before attending law school, Jonathan earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Business Administration from the American College of Thessaloniki, Greece. Jonathan received his law degree from York University's Osgoode Hall Law School.

Joseph M. B.

Faculty, Business

“I feel very pleased when I see my students apply what I have taught them when they are in a business environment – that is the reason they came back to school – and that’s when I know they have fulfilled their purpose. I enjoy what I do, and the students seem to enjoy it as well since I receive many emails of appreciation from them and their families.”

Joseph has also taught Business Communication, Business Essentials, Windows 10 and Employment Strategies. He’s been employed by many other colleges in the past 25 years.

Joseph is a Microsoft Office Specialist (MSO); specializing in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. He is also an Industry trained (IBM) in Accounting.

Judy G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It is amazing to see the students grow from when they start the program to when they are ready to find employment. It is a very rewarding experience.”

Judy has 30 years’ experience in the dental field, both in clinical and administrative areas. She worked as an RDA (expanded functions assistant) in BC and Alberta, as well as in other support, management and training roles. Judy attributes her professional success to the support she has received from her teams throughout the years, which she is now paying forward through teaching. She has now been an instructor for 7 years, where she enjoys mentoring, training and preparing up-and-coming dental assistants for their own successful careers.

She is a registered ODAA member.

Julia B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I really enjoy imparting all the skills and knowledge that I acquired in my career to the next generation of medical estheticians."

Julia graduated with honours in Health Sciences majoring in beauty therapy and anatomy and physiology and applied that learning for over 20 years in the beauty industry, with a particular passion for, and focus on, skin health.

As technology developed, Julia embraced new techniques and became a certified medical esthetician, graduating with honours; she brought Laser, Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Coolsculpting, Fractional Skin Resurfacing and more to her client offerings, always adhering to current spa/clinic requirements and standards.

Julia’s experience spans clinics and medical spas, performing procedures, managing and training staff, as well as working in admissions, and managing multiple beauty brands. She also achieved top sales in the region. Julia brings all of this to her instruction, as she helps to prepare students for graduation and a rewarding career.

Julio L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy engaging and motivating students to learn and understand medical concepts, obtain new skills, and techniques and grow professionally. It is my goal to continue to combine my range of scientific experience with my ability to be passionate, enthusiastic, and most importantly a great teacher!”

Julio has many years of clinical practice as a registered medical laboratory technologist (MLT) in both the public and private healthcare sectors

He is registered with the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario, the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Sciences, and the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario.

He completed the Medical Laboratory Science program at The Michener Institute of Education. He is actively involved in the accreditation process for the MLT program at Anderson College.

Kafil C.

Faculty, Business

"Don't give-up, keep trying and be confident. Remember, you are on the right track. Determine your goal, keep working on it, you will achieve your desired success with perseverance."

Kafil has over 15 years’ experience working as an accounting professional, more than six years of combined experience in Canadian accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and in the tax field and over three years of teaching experience as an accounting and payroll instructor.

Kafil has achieved the Pro-Advisor designation in QuickBooks by Intuit Canada, is a member of the National Payroll Association in Canada, has a diploma in Accounting & Payroll Administration from the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) and a diploma in Business Development and Management from Trios College. In addition, he received his master’s in business administration, in finance, from the University of Business & Technology (UBT).

The next generation of accounting and payroll professionals who attend Kafil’s classes at Anderson are in capable, skilled, hands!

Karen C.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I am committed to sharing my knowledge and mentoring my students. I will encourage and motivate them to become the very best version of themselves."

Karen has more than 12 years of experience as a registered practical nurse having graduated from Seneca College with honours. She has experience in inpatient and day surgery, paediatrics, medicine, postpartum, NICU and addictions. She is experienced in adult education and taught for 10 years before joining Anderson College.

Karen successfully managed her own business for 13 years in the health and wellness industry and currently, she works in rare diseases and is the senior manager of clinical operations with Shoppers Specialty Health Network.

Kathy M.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am a strong advocate of life-long learning. I believe that teaching is not unidirectional but multi-directional. I encourage students to bring their personal experiences to enrich the learning and teaching experience."

Kathy has been a registered Canadian diagnostic medical sonographer for more than 10 years. With a strong passion for teaching and learning, she completed her Master of Education where she focused on using digital technology to facilitate teaching and completed a mental health first aid course to support people who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis. She has also held the ultrasound lead position for resident doctors at a teaching

Kathy’s extensive knowledge and expertise provide students with the instruction and mentorship required to excel in their chosen careers.

Katriena D.

Faculty, Law

"If you become a professional in an area you are passionate about it will never feel like work.”

Katriena has an extensive background in training legal and real estate professionals. Operating her own legal assistance and process serving business for over 20 years, Katriena thrives in an environment of learning and growth. She acquired her paralegal license to strengthen and further her expertise. In addition, her accomplishments as an award-winning RE/MAX Hall of Fame realtor extend the list of invaluable skills she offers clients and her students. Katriena possesses negotiation and collaboration abilities that are a necessity in today’s legal environment and keen assets as she mentors future paralegal professionals.

As a paralegal instructor, Katriena acknowledges that each student is unique in their learning style and aims to ensure every student is given an equal and engaging opportunity to learn.

Katrina F.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am proud to say that I teach from the heart and give my all to each and every student. It is truly a privilege to be a part of their success. The most rewarding part of being an instructor, is seeing the student’s journey over the months as their confidence and skills develop. Picture this…. it’s graduation day and I’m handing out diplomas to MOA students, when all of a sudden there is a shout from a child in the audience saying, “You did it mom!”…. it indeed brings a tear in my eye. My students have given me so many “wow” moments. Thank you all.”

Katrina has instructed the MOA program at Anderson College since 2017 and brings extensive knowledge of the field working in both private and hospital environments.

Katrina graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, with Honours, in the Medical Secretary Diploma Program.

Kirsti R.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I love watching my students grow in the medical esthetics field but gain confidence personally. It's an incredible feeling."

Kirsti is the program chair of the Medical Esthetician program at Anderson College.

Kirsti has been in the esthetics field for 10 years, specialising in senior foot care before branching into medical esthetics. After graduating with honours, she continued her education with top skincare companies throughout the years. She continues to learn and grow within the fast-paced industry.

Kirsti's been guiding the personal transformation of students and she loves to encounter, encourage, and help her students pursue their dreams. She looks forward to the future her work at Anderson College brings.

Krista C.

Faculty, Healthcare

"A step forward is a step forward regardless of how big it is. Don't be afraid to take baby steps when you need to and trust yourself to take those big steps when you are ready."

Krista has a 15-year background in customer service and eight years working in the dental field providing exceptional care to patients and support to healthcare teams.

As a dental assistant, she has worked in dental specialties including endodontics, surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, Krista had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with a healthcare team to provide services to people who wouldn’t normally have access to proper dental care.

As a private career college graduate herself, Krista has a high regard for expert instruction in a fast-track approach and feels honoured to now empower students to succeed in their future careers. Krista has learned that what truly makes her happy in life is helping people; as a professional and an instructor passing on her wealth of knowledge, she does just that.

Kristina J.

Faculty, Law

“À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. (With valiant heart nothing is impossible) ~ Jacques Cœur”

Kristina is a graduate of Westervelt College and is a practicing paralegal covering the areas of London - Middlesex, Niagara Falls, and City of Kawartha Lakes. She specializes in landlord tenant law and is also employed by a property management firm in London.

Kristina is a court typist, doing audio video transcripts such as 9-1-1 calls and was formerly a volunteer at John Howard Society. In addition, she is a part-time photographer, specializing in reclamation, nature, and candid photography. Previous projects include photoshoots of the former London Psychiatric Hospital.

Kurt S., BA

Program Coordinator, Business

“I believe that not every student learns the same way. By tailoring my educational approach to one that suits the adult learner, I have found students enjoy a more memorable experience which in turn leads to greater success both in and out of the classroom. Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a student grasping a concept, and knowing that I have provided the knowledge, skills, and confidence for that student to embark on a new career path.”

Kurt has over 10 years of experience coordinating, leading, and teaching in the business accounting program. Before embarking on this path in adult education, Kurt enjoyed a 20-year career in the financial services industry as a trainer, financial advisor, and branch manager.

Kurt has a bachelor’s degree in history which he supplemented with a post-secondary education in Investments and Securities by obtaining a Mutual Funds License. Further education includes courses in business/corporate communications and accounting/business management.

Lani P., BScN, MA

Faculty, Healthcare

"I believe that the combination of my nursing and teaching experiences are great tools for helping my students succeed. Sharing my knowledge and skills with them makes them connect, perform better, and become stronger as professionals. I am always open to my students, they can always ask for my advice, my opinions, and my views about anything. We share humour as well. As much as possible, I want them to be comfortable with me, feel at ease, and enjoy learning, because I believe in the quote by Louis Mercier 'What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.'"

Lani started her career as a nurse in the Philippines holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She worked as a staff nurse before a promotion to chief nurse, she then wanted to expand her career ambitions and went to Jubail, Saudi Arabia taking on the position of head nurse at Al Fanateer Hospital.

She went back to the Philippines and obtained her Master of Arts in Nursing Science, majoring in maternal/child nursing with a position as a clinical instructor of BScN students, level 4 in CSA-B College of Nursing. Most recently, Lani was a community health nurse in Canada at VHA and Kew Beach Transitional Unit for 10 years before coming to Anderson College as a personal support worker instructor.

Laurie B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I love to learn and expand my knowledge base. I hope to pass on this passion to my students.”

Laurie started her career in social work in 1996 obtaining her Child and Youth Worker diploma. After gaining solid experience in the social work field, she chose to broaden her education and took the Law Clerk program, finishing in 2001. Laurie then went on to become a birth doula where she assisted in 10 births.

Laurie then chose, once again, to expand her education and followed her life’s passion by combining her two favourite things - helping others and fitness. This led to her embarking on the Registered Massage Therapist program. She graduated with honours in 2018 and has since run a successful home-based practice and imparts her varied knowledge and extensive skills to the Anderson College students looking to launch a thriving career in massage therapy.

Laurie K.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Always remember to strive for your dreams and goals, and to never give up!"

Laurie began her career as a personal support worker (PSW) and then, committed to education and advancement, focused on expanding her knowledge base in the healthcare field.

Laurie graduated from George Brown College/Trent University and became a registered nurse. She later completed her master’s in nursing degree at York University. During her studies, Laurie also completed courses that focused on education and teaching.

With many years of teaching experience and working at various colleges and universities, Laurie has an extensive background of skills to offer students as they embrace a career in the personal support worker field. She believes in a positive and supportive teaching philosophy and feels her main purpose is to help students grow and succeed in their studies at Anderson College and in their future careers.

Leonardo F., BSc, MA

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy being part of a Sonography student’s journey [and] seeing them from when they are learning to hold the transducer, to becoming a registered sonographer and working in various aspects of the field. You have chosen a great and rewarding profession and this program was created to help you prepare and [become] competent.”

Leonardo has been in the ultrasound field for more than 20 years as a sonographer, professor, entrepreneur, and lecturer.

He graduated in 1997 from The Michener Institute of Education and has worked as a full-time sonographer and clinical instructor at Toronto General, Toronto Western and Mount Sinai Hospital (University Health Network). Leonardo has also worked in general and vascular clinics in Toronto.

10 years of his teaching experience comes from working in the ultrasound faculty at The Michener Institute of Education. Leonardo has a master’s degree in education from Central Michigan University and he has published two articles in medical journals

Leonardo is the founder and owner of Aprende Canada, where he offers continuing education to ultrasound professionals in sonography.

Lindsey B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." ~ Jane Goodall

Lindsey is a graduate from the Durham College Practical Nursing program. She has been working in a hospital for over 10 years, where perinatal nursing is her primary focus. She also works in patient support with multiple Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa hospitals, collaborating with multidisciplinary care teams, to organize support for patients with rare diseases.

With a love of healthcare and health promotion, Lindsey is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and is passionate about patient education and advocacy. She is thrilled by the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge and to help shape the next generation of caregivers.

Lisa R.

Faculty, Healthcare

“There's no better gift than teaching! The ability to share my knowledge and experience with each student as they develop their own is truly amazing.”

Lisa has more than 25 years of combined experience in both community and hospital pharmacy specializing in best possible medication history, drug distribution and patient care.

She started her career with Shoppers Drug Mart as a pharmacy assistant and then transitioned to William Osler Health Centre as a pharmacy technician.

Lisa’s teaching career began at a community college before joining Anderson. She has a pharmacy technician diploma along with a reflexology diploma and continues to study in the healthcare field.

Lizaren J.

Faculty, Healthcare

Lizaren Juane began her career as a registered nurse in the Philippines, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where she worked as a dental nurse at two of the biggest Dental Universities in Saudi Arabia for eight years. This opportunity allowed her to gain dental assisting experience in various areas of specialty.

In coming to Canada, Lizaren found Anderson College and takes pride in having graduated from Anderson’s Intra Oral Dental Assistant Program, with honours. She launched her career and gained several years of Canadian experience working in a general practice office, and in orthodontics. Lizaren is thrilled to have returned to her alma mater to coach and inspire future generations of graduates in a field she loves.

Lizaren is also an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association (ODAA).

“I love sharing my skills, experiences, and the challenges of being a dental assistant with my students, molding them towards the best in their chosen profession by teaching the standards and safe practice and preparing them for the real world and to become independent.”

Lori A.

Faculty, Healthcare

"My greatest joy is watching that little spark in my students grow into a flame, experiencing with them the joy of self-confidence, self-reliance, and professional growth as they work through the program and overcome challenges to be successful. Teaching my students is a gift I treasure every day.”

Lori has been a registered nurse for 28 years. She has worked within homecare, focusing on support for palliative and pediatric palliative clients, in community care, industrial occupational health and safety nursing in charge of first aid services and wellness promotion, as well as in forensic investigative nursing, and long-term care.

Lori has a postgraduate Microsoft certificate through the University of Waterloo as well as a postgraduate certificate as an adult education instructor, with an elective in intellectual disabilities. Students have an incredible opportunity to glean from Lori’s extensive experience and knowledge as they embrace their careers as PSWs.

Lovepreet K.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Every effort made today will serve as a building block to the future and bring you one step closer to the success.”

Lovepreet has over six years of experience as a pharmacy technician. After graduating from Sheridan College, she launched her career as a pharmacy assistant at Rexall Pharmacy and later moved to Shoppers Drug Mart. She has worked in a community pharmacy setting for over eight years.

Lovepreet is a registered pharmacy technician with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. She also completed her Injection Certificate training to update her skills and became an immunizer to contribute to the need during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Lovepreet's teaching career started in 2021 after joining Anderson College and she brings her passion and experience to training the next generation of pharmacy technicians with each class.

Lubna N., MBBS, MS

Faculty, Healthcare

“As an instructor, I’m motivated when I see my inspiration for learning translate into improved student performance. I strongly believe that each student needs a champion and an academic mentor. As an instructor, I strive to help my students learn better by being a planner, resource developer, information provider, facilitator, assessor and a role model.”

Lubna is an international medical graduate. She trained as a Physician in India and later specialized in Clinical Anatomy. She has extensive experience designing and developing courses and teaching students in health professions’ education. Earlier, she taught students of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. She has implemented innovative teaching and learning strategies like Problem Based Learning and Team Based Learning to facilitate student learning. She is CPR certified and has been a Medical Office Assistant program instructor since 2016.

Lubna has earned her MBBS from Kakatiya University and her M.S. (Clinical Anatomy) from Osmania Medical College in India.

Lucie P.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I love being able to share my knowledge with others and watch them grow and learn and become better versions of themselves. Knowledge is a lifelong journey, never stop learning. Time passes by regardless, make it count!”

Lucie graduated from St. Clair College and has more than five years of experience working as a registered practical nurse. She has worked in community healthcare, long-term care homes, and hospitals in areas such as, pediatrics, mental health, neurology, and palliative. In addition, she has specialized training in respirology and immunology and penicillin testing.

While at St. Clair College, Lucie won an award for her professionalism and ethics and continues to bring this dedication and focus to her work as a nurse and as a PSW instructor, training students for their careers in healthcare. She is registered and in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) since 2019.

Lucy B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I love my students; they are like a lifeline. Teaching is motivational in itself. Give respect and respect will be received always. Best feeling in the world!”

Lucy worked as a Registered Nursing Assistant for first 7 years of her career followed by the next 33 years at Windsor Regional Hospital.

She was retired for approx. 3 days and has been here since then which was last July. Lucy has extra certifications in Palliative Care level 4, Oncology, IV therapy, sterile and aseptic techniques. She has a teaching certification as a CPR Instructor, First Aid and AED.

Mahwish S., B.E (Mech), M.A.Sc. (Mech)

Faculty, Business

“I hold a unique combination of Learning & Development and Instructional Design. Using a systematic approach to training principles, I've worked with adult-learners, corporate employees, trainers & students across various organizations, colleges & universities. My personal focus is finding new, innovative ways to help learners achieve their learning goals.”

Mahwish graduated with honours from Ryerson University with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. She worked as a Research Engineer in the Ministry of the Environment and made major contributions to the Mechanical research. She also completed her certification in Instructional Design and Learning & Development and successfully developed 3 courses for in-person and online teaching module. Her complete teaching portfolio can be found at

Mahwish graduated from Ryerson University with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Because of her outstanding academic record, she was awarded prestigious scholarships such as NSERC and OGS.

Majlinda M., BSc

Faculty, Business

“It is a great honor to make a difference in my students lives. I always tell my students " There are always tough times, be able to push through those times and always focus on your end goal. "" It is never too late to make things right. "

Majlinda has four years of experience working as a Business Instructor for multiple private career colleges in Windsor.

She started working for Windsor Career College in 2019 and now works at Anderson College. Prior to teaching she had been working for two years as an office manager for a local housing corporation. During those years she oversaw all accounting aspects of the business.

Majlinda has an Advanced Business Accounting diploma from St. Clair College with outstanding academic records. She has a bachelor’s degree in science recognized by a Canadian University.

Prior to moving to Canada, she had been working as a Chemical Engineer in the Petroleum industry.

Manal A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“My experience in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment enables me to understand the diversity of the student body. I enjoy watching students develop their skills and knowledge in healthcare as they move through the program from the first day to graduation.”

Manal is an internationally educated registered nurse (RN) from Egypt. She practiced as a critical care and clinical instructor RN in a multicultural and multinational hospital in Saudi Arabia for over 10 years. She expanded her instructor experience with the North American Heart & Stroke Foundation at the same hospital in Saudi Arabia for an additional 10 years before coming to Canada.

In 2013, Manal immigrated to Canada with her family. She joined the Canadian Red Cross as a First Aid instructor and continues to collaborate with them as a training partner.

Manal has been an instructor in the private career college sector since 2015, teaching First Aid and CPR to students in a variety of healthcare programs. Her knowledge as an internationally trained RN has allowed her to teach and support many students in various healthcare programs.

Manuel G.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Omnia possum facere.”

Manuel has been a member in good standing as a registered massage therapist for 28 years.

Marc Luis G.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Empower minds, inspire hearts. Remember that you hold the key to unlocking potential, nurturing curiosity, and shaping futures."

Marc Luis is a uniquely experienced nurse with a distinguished career. He has four nursing licenses across three countries and over eight years’ experience with a focus on nephrology, renal transplant, and complex care, contributing to St Michael's hospital and St Joseph’s healthcare centre.

Committed to excellence, Marc Luis also achieved a diploma in nursing informatics, the study and application of technology to the field of nursing. Beyond his technical expertise, Marc Luis is known for his joyful and positive personality, dedicated to helping patients not only to heal but to feel supported and uplifted in his care. He brings these exceptional traits to the classroom as he readies the next generation of PSWs to contribute to those in need in our communities.

Margaret H.

Office Administration

Margaret graduated with honours from Fanshawe College with a diploma in executive office administration. Her background and experience in office administration, accounting and, customer service makes her a valuable employee ready to tackle any challenge.

Margaret joined the London campus in 2021 and works in the education department. She offers support not only to the students but instructors and collaborates with her colleagues on various projects.

She is an outgoing and organized professional; well versed in problem-solving; day-to-day operations; customer service; initiative-taking and dependable with an ability to learn new skills quickly.

In her downtime, Margaret loves working on puzzles, spending time with friends and visiting her daughter out of town.

Maria D.O.

Faculty, Healthcare

Maria is a foreign-trained medical laboratory technologist (MLT) who brings 26 years of MLT experience and 8 years of supervisory and managerial experience to her students. Her journey started in South Africa completing a bachelor’s in biomedical technology. After immigrating to Canada, Maria completed the bridging program at The Michener Institute of Education.

Maria started at William Osler Health System, working her way up to corporate transfusion medicine charge supervisor.

She later started at Mackenzie Health, taking on the position of laboratory coordinator and then laboratory manager with the quality manager portfolio. Maria strives for career development through the completion of courses such as obtaining various healthcare diplomas and degrees.

It is through these opportunities that Maria has been able to expand her skillset and knowledge to better her understanding of the ever-growing field. This journey has brought her to Anderson College where she hopes to share her experience and influence the next generation of medical laboratory technologists.

Maria Karla D. M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I’m thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and skills and show my students that they’re capable of achieving their goals; they can become whatever they aspire to be with hard work, consistency, and commitment.”

Maria Karla has more than 10 years’ experience in laboratory service collection and began her medical laboratory technician/assistant (MLT/A) career with Dynacare in Saskatoon in 2013. Upon moving to Hamilton, Karla became a senior MLT/A at Dynacare and is also actively participating in training new hires. She specializes in patient care services and loves being able to make a difference in her clients’ lives.

Karla graduated from Anderson’s MLT/A program with honours, obtained both the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO) certifications in 2021, and joined the Anderson MLA/T team as an instructor in 2022.

Marina C.

Faculty, Healthcare

"No one can run a marathon without the first step. We only need to take one step at a time to reach that finish line!"

Marina has a background that spans both the healthcare and education sectors. As a registered practical nurse, she honed her clinical skills and developed a deep understanding of patient care. As an infection control specialist, she gained experience in establishing protocols to ensure the highest standards of safety in healthcare environments. These skills serve Marina in understanding both clinical practices and providing and maintaining a safe educational setting for the students she now guides.

Marina has over 10 years of teaching experience, instructing a diverse range of adult learners and is adept at tailoring teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles, fostering an engaging and interactive learning environment. Her students consistently commend her ability to explain complex concepts in a relatable manner, and she is approachable and helpful, all resulting in improved student understanding and retention of the material.

Marina S.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Sharing my knowledge of pharmacy with my students and seeing them applying it is very rewarding. I’m very proud of all my students who work hard in balancing between their work, life, and education; they truly inspire me!”

Marina graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and a Bachelor of Science degree. During her clinical rotations and co-op experiences, Marina worked within hospital, family health, and corporate settings. She has over 8 years’ experience working as a pharmacist in community, both independent and big-chain, pharmacies and is also a certified diabetes educator.

Marina is currently a partner in an independent pharmacy, providing patient-centred pharmaceutical care, focused on counselling, answering patient questions, and conducting medication reviews. She has always had a passion for teaching and was thrilled to join Anderson College as a pharmacy technician instructor in 2023.

Marlon A.

Faculty, Business

“I have always had a passion for learning and derive personal fulfillment from sharing my love for learning with others. I like watching students overcome their apprehension of technology through knowledge and demonstration; it's incredible to see the transformative effects of a little bit of knowledge."

Marlon has a master’s degree in information technology from the University of New England and is a certified Microsoft Office specialist. He has worked in the areas of software and game development as well as network administration. He also has a master’s degree in applied linguistics from the University of South Queensland, a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and English literature and is certified with Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Canada and Ontario.

Marlon has taught both locally and internationally. His current areas of academic interest are in machine learning and database systems.

Marshall T.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I receive great pleasure in being an instructor and a student, at the same time. I understand stressful times and the importance of balancing school and your personal life, but I assure you if you focus in, it will pay off in the long run.”

Marshall has multiple years of experience as a registered massage therapist (RMT). He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, a massage therapy diploma and is a registered RMT with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Marshall currently works with clients who have experienced motor vehicle accidents and is well versed in treating various types of acute and chronic soft tissue conditions. Additionally, he is in the process of completing his bachelor’s degree in adult education to expand his knowledge as an instructor.

Maryna B.

Faculty, Business

Maryna has extensive experience in market research, business consulting and training, as well as scientific expertise; she holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and earned a doctorate (Ph.D.) in physical and mathematical science.

Over the last 15+ years, she conducted 380+ market research studies for entrepreneurs and has worked at Seneca and Sheridan Colleges; Regional Innovation Centre ventureLAB; York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI); and the Town of Newmarket, where she contributed key insights towards research and successful academic initiatives.

Maryna is a founder of ResearchQuest Inc., which specializes in competitive and market intelligence research and training for small- and medium-sized companies. She is passionate about research, entrepreneurship, and teaching, and much of her work focuses on helping students make a positive impact in their communities.

“I believe that education helps students reach their full potential. My goal is to empower and inspire students to become lifelong learners, promote their personal growth, and help prepare them for successful careers.”

Mechille S., BA

Faculty, Healthcare

"Teaching is very a rewarding job as you become part of your student’s journey in preparing them for their new chosen career. As much as teaching the students the skills and knowledge they need to be ready for the job; I am also giving them positive encouragement so they will succeed in the curriculum. I am learning each day with my students. They are encouraged to be open with their ideas and ask questions to help everyone. I love to create a classroom environment where students feel comfortable speaking up, to develop confidence in communicating their thoughts. I believe that cooperation and understanding between an instructor and the students are the keys to an effective learning process."

Mechille is a graduate of the Medical Office Administrator (MOA) program at Anderson College, North York Campus having graduated with honours. Given the opportunity to teach at Anderson College is her way of giving back. Being a graduate of the program, gave her an advantage in working in a medical setting where she can make a positive impact on the lives of people.

She has 4 years of experience as an MOA and is currently an administrator in a specialist medical doctor’s office and at the same time an evening MOA Instructor. Her goal is to impart her experiences and knowledge to students, guiding them to succeed in their courses.

Mechille has a bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her background gives her awareness and flexibility in dealing with diverse kinds of people. She excels most in being service-oriented and perceptive to the needs of her clients.

Megan Spencer, MLT, B.Sc.F.S.

Faculty, Healthcare

Megan Spencer started working as a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) in 2012. A mere 2 years after her career beginnings she started working in the biochemistry department at the University Health Network (UHN) and became a senior worker in the immunology department. She brings 11 years of experience working in fast-paced core labs with her to Anderson College.

Megan discovered her love for teaching when she became a clinical educator at UHN, teaching MLT students rotating through the lab. Since 2014, she trains and teaches clinical chemistry post-doctoral fellows and medical students doing elective rotations. Previously, she designed a 1-week enrichment rotation in autoimmune diagnostics for the clinical chemistry fellows for which she was the supervising faculty.

She has presented at Med Lab Week seminars and scientific conferences, including the AutoAntibody Summit. She welcomes opportunities to conduct academic research and with that attitude, she is the co-author of four different peer-reviewed publications. You can see Megan’s work for poster presentations at conferences at both the national and international levels.

Megha V., MAcc

Faculty, Business

Megha is a certified public accountant (CPA). She graduated with honours from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York and received a master's degree in accounting.

She worked with one of the big 4 accounting companies and specialized in compliance. She also worked with the Toronto District School Board (supply recruiting) and serves as an independent consultant for businesses.

Megha holds an undergraduate degree in computers, a post-graduate diploma in human resources management, and the professional designation of a CPA.

Megha’s academic performance coupled with professional experience has prepared her to run student-centric classrooms and motivate aspiring students to enter the workforce with the same enthusiasm and commitment.

Drawing from a rich legacy of mentors that she was fortunate to have through 15+ years of business and academic conversance, Megha is paving the way forward by being a mentor to her students.

Melanie K.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I’m dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. I love watching my students learn and grow. At the end, I know it's not the end but only the beginning of the rest of their lives and I feel honored to be part of their journey."

Melanie has an extensive background in healthcare, as a former Dental Assisting program instructor and as a Registered Practical Nurse. Her vast nursing experience has included community and acute care, family practice, public and occupational health, working as a nurse educator for long-term care facilities, homecare college programs and as a personal support worker (PSW).

For the past 20 years Melanie has been a healthcare educator and is highly sought after by Southwestern Ontario facilities to train unregulated healthcare professionals in Controlled Acts and Medication Administration. She is currently teaching the PSW program at Anderson and brings her expertise to the classroom every day.

In honour of Melanie’s extraordinary efforts in educating home support workers, and developing curriculum focused on providing remote, hands-on experience, she received the 2023 Minister's Award of Excellence, on behalf of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Ontario Government.

Melanie K.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am very passionate about my students and love to see them succeed. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my skills and experiences and enjoy learning from them and being a part of their journey along a new life path.”

Melanie has a decade of experience as a medical laboratory technician assistant and phlebotomist, contributing her expertise within the fields of immigration, insurance and fertility.

She also spent many years working at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener with the Core Lab and on the phlebotomy team. Melanie utilized her skills in many departments of the Grand River Hospital, including but not limited to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICI), Cancer Centre, In/Out Patient Pediatrics, Emergency, Day Surgery and Psychiatrics. Her passion then led her to a position as an instructor with Anderson College, where she shares her experience and guides the next generation of MLT/A students as they develop their skills and launch their careers.

Melika L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Follow your dream and never settle for less.”

Dr. Melika has an impressive background in the field of medical laboratory science (MLS). In 2008, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in MLS in Iran and launched her career as a medical laboratory technologist. Upon immigrating to Canada, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2019 and became a PhD candidate in the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology department at the University of Toronto (U of T).

Dr. Melika has received numerous awards during her academic journey, including the Canadian Blood Service’s (CBS) Graduate Fellowship Program award, AABB Outstanding Abstract Award for Trainees as a Fellow/Post-Doctoral Student, the SGS travel award from U of T, a travel bursary from CSTM/CBS, and Best Poster award from Hematology Academic Day and LMPRC.

She has been a plenary speaker at numerous international and regional industry conferences, served as a research and undergraduate student mentor, and has over 13 years of clinical experience working in hospitals and private labs, including Lifelabs and Brampton Civic Hospital.

Melissa G.

Faculty, Healthcare

"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose" – T.D. Jakes

Melissa is a registered practical nurse (RPN) with 16 years of experience working in long-term care (LTC). She started her career as a personal support worker (PSW) in the LTC sector and continued working as a PSW for eight years. During this time, she upgraded her skills through the Conestoga PSW to Practical Nursing (PN) Bridging Program and obtained her Practical Nursing diploma.

After becoming an RPN, Melissa has continued working in the LTC sector as well as teaching at several private career colleges. As a former PSW, Melissa has a passion for educating future PSWs and advocating for current PSW professionals in the field.

Melissa P.

Faculty, Healthcare

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself ANY direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss

Melissa graduated from St. Clair College with a diploma in the Level II Dental Assisting Program.

From there she worked twenty-five plus years as a Level II Dental Assistant in a Dental Office where she was able to utilize her Level II skills daily and cultivate many relationships with the patients.

Merritt M.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It gives me great pride and pleasure to be able to help my students achieve their own career goals. Sharing the knowledge that I have acquired over the years and being able to learn from my student's experiences constantly keeps me learning. We all can learn through life; the possibilities are endless.”

With almost 20 years of experience in emergency medicine; healthcare is Merritt’s passion. She worked in multiple emergency rooms across Ontario and has extensive knowledge in providing the best quality care to patients.

Merritt joined Anderson College during the pandemic while healthcare was ever-evolving and in a time of need. It brings her great pleasure to be able to share her experiences with her students.

Merritt graduated with honours in 2003 from Medix College and has been enjoying healthcare ever since.

Michael G., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I believe that it is a privilege and high calling to be able to contribute to the education of another person. There is no greater reward for me than seeing a student complete the program and go on to find that first health information related job.”

Michael has been working as an instructor in the health information management program since 2016. His courses are health science and healthcare management related.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and soon after began working as a pathology assistant at the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

Following this, Michael became the coordinator of the Southwest Regional Forensic Pathology Unit supervising the autopsy, surgical grossing and specimen receiving units within the pathology department at LHSC. Michael served as the clinical coordinator for the UWO Pathologists' Assistants Masters program which began in 2008.

Michael retired from LHSC in 2013 after 32 years of service.

Miel Alwyne M., BA

Faculty, Healthcare

"Winning is a habit, so is losing. Let’s learn and win together!"

Miel is a proud alum of Anderson College, now working as a registered certified dental assistant level II in a private dental office and teaches on the side. He is well-exposed to the latest technology like Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CariVu/Diagnodent, and orthodontic procedures on top of general dentistry practices.

Miel graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s degree. As a consistent achiever, he is always committed to excellence and provides service with a smile.

Mitra D. A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” ~ John Dewey. I love nursing and teaching my marvelous learners. I’m proud of my students as I observe their compassionate care for clients.”

Mitra worked for over 20 years as a nurse in her home country. In coming to Canada, she completed the registered nursing program (RPN) in 2018 and the bridging program RPN to registered nurse in 2019. Her experience spans nursing in clinics and hospitals, notably at the Holly Endoscopic Clinic as a procedure and recovery nurse.

Mitra has instructed over 500 personal support worker students, online and in person for lab training and is a clinical coordinator supervising students during placements. She is a certified Advanced Gerontological Education teacher, focusing on Gentle Persuasive Approach, guiding caregivers in how to react with skill and confidence to behaviours related to dementia. She started teaching at Anderson in 2022.

Munmun C.

Faculty, Healthcare

“My students are my dream; your success is my success. Your passion, dedication, commitment, hard work, and never-give-up attitude will be your assets in paving the way to a bright and accomplished future as an MLT professional. If you dedicate your time, heart and soul into this program, your perseverance will pay off.”

Munmun has her doctorate in Cell Signaling, is an emergency medical lab technologist at Trillium Health Partners, an intravenous catheterization specialist and MLT faculty at Anderson College.

Teaching is Munmun’s passion. After being engaged in pre and clinical reach work, teaching students in the research field for many years in the US, at the University of Toronto, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), she became motivated to focus on training the next generation of much needed frontline healthcare workers - medical laboratory technicians.

Naila A.

Faculty, Business

“I get great pleasure in watching my adult learners develop and succeed, but my passion for teaching and mentoring extends way beyond the classroom. I am happiest while I teach and develop my students’ curriculum, applying the latest trends and technology. To me, making this impact in my students’ lives is a great honour.”

Naila has been an instructor for over 18 years, teaching business-related programs at reputed universities and colleges in Canada and overseas. She is a certified adult educator, curriculum designer, and business management instructor, with a focus on blended learning. Her skills include teaching adult students and new immigrants to navigate Canadian business needs.

Naila holds an MBA and a PhD in Business Management and Economics. She is a business researcher, case writer for academic books, and book author. She received the “Service Excellence Award” at her previous university employment.

Naima F.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Education is the doorway to a new world, providing adult learners the opportunity to take charge of their lives, to forge a new path and build on their limitless potential. I’m honoured to be able to guide them on this journey."

Naima has more than 30 years’ experience in the dental field, a diploma in Intra Oral Dental Assisting, is certified with the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) and is an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistant Association (ODAA). Since 1991, Naima has worked as a dental assistant for various dental teams throughout the city of Toronto; her roles have spanned dental receptionist to managing the front office day-to-day operations.

Embracing her passion for teaching and supporting new professionals, Naima began instructing. She now leverages her expertise to inspire students within the Anderson College classroom. Her belief that students are the future of the field guides her as she mentors the next generation of dental assisting professionals.

Naseem F., BA

Faculty, Healthcare

“To me, teaching is not just about providing students with the knowledge and skills to succeed, it is also about inspiring the next generation and leaders of tomorrow to take our world to a better place. With each step, I aim to elevate my students to achieve that goal.”

Naseem has over 10 years of experience as a medical laboratory technician (MLA) working with healthcare organizations, research facilities, labs/hospitals, and customer service experience. She has excellent phlebotomy skills among others such as clinical procedures and lab management.

Naseem also earned numerous laboratory certifications to grow her skillset and credentials. With her experience, passion for medical practices/knowledge, and a strong desire to share her learnings over the years, Naseem found the best outcome to be the intersection of the education and healthcare sectors by teaching at Anderson College.

Naseem has experience as an MLT and graduated with distinction from a Canadian College to receive an (MLT) diploma. She is Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario certified with which she is a registered member and has a bachelor’s degree.

Nasreen M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I desire to provide students with the essential tools in a safe, positive and collaborative environment to help them develop positive character and leadership traits which are essential in creating successful Cardiology Technologists as well as life-long learners.”

Nasreen is an established professional with 10 years of experience in cardiology with an emphasis on exercise tolerance testing, ambulatory monitoring, and training/development. She has a positive, hard-working demeanour that has been greatly appreciated by patients and colleagues of the various clinics and hospitals she works for.

Nasreen holds a diploma in Cardiovascular Technology from Mohawk College and has been an active member of the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists since September 2012. She has developed a desire for cardiology management and administration.

Nicola C.

Faculty, Healthcare

“We hold every emotion and trauma in our body. I believe we must learn to love our body and recognize the gift it is for us to use as we traverse the earth. Only then, will we free ourselves from the chastity that binds us.”.

Nicola has close to 20 years of experience as a registered massage therapist. Nicola is a lover of learning especially about the body, mind, and soul.

Nicola has taken many courses to improve her palpation skills and has a keen eye for observing what is not obvious to most. Nicola has a passion for life and teaches classes in person and online including yoga, Tibetan ancient rites, and fitness.

Nicola is an intuitive energy healer who is excited to share her knowledge with those seeking to learn.

Norbert W.

Faculty, Law

“I have a lifetime of knowledge to pass on to students and hope to continue learning myself from the experiences they will share with me.”

Norbert has more than 30 years’ experience in various fields of law, including being an auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency, a director for the Ontario Federation of Labour, and a labour consultant for the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Currently, he has a successful law practice, focusing on labour, human rights and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) law.

Norbert holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration with honours, Paralegal diploma with honours, and Paralegal License from the Law Society
of Upper Canada. He’s also a member of the advisory committee for the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers, certified instructor for the Workers
Health and Safety Centre and certified WSIB instructor for the Occupational Disability Response Team, now Prevention Link.

Nusrat Fatima S.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am passionate about being a part of the positive change that my students are making to better their lives. I love mentoring Anderson College students because I am contributing to their successful careers.”

Nusrat has worked in various dental offices around the city for several years, developing a wealth of knowledge through her work as a chairside assistant and office administrator. As an internationally-trained medical professional, Nusrat has transitioned to chairside dental assisting with ease, performing a variety of duties, including sterilization of instruments, dental impressions of teeth for models, exposing and developing dental x-rays, fluoride and sealant application, and showing empathy and providing support to patients.

As a graduate of the Intra Oral Dental Assistant Level I and Level II program, Nusrat is certified with the National Dental Assisting Examination Board, and is a member of the Ontario Dental Assistant Association.

Nusrat K.

Faculty, Healthcare

Nusrat is a health professional with extensive clinical experience and knowledge. They are a mentor and a teacher who has been teaching at a professional health science college and teaching in hospitals for many years. Nusrat specializes in haematology, biochemistry, immunoassay, blood bank laboratory, testing equipment, procedure, and health and safety protocol.

They are well-rounded and can collaborate with other team members and healthcare professionals. The role encompasses consultation, continuing education, improvement, and clinical teaching. I want to help others while being part of the greater medical field.

Nusrat is a health professional with extensive clinical experience and knowledge. They are a mentor and a teacher who has been teaching at a professional health science college and teaching in hospitals for many years.

Orlando B.,

Faculty, Healthcare

“I have always been passionate about sharing my learnings, and expertise with my students. It is clear to me that their success will always be my success. Knowing that I became a part of it, just for a moment is such a great honour and privilege for me. I will never stop learning and will continue to strive for the best, professionally, and personally. I want my students to realize that I may be their teacher for a moment, but I will be their counsellor and mentor for however long they allow me to be.”

Orlando is a medical laboratory technician instructor with more than 10 years of experience. He specializes in venipuncture and laboratory specimen handling, collection, and preparation. He worked as a research laboratory technician for 2 years at Sunnybrook Hospital and during this time he collaborated with other researchers and doctors.

Orlando uses his experiences and his teaching passion to share his knowledge and expertise. He trains and develops the skills of his students so they can become great laboratory technicians in the future.

These credentials and experiences allowed him to become a remarkable instructor and make a huge contribution to the success of Anderson College students and future graduates.

Paige D.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I have always found myself gravitating towards teaching, whether it be with children or adults. I look forward to every day sharing the knowledge I have acquired through my various work and life experiences.”

Paige has more than 12 years' experience working with children of all ages from a variety of backgrounds. She started her Child and Youth Worker (CYC) career with various jobs in childcare centres; she worked for the Catholic School Board as an educational assistant and for the Women's Welcome Centre in the Children's Program.

Paige has a Child and Youth Worker diploma and a Personal Support Worker diploma, both from St Clair College, and has her first year of Early Childhood Education training. She is currently working in the International Education sector at the Catholic Board and is a wonderful and skilled instructor with Anderson,
training the next generation of compassionate CYC professionals.

Patricia C., HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“Patricia looks forward to sharing her experience, skills, and knowledge with our future sonographers.”
Patricia is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer with work experience in both hospital and clinical settings. She is a clinical educator in the areas of gynaecology and obstetrics.

Patricia graduated from the Ultrasound program at The Michener Institute of Education. She further advanced her career by studying Vascular Technology through the Burwin Institute of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound and obtained her vascular accreditation through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

She is a certified sonographer with The Fetal Medicine Foundation and can perform nuchal translucency measurements for the enhanced first-trimester screening (eFTS) exams.

Patricia co-developed and is faculty for the ultrasound bridging program for The Michener Institute of Education. She is also a clinical assessor for Sonography Canada’s Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSAtm).

Patrick K.

Faculty, Computers

Patrick has been an instructor for over 12 years. He is CompTIA A+ Certified, M.O.S in Word and PowerPoint.

His great love is sharing the knowledge and skills he learned over the years. Then, seeing his efforts and the students, change their lives for the better.

Patty C.

Faculty, Healthcare

“In every class that I teach, I hope that my passion for dentistry is felt by my students. Ask questions, be a present participant in class and your learning process and above all learn for the love of learning.”

Patty has expertise in all areas of dental assisting with equally strong qualifications in dental assisting education, dental reception, and dental treatment coordination.

Her distinguished career encompasses chairside dental assisting, teaching, and leadership roles in
dental practice at Anderson College and Schulich School of Dentistry.

Patty has a strong commitment to continuing education. Since graduating as a dental assistant, she has completed the PDA, PDA upgrade, Level II, dental reception, and dental treatment coordinator programs.

She completed a certificate in adult education and a certificate in sterile processing. Patty has been a member in good standing with the Ontario Dental Assistants Association since 1992.

Perry B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Teaching, learning and sharing with adult learners gives me great pleasure, as they seek to be agents of change, bringing about a positive safety culture in their respective workplaces and areas of influence. One should not leave for tomorrow, what can be accomplished today."

Perry is a dedicated health and safety professional, with a passion for sharing his knowledge and enjoys working as part of a team. He has over 20 years’ experience in the discipline of occupational health and safety, 10 years in the industrial, chemical, and manufacturing industry, and another 10 in tertiary level academic environments and consultancy services.

Perry is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), graduate of the University of Greenwich, UK, (M.Sc. Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment) and York University, Toronto, Ontario, (B.Sc. Chemistry). He brings a wealth of expertise and practical insight to his students, offering a foundation upon which they can build a thriving career in the industry.

Pooja V., MPT

Faculty, Healthcare

"I love to teach because there is no other job that gives me challenges such as joy, headaches, triumphs, love, creativity, and inspiration like teaching does. No two days are the same and the positives always outweigh the negatives. I always wanted to become a teacher as I can't see myself doing anything else."

Pooja has over 5 years of experience working as an instructor for massage therapy and physiotherapy assistance.

She started her journey in Canada as a physiotherapist assistant working in physiotherapy clinics and long-term care homes. Pooja has experience in neurology, musculoskeletal, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and geriatric physiotherapy. She has proven skills in all physiotherapy treatments, modalities, soft tissue release techniques, and exercise plan development.

Pooja was always enthusiastic about teaching and joined Anderson College in 2018 to teach students and implement the value of education. She provides guidance and resources to help students obtain their massage therapy registration.

In 2012, Pooja earned her master’s in physiotherapy from India and currently has experience in teaching medical courses like anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

Prikita S.

Faculty, Business

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing could be done without hope and confidence. As an instructor, I always aim to acquaint my students with real-life experiences. My goal is to be the mentor who can guide them throughout their life toward achieving excellence. My mission is to bring positivity, knowledge and required discipline to my students. Undoubtedly, teaching is my primary passion. This passion is a motivating force that keeps me striving for excellence every single day. I look forward to sharing the knowledge, skills, and expertise that I acquired over the years with my students.”

Prikita has her master’s in supply chain management and logistics. She is an active member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and a CIFFA-certified instructor. She has experience in demand planning, forecasting, sourcing, and inventory flow management. She is a logistic specialist and has even worked as a training facilitator with large-scale supply chain companies in Ontario.

She has 7+ years of experience in mentoring students with supply chain industry-related strategies, policies, and procedures and expertise in online retailing as well and has collaborated with brands like Wayfair, Costco, Home Depot, and shopping channels.

Priya J., BComm, MBA

Faculty, Computers

"Technology nowadays is very important, and I feel fortunate that I can teach and enable students to advance their knowledge beyond the classroom. I enjoy teaching and most importantly experience a sense of accomplishment when students tell me how these learnings have helped them enhance their time management and organizational skills."

Priya has several years of experience as a subject matter expert working with telecom, retail, education, and entertainment industries across India and Canada. Priya received a graduate certificate in Marketing Management from Seneca College.

She also holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce from Sikkim university in India.

Rahim M.

Faculty, Business

"Our goal is making you ready for finding a viable job in supply chain or training you on how to run a business. Your hard work and our knowledge and experience make us a great team to achieve our goal.”

Rahim has an impressive supply chain and logistics background, has conducted business in over 55 countries, working on more than 165 international contracts for purchasing, selling, and distribution of a wide range of products. He also has over 17 years’ experience teaching at universities and colleges in international business and supply chain management programs, from post graduate programs to PhD candidates.

Rahim has a bachelor’s degree in customs clearance management, a master’s and PhD in marketing, a FIATA diploma and CIFFA certificate in Freight Forwarding, is a CIFFA Certified Instructor, and gained his CITP designation from FITT. He has published books, articles, and multimedia training resources on the subject of logistics, supply chain and global business.

Rani H.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy giving my students a strong foundation of knowledge in healthcare, and instilling them with confidence. I emphasize a positive work ethic, and love encouraging students to be passionate about their Personal Support Worker careers.”

Rani has over 25 years’ experience as a registered nurse, including 17 in hospital settings. Her clinical work encompassed acute care, medicine, surgery, and ER, as well as managing outpatient services. During her career she has excelled in patient care, medical rounds, and discharge planning, coordinating care conferences and collaborating with community agencies and pharmacies to provide home care services. During her time at Lakeshore General Hospital in Quebec she was a member of the Council of Nurses committee, and also taught the preceptorship program for student nurses.

Rani earned her BSc in Nursing with Honours from the University of Ottawa. She is CPR certified, and an active member of both the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

Rania S.

Faculty, Healthcare

Rania is a medical laboratory technologist with over 15 years of experience within the medical profession. Rania’s focus and interests include complex chemical, haematological and microscopic testing. Her passion for the field has led her to the Anderson College team where she can share her knowledge and expertise with aspiring medical professionals.

Rania is a current member of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) and the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS).

Renee A.S.

Faculty, Healthcare

Renee is extremely motivated and constantly looking for new ways to learn and grow professionally because medical work is constantly evolving. Renee has more than 8 years of experience in the field of medical laboratory technicians (MLT). Renee graduated from a medical laboratory program in 2012. She then spent 6 years working for LifeLabs where she excelled in her passion for haematology and pre-analytical.

Renee was offered a position in 2020, as a lab supervisor in the film industry running a PCR Covid testing lab for the cast and the crew of various film productions. She remained until her desire for change took hold, Renee now uses her knowledge and experience in the MLT field to help Anderson College students learn, grow, and, one day share the same passion for medical science as she does.

Rita S.

Faculty, Healthcare

“As a former immigrant, I know how hard starting a new career can be. My main career goal is to help my students be successful and independent. I am passionate about teaching because I’m rich with experience in my field and I want to share my knowledge with other people.”

Rita has two decades’ experience working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist, starting her career in the United Arab Emirates, where she also began her teaching career. After moving to Canada, Rita spent more than 10 years working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in a hospital setting.

Rita gained her Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma from the Michener Institute of Technology, and is also a member of multiple professional associations, including the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science, the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (formerly OSMT), and the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario.

Rodrigo H., BA

Faculty, Law

Rodrigo, better known as Sir Jun, is a member in good standing with The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and, has been in practice for more than 10 years.

As a former member of the Faculty of Law at Anderson College, he taught immigration subjects such as administrative law, Canadian immigration law and policy, refugee law, and ethics/professional responsibility. Currently, he teaches general courses to adult students in the evening class.

Rodrigo worked as a corporate lawyer and secretary for both private and publicly listed companies in a wide variety of industries, acting as an advisor to the board in terms of compliance with regulatory bodies.

He is a volunteer with the Region of Peel, teaching elementary students in the first language program. He is a blood donor at the Canadian Blood Services.

He is a firm practitioner in fiercely advocating for the client.

Rosalina V.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Teaching my class is very rewarding. Knowing that I have helped them move forward with skills they can use for the rest of their lives is gratifying and truly fulfilling for me. Priceless, even!"

Rosalina has 6 years of dental assisting experience in a variety of areas, including assisting a periodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, and general anesthesiologist, and working for general practitioners Throughout this time, she amassed a wealth of practical experience, developing her communication skills to ensure that her patients were always informed, comfortable, and able to overcome their dental fears.

Rosalina has a bachelor's degree from the University of the Philippines. She continued her education after coming to Canada, graduating with honours from a dental assisting program and later becoming a National Dental Assisting Examining Board-certified dental assistant. Rosalina has been an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association since 2014.

Rose B.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Believe you can, and you are halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

Rose has worked alongside and carefully studied children’s behaviour and development over the last seven years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc), a Master of Arts degree (MA), and most recently obtained her Master of Sciences (MSC) in Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care.

For the past four years Rose has dedicated her work to studying children in depth and understanding their world through development, social construct and most recently within the clinical setting. Rose first engaged with children in school, at camp, and in recreation and childcare settings before and during her BSc. During her MA however, she took a more theoretical approach to learning about children's development, through research and understanding works of literature.

Rose is now practicing as a child life specialist and provides insights, guidance, and instruction to Anderson students, laying the foundation for their careers in early childhood education.

Salima H. S., BScl, CRGS, DMS

Faculty, Healthcare

"I am eager to offer my academic insights, skills and general life knowledge to my students through high-quality instruction. I believe hard work, dedication and embracing every opportunity/challenge will provide a solid foundation for a career that can be both rewarding and magical."

Salima has over 20 years of experience in the field of ultrasound in clinical, hospital and commercial settings. Currently, she is working at Trillium Health Partners as a general sonographer.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western University in Biology and Environmental Science. Salima earned her ultrasound designation from the joint Mohawk College and McMaster University program. Salima is certified by The Fetal Medicine Foundation to perform nuchal translucency exams.

Salima is an active member of the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario, Sonography Canada, and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

Samar B., BSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I understand the importance of creating a challenging, fun, and effective learning environment for students. As an instructor, I want to utilize the experience that I have gained as a medical lab technician to provide my students with the technical skills for a successful career. By putting effort, commitment, passion, and enthusiasm into my teaching, I provide the support students need to reach their full potential.”

Samar is CSMLS and MLPAO certified member with over 4 years of experience in the medical laboratory field specializing in Microbiology, ECG and Phlebotomy. Samar worked as medical lab assistant at Pharma Medica Research Inc before joining the Anderson College teaching force in 2021 as MLT/A instructor.

Samar received her BSc in Science with honors from Egypt before going on to achieve a diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician from Anderson College.

Shabnam B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Being an instructor is truly gratifying for me. I foster a collaborative learning environment, sharing my knowledge and real-life experiences, and encourage students to share their stories and engage in discussions. This instills not only theoretical knowledge but also a profound understanding of the impact we can have on improving patient outcomes. I’m thrilled to see my students improve and succeed.”

Shabnam is a proud graduate of Anderson’s Medical Office Administrator (MOA) program. After completing her program, Shabnam worked for over five years within the field, gaining experience and applying her skills within different medical and healthcare offices, within hospitals and accredited medical clinics.

Shabnam also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Translation and prior to entering the healthcare sector worked within global companies in a variety of supportive roles. She is thrilled to return to Anderson, to offer her expertise to those training to become future MOAs.

Shaeba R.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I found theory topics to be very challenging as a student. Realizing that students use many different methods to process information gave me the idea to try a variety of forms of transmitting information in my lectures. I like to show students how simple and logical science can be, and how all are capable of understanding the human body with ease.”

Shaeba has been an instructor in private colleges since 2006, prior to which he trained as a medical professional in Pakistan, specializing in neurology. In his clinical practice, he spent time rehabilitating accident and stroke patients, developing motivational skills to encourage his patients to take control of their recovery. Shaeba now applies these techniques to his teaching practice, along with the wealth of theoretical knowledge he acquired throughout his studies, and the leadership and teaching skills he cultivated while training new residents and interns in their clinical placements.

Shaeba is an International Medical Graduate.

Shamika B., BScN, HBSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I have always been enthusiastic about helping others. This role as an instructor allows me to continue to do that. Learning is a beautiful thing, and I am honoured to be a part of it. Remember, education is something no one can take away from you!”

Shamika is a registered nurse with over 5 years of experience in acute care medicine with a specialization in respirology/medicine. During her time as a nurse, she worked as a preceptor to nursing students.

Currently, she works with Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) coordinating care for patients requiring in-home/community Nursing, personal support worker and rehab services.

Shamika holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of New Brunswick and an honours bachelor’s in both biology and psychology from the University of Toronto.

Sharee M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"A true education prepares you not only for living but also for life.”

As a registered physiotherapist in Ontario, Sharee brings more than 30 years of experience working for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and private practice clinics. She owned and operated several clinics in the Toronto area and hired many of her assistants.

She completed 9 years as an elected council member of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and played an integral role on key committees revolving around patient care, the role of assistants, and professional standards and conduct.

Sharee joined Anderson College in 2016 as an instructor for the physiotherapy and orthopaedics program and never looked back. She loves teaching students and assisting them in reshaping their futures. She looks forward to helping more students find careers in the rehabilitation field.

Shelley H.

Faculty, Healthcare

Shelley graduated 20 years ago from the massage therapy program at the Darcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario. She has 19 years of experience as a registered massage therapist, she is honoured to share her knowledge and passion for massage with the students at Anderson College.

Throughout her practice, she has worked alongside many other health professionals and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment. Shelley specializes in myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal care, and deep tissue massage.

Shelley has dedicated her life to making people feel better and is excited to share that devotion with her students.

Shelley J.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Sharing my knowledge and experience with my students brings me great joy!"

Shelley enrolled in a Dental Assistant program 30+ years ago, graduated as a certificated dental assistant, passed the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) exam, and is Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) certified. Her dental career spanned 36 years in private practice where she provided efficient and exceptional service in a busy dental clinic. She also mentored students across local colleges who worked in her office each spring to the gain practical, on-the-job training.

Shelley’s years of experience in the dental field have provided her with an extensive skillset to pass on to the next generation of dental assistants. Currently, she is a certified dental assistant (CDA) level II and a dynamic instructor for Anderson College’s Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Level II program.

Shila S., BComm

Faculty, Business

"Instructor shares his/her best of knowledge but wisdom comes from within."

Shila is passionate about teaching and strives to influence each student’s life by nurturing their curiosity and guiding them on their journey to find a rewarding career. She not only excels at teaching the academic curriculum but also tries to engage her students with anecdotes of her professional experiences and helpful tips about where they can apply her learnings.
Shila possesses a Bachelor of Commerce.

She worked as a bookkeeper and taught computerized accounting software (Tally) to high school students before immigrating to Canada. She also holds a diploma in accounting and payroll and earned a certificate in system manager in ERP 300 (previously known as Accpac).

Given her development journey, she especially enjoys teaching accounting to new immigrant professionals and helping them find their footing in the Canadian marketplace.

Shweta A., BA, MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“The pleasure I get seeing young dynamic women fulfil their dream of becoming estheticians is beyond words. I feel honoured when I see that I was able to put in that confidence in my students which was holding them back, it is a moment of pride for me.”

Shweta has more than 10 years of experience in the medical esthetics field. Before moving into the esthetician space, she earned a bachelor’s degree in textile design and a master’s in computer programming.

Quickly, she learned that she would rather be helping people. She started to train with Eminence Organic Skincare specifically GM Collins, Eve Teylor, and Dr. Renaud. Her teachers hired her on as clinic supervisor and assistant after practising esthetics for 5 years.

Shweta got the teaching bug from her instructors and completed certification in adult education with McMaster University. Since then, she has been excited to pass on her knowledge to students.

Sima R., PhD

Faculty, Healthcare

"Knowledge is Power. If you want to have this power, Please take this chance and improve your knowledge."

Sima has a strong background in the medical laboratory (MLT) field. She has a PhD in the field from her home country and completed the bridging program in Medical Laboratory Science at The Michener Institute of Education. Her experience includes several years working in various departments in a few hospitals within the areas of haematology, transfusion medicine, microbiology, parasitology, and cytology.

She has been involved with teaching MLT students and has several years of experience in a medical journal as a reviewer. Sima loves medical science and teaching and sharing her knowledge with other people.

Simona K.

Faculty, Healthcare

“My passion to teach and share my knowledge is what makes me a better teacher every day. To understand students’ varying needs, a teacher needs to be patient, a good listener, and easy adaptable – traits which I aim to embody in my teaching practice.”

Simona has worked in the medical laboratory field for more than 25 years, giving her vast experience in the industry. Simona began her career as a medical technologist, specializing in hematology, biochemistry, and urinalysis, and has been teaching since 2003.

Simona has a Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma, and is certified by the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario. Simona ensures she stays abreast of the constant changes in the medical industry by attending seminars and completing continuing education courses, obtaining certificates in Instructing Adults, as a Clinical Educator, and completing an ECG interpretation course, among others.

Sindhuja K., BScN

Faculty, Healthcare

“As an instructor, I believe that the PSW program is not there only to help students graduate as PSWs, but this is also their first step in health care education that carries them towards greater career opportunities. My goal is to encourage students by providing a strong educational foundation to grow as skillful and compassionate health care workers."

Sindhuja is a registered practical nurse (RPN) with good standing at the College of Nurses of Ontario. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) from the Open University of Malaysia and is a potential graduate of Ryerson University. She has been a nurse for more than 12 years and has acquired clinical expertise as a critical care nurse, surgical nurse, and community nurse. She has been teaching Anderson College's PSW program since 2019 and has experienced teaching in in-class and online platforms.

Sindhuja received her RPN diploma from Centennial College, before entering the Ryerson University BScN program. She is currently working as an RPN in the community.

Stefania L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“By actively engaging trainees with my broad occupational health and safety knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching, I plan to continue building my skills in this profession."

Stefania has 17 years’ experience in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) consulting, became a certified member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee in 2008 and achieved the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation in 2014.

Stefania was a lead consultant for the Sunrise Propane explosion in 2008 conducting risk assessments, presented on occupational hygiene at the 2013 American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) and has been an active member with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) developing the Safety and Health Field Guide for Professional Cleaners in 2022 and was a subject matter expert for the revision of their Health and Safety Technician (HST) certification in 2023. Stefania is also a dynamic workshop facilitator and mentor on myriad OHS topics.

Steffy A. J.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I find great happiness when my students understand the concepts well and put them into practice. I am glad when I hear positive reviews of them from their employers. I am happiest when I interact with my students and see them excel both personally and professionally."

Steffy holds a diploma in Level II Dental Assisting from Medix College and has been practicing in Ontario for the past five years. She is a registered dentist within her home country and is actively engaged in pursing dentistry here in Canada.

Steffy finds her passion in teaching and, when it comes to dental education, she enjoys every aspect of the experience. She is an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association (ODAA) and keeps herself abreast of new research emerging within the field. She is also Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified.

Stephanie B.

Faculty, Language

“My advice to students as they learn English is to practice conversation whenever they can! Talking with a native speaker is difficult at first but gets easier with practice.”

Stephanie is experienced in teaching both general and business English as a Second Language (ESL). Possessing a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Canada certification and holding a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and policy management from Carleton University, Stephanie brings a strong educational background to her teaching.

Stephanie's commitment to language education is not only reflected in her professional pursuits but also in her dedication to language learning. Fluent in Spanish, she brings a multilingual perspective to her teaching. Stephanie is honoured to guide students as they achieve improved fluency and increased confidence in speaking English.

Sudhir S. , BSc, RPht

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy teaching from my heart and love to share with my students the knowledge and experiences that I have gained from the various roles I have performed during my tenure with different organizations that I have served. I feel proud when I see my students excel in their careers and inform me that I was able to make a positive influence in their life.”

Sudhir has a rich experience of over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry having served various reputable organizations at differing positions. He has worked with several big-box retail chain stores like Costco, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart as a Registered Pharmacy Technician for over 15 years. He has also worked with multinational pharmaceutical companies like Abbott Laboratories at various managerial levels in sales and marketing. He has also taught Science and Mathematics in colleges and universities in India.

Sudhir is a Registered Pharmacy Technician with the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Sudhir possesses a bachelor’s degree in science and earned his Diploma in Pharmacy Technician program with Honours from Humber College.

Sue P.

Program Coordinator, Healthcare

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Sue has over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy field, with a specialization in long-term care and community retail pharmacy.

In recent years, she has garnered a strong passion for teaching and has been the Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator at Anderson College - London Campus for over 7 years.

Seeking to make difference in the lives of many within the pharmaceutical industry, Sue always emphasizes quality of care and genuine support.

With her most recent experience as a pharmacy team member and immunizer with COVID-19 vaccine clinics, Sue hopes to continue to influence the community she serves.

Sue-Ann M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I am excited to share my professional experiences with my students and encourage them to embrace this field with as much, if not more, passion than I have for massage therapy. The stakes are high; I trust your commitment!”

Sue-Ann has over 25 years in the field of massage therapy. Her clinical practice embraced a wide variety of clinical and therapeutic treatments with a clientele ranging from newborn babies to individuals who were at the end stage of life. In 2003 Sue-Ann branched out of her clinical practice to start teaching massage therapy. She took on the roles of teaching assistant, lead instructor, and clinical director/coordinator in two of the local programs. In 2014, she returned to full-time practice.

Sue-Ann has a degree in Linguistics from Western University and a diploma of Massage Therapy from Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic. Throughout her career she has also acquired a Reflexology certification, and a Yoga Teacher/Trainer certificate. She practices as a Reiki Master and End of Life Care Provider.

Susan R.W.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Teaching in Early Childhood Education and Care has left me with a funny and fabulous storybook of memories. It is those wonderful memories, that inspire my teaching today. Be it creating an outdoor adventure with nature, singing their favorite silly song, or observing new learning moments to then see a child’s eyes widen in delight, all of these memories and more are treasured."

Since 1995, it has been my pleasure to work as; an Early Childhood Educator (RECE), an ESL Kindergarten Teacher abroad, a Special Needs and Social Development RECE Consultant, and in the last 4 years, a College Instructor of the Early Childcare Assistant Program.

In my adult studies, there were many wonderful examples of teaching. The instructors/professors while I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (BFA), a Diploma of Early Childhood Education (RECE), and a Bachelor of Education (BED), were knowledgeable, inspiring, resourceful and committed.

Following in their footsteps, and joining the Anderson College team, I have found the students quite impressive. It is an honor to teach them, as they begin to find their own treasured memories. They bring their best selves to class, learn, and aspire to grow professionally. Mentoring this new, mindful and exciting chapter for them is a career that will always be dear to my heart. Their goals become mine and I get to watch as they write the first pages of their storybook of memories.

Susan S., HBA, LLB

Program Coordinator, Law

"Ontario is fortunate to have the assistance of licensed paralegals, and I am glad to have the opportunity to share the knowledge I have acquired through my career and years of teaching."

Susan is a graduate of Western University with honours in English and history. She also holds a Bachelor of Law.

Susan practised law in London, Ontario for several years before becoming an instructor. She was a part-time instructor in the bar admission course for the law society before joining a college in 1999.

Susan is an active member of the law society. Currently, she is the program coordinator and an instructor of the Paralegal Studies program at Anderson College - London campus.

Sweta P.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I believe, if acquiring wisdom is the ultimate goal, then sharing knowledge is the best way to achieve it."

Sweta brings a wealth of expertise to our Health Information Management (HIM) program. Her education includes a Doctor of Pharmacy, a HIM diploma, and certification in clinical research, pharmacovigilance, and medical writing; she is currently working toward her master’s degree in public health.

Sweta’s experience includes working as an ROI specialist, medical coder, and classification technician for the Canadian Institute for Health Information; she continues to volunteer with St. John Ambulance as a first responder and serves as a community facilitator for the ON chapter of the Canadian Health Information Management Association and as a HIM instructor. Sweta brings technical skills, practical knowledge, and a positive outlook to all her interactions with her students and colleagues.

Tammy B.W.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Watching my students make life-changing moves through personal growth, dedication, perseverance, and endurance are what keeps me teaching. Each student has the potential to take control of their life, education, and career, and with this comes the power to reach their dreams.”

Tammy graduated with honours from the intra-oral dental assisting program in 2002. She has explored many areas of dentistry such as orthodontics, general dentistry, oral surgery, and office management. These days she loves teaching and has been an intra-oral dental assisting instructor since 2006.

Tammy is a member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association. She is a certified dental assistant and holds an adult educator's certificate.

Tatum J.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I have wanted to teach dental since I was a student myself almost 12 years ago. I love how being in the field before teaching allows me to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years. I always say my student's success is my success!”

Tatum graduated from Medix College as a dental assistant back in 2011. Since then, she has been growing and learning all aspects of dentistry such as: working chairside, front desk, team-lead, and treatment coordinating.

Tatum loves what she does and helping to create healthy smiles has always been a passion. When she is not teaching, she is usually off on adventures with her fiancé and daughter or spending time with friends and family and her fur babies.

Taylor M.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I love sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over my years, but I also get to learn from my students. It’s amazing how much of an impact we can have on one another’s lives.”

Taylor has more than 10 years' combined experience in massage therapy and teaching. Starting her career as a kinesiologist, she has an extensive background in anatomy and human kinetics and after completing her massage therapy training, she worked in a prestigious multi-disciplinary clinic.

Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, graduated summa cum laude with a massage therapy diploma from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, and completed her certification in Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education. She is a registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and brings a dynamic skillset to her students.

Teddy K.

Faculty, Law

“Ask the right questions, and you will find the right answers. The knowledge you will gain in doing that will be a treasure that will last a lifetime; build you up from the inside and the outside; and that can never be taken from you.”

Teddy is a lawyer called to the Bar of Ontario; prior to that he was an Ontario licensed paralegal. Initially graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), he then went on to earn an LLM (Master of Laws) and Master of Science.

In addition to being a lawyer, Teddy was a member of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, the Transportation Appeals Tribunal of Canada, and is currently a member of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants of Canada.

Since 2019, he has taught as a sessional lecturer at the University of Windsor Law School in the subjects of administrative law and landlord and tenancy law. He is a terrific asset to Anderson’s Paralegal program; his expertise and instruction empower students to confidently enter the field of law and achieve their career aspirations.

Tianna B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"I emphasize teamwork and collaboration to prepare my students for their career in the field and I feel excitement when I hear from my MOA graduates who share exciting news about their work and how I helped them achieve their goals."

Tianna has a diploma in Medical Laboratory and Office Assisting. She brings a wealth of knowledge stemming from her career within general physicians' offices, specialty clinics, and in long-term care and has been teaching since 2014.

Tianna values education and believes in life-long learning. She demonstrates a diverse healthcare expertise and ensures smooth operations as a medical office administrator, is adept at operational management and proficient in electronic medical records (EMRs).

Tianna is recognized for fostering a conducive learning environment through expert curriculum delivery, student mentorship, and hands-on guidance, achieving consistently high student performance and readiness metrics.

Tiffany B.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Knowledge is key to success; your ability is your strength.”

Tiffany has been a medical esthetician (ME) for 13 years. She gained extensive experience working in an ophthalmology clinic treating patients with medical concerns outside the scope of spa treatments and currently works alongside a dermatologist pediatrician. She has not only worked in various positions throughout her career but has had her own business for the last number of years.

Tiffany’s breadth of knowledge within the industry and the skills she has developed providing medical esthetic treatments within a wide range of environments, make her an exceptional instructor for future ME professionals.

Tikiri B., BScN

Faculty, Healthcare

"Learning is a lifelong activity, It is fantastic to learn something new and interact with people from different cultures to work together. I have always wanted to share my knowledge with others. My passion for teaching them and helping them become competent and confident in their knowledge and skills is the best feeling I've ever had."

Tikiri has more than 17 years of experience working as a registered nurse in Canadian and foreign healthcare facilities. Through her expertise in the hospital, long-term care, and mental health areas; she enhances her nursing practice, skills, knowledge, and experience to develop comprehensive nursing skills.

As an internationally educated nurse, she graduated as a registered practical nurse from Centennial College in Canada. Tikiri is licensed to practice by the College of Nurses in Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and specializing in ageing and gerontology from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Tim W.

Faculty, Computers

“‘Hard work always gets rewarded’. There is no easy path to success. If there were, then everyone would be successful. Hard work will always get noticed and rewarded in life.”

Tim has over 25 years of working experience in warehousing and financial institutions creating websites and small systems using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Tim has achieved expert certification status in Microsoft Excel, and he has achieved associate and user specialist certification status in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Tim won the inaugural "Above and Beyond" award with Westervelt College in 2015.

Tonmoy P.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I love teaching at Anderson College because of the organized curriculum, well-equipped laboratories, high level of education, and community involvement. Graduates of Anderson College, like myself, receive strong training both on theory and practical, and are confident in our knowledge and skills as a medical professional.”

As an Anderson College graduate, Tonmoy began his career working as a Sterilization Technician at an Endoscopy centre, which strengthened his knowledge and skills, specifically on disinfection and sterilization. Tonmoy is a foreign-trained medical graduate specializing in Pathology and has experience working in hospitals as well as training undergraduate medical students overseas for over three years. He has been working as an educator for the Medical Laboratory Technician program since January 2019 supporting instructors, teaching students on laboratory skill competencies and is a proud mentor as well.

Tonmoy is a certified Medical Laboratory Technician with the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists and the Medical Laboratory Professional Association of Ontario. He is also a certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician. As a foreign-trained Medical Doctor, he is holding a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery diploma with an M. Phil degree in Pathology from Bangladesh.

Tony A., BSc, MSc

Faculty, Healthcare

“I enjoy teaching and making an impact in my students' lives. My goal is to ensure that my adult learners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their chosen careers.”

Tony is a doctoral trainee in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program (Physical Therapy) at Western University working in the Mobility in Aging Lab.

Tony has over 7 years of experience in teaching with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Tony holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in science, specifically, applied health sciences (kinesiology).

Tony has several scientific publications and is skilled in exercise physiology, research, and knowledge translation.

Victoria A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“It gives me great pleasure to watch a student achieve success. Adult learners face many obstacles along their journey and it's always amazing to watch their growth as they learn to balance school and life. I always enjoy supporting them in any way I can. You only get out what you put in so do your best every day!”

Victoria has more than 20 years of experience in the dental field. She worked in many specialty fields such as periodontics, oral surgery, and orthodontics.

Victoria had the pleasure of being part of the dental implant research team at Western University headed by the dean of the medical and dental department. She has been an intra-oral dental assistant instructor since 2008. She has a history in public health and helping the lower-income and senior community receive proper oral care.

Victoria is a certified level II dental assistant, a certified dental receptionist, and a certified dental treatment coordinator.

She received her medical device reprocessing technician certification from Fanshawe College. Victoria has also completed her adult learner certificate through Mohawk College and has her level P1 in nutrition and coaching.

Victoria G.H.,

Faculty, Business

"A student's success is my success."

Victoria has more than 20 years of experience teaching in Canada’s private college sector for a diverse group of students. She has taught students computer business software applications and accounting since 1997. She loves to teach, and she is glad to see students succeed in their careers.

She has been a member of the Canadian Payroll Association since 2011.

Vinu Raj V.

Faculty, Business

"As an instructor at Anderson college, I would like to share my journey within the supply chain sector with the students and mentor them towards achieving their career paths. I believe in implementing a discussion-based teaching methodology wherein the students get an opportunity to offer their perspective on supply chain concepts."

Vinu Raj brings with him a diversified experience of over 13 years in the industry. His professional background stretches over the entire breadth of procurement and logistics operations within the oil & gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, and public sectors.

Vinu Raj has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. He is also a CIFFA certified instructor ( CCI ) and currently working towards his CSCMP designation from Supply Chain Canada.

Viqar K.

Faculty, Healthcare

“The challenges are real, your goals are real, and we are all here to help you reach your goals in the best possible manner. I will be able to guide you through the course at every step to ease the journey."

Viqar began his educational career soon after graduating from medical school, teaching medical students and doctors preparing for the licensing exams in the US. After moving back to Canada, he pursued education in a wide variety of fields. He obtained diplomas in Clinical Research, in Leadership in Healthcare, Infection Control, in Addiction Studies from McMaster University and a certificate in Adult Education from Seneca College. He’s currently enrolled in the Master of Education (Health Professional) program at the University of Saskatchewan.

After having also applied his extensive knowledge to teaching at various colleges within the Greater Toronto Area, Viqar brings a breadth of experience to his instruction within Anderson’s MOA program that is second to none.

Yalda P.

Faculty, Business

“This educational journey is one of personal and professional growth. As your guide my commitment is unwavering, and together we'll conquer obstacles and celebrate victories. Your determination fuels our adventure; I'm here to ensure you emerge not only educated but empowered, ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of accounting and payroll.”

Yalda is a seasoned accounting and payroll professional with her Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) certification. She has extensive experience as an accountant, is renowned as a communicator of complex concepts and has earned a reputation for clarity, within corporate settings and in the classroom as an instructor. Her meticulous attention to detail defines her accounting approach and has significantly contributed to the fiscal health of organizations she’s worked within.

Yalda also excels in curriculum development, has a dynamic teaching style, and a proven track record as an inspiring instructor. Her dedication to imparting valuable knowledge and fostering success for students as they embark on their accounting and payroll careers, is to be admired.

Yenny C.

Faculty, Healthcare

"Knowledge multiplies when shared. Every step of life is a learning opportunity, and an investment for our future growth. I want to guide my students to be the best and serve and make a positive impact in the community."

Yenny has over 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry. In 2015, she completed her bachelor’s degree in dental surgery in Indian and after relocating to Canada, completed a certificate in healthcare administration and a diploma in dental assisting level 1&2, with honours.

Since working as a primary assistant, Yenny has gained experience in dental procedures including restorations, implants, root canals, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and more. She has continued to enhance her skills through training, is a certified ortho assistant from the University of Toronto and is currently working in a specialty clinic. Yenny brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to students looking to build a thriving future in the field of dentistry.

Yodeet L.

Faculty, Healthcare

“I am here to guide students to be successful and impact their journey in a positive way.”

Yodeet has been in the nursing field for over 10 years and has obtained nursing skills from various settings such as hospitals, private settings, and within the community. Throughout her timing working within the field, she has continued to expand her knowledge base and leadership skills, taking programs such as a Foundations of Clinical Leadership program and a Preceptorship Fundamental course.

Yodeet won the Best Practice Nursing Award in 2023 while working in the hospital setting. She is elated to put her leadership skills to practice while guiding PSW students at Anderson College and fostering a mindset of continuous personal growth as well.

Zani D., BSc., MRT(R), DMS

Faculty, Healthcare

"I'm excited to be part of the Anderson College Ultrasound faculty team and am looking forward to providing my insight and experiences in the upcoming courses I will be involved in."

Zani Dhalla earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto in 1991, her MRT (R) at The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in 1993 and her Ultrasound designation at the Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Sciences in 1994. Zani has worked in both the hospital health care environment as well as managed Independent Health Facilities within the Diagnostic Imaging sector. In 1999, Zani became an Ultrasound faculty member at The Michener Institute for Applied Sciences. 

She was with TMI full-time until 2004 and was actively involved in the Full-Time, Part-Time and Distance education programs.  Zani is currently a Facility Director at an Independent Health Facility, in Richmond Hill, which incorporates all Diagnostic Imaging modalities and is RIS and PACS equipped.  Zani has been affiliated with the CPSO since 1999, as an IHF assessor, conducting assessments at Independent Health Facilities located throughout Ontario.  As of 2016, Zani took on the Lead DI assessor role with the CPSO as well as became an assessor for the Canadian clinical skills assessment testing for Sonography Canada.

Zani is currently the DMS professional member on council at the CMRITO since June 2019.

Zeynab A.

Faculty, Healthcare

“Playing a significant role in building and developing an individual’s educational foundation has always been a dream of mine. It is truly my passion and honour to observe students learn, develop, and apply all the skills I teach them.”

Zeynab is a dynamic and engaging educator with over 15 years’ experience in childhood work and education. Throughout her career she has developed extensive experience in various settings like universities, daycares, and elementary schools. Zeynab is well-versed in industry standards and ensures she is aware of significant changes in the industry. In the classroom, her aim is to deliver a holistic educational experience around both the theoretical and practical branches of childcare to all her students.

Along with professional training in Childcare, Zeynab has also obtained education in the fields of English Literature and Physical Education from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College.

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