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We are “shut”, but not “down”

By May 1, 2020June 17th, 2021No Comments
covid19 stories

I once fantasized of working or studying from home – no need to commute or endure the Canadian elements, no need to dress up or squeeze into uncomfortable shoes, and no need to be tied to a desk all day long. This fantasy became a reality during the global pandemic.

It turned out that working or studying from home was not as great as I had imagined. We now have to work and study so much harder, while accomplishing much less. Home equipment can be insufficient and procedures can be cumbersome; what used to be so easy at the school has become much more challenging, and what could be done so quickly at school has become time-consuming. The most frustrating part is the endless cave-like days and the feeling of being in a long, dark tunnel with no end in sight.

When I took my dog for a walk today, the sky was clear blue and I smelled spring in the gentle breeze. To my surprise, the cherry blossoms in the little park had bloomed. All of a sudden, I realized that spring is here! The virus has wreaked havoc and winter refused to leave, but they could not stop the marching steps of spring, a season full of life and hope. I also just realized that, during the month-long lock-down, I had already seen spring’s footprints everywhere, in nature and in people.

“We may be ‘shut’, but we are not ‘down’. We are physically separated, but we feel more together than ever before.”

Hundreds and thousands of frontline heroes are fighting the war against COVID-19. In comparison, I feel so lucky that my stress and complaints are on a much smaller scale, what do I really have to complain about? Yes, the college was closed temporarily, but our classes continued. We don’t see our teachers face-to-face, but they are available virtually and they are working so much harder to support us. There is no reason to slack off. The Anderson staff, who are committed to their jobs, continue to find ways to work from home. They have even found ways to work more efficiently, while resolving some old issues. A misfortune can truly be a blessing in disguise.

The return of spring brings an easterly breeze which brings the wonderful blossoms. We may be ‘shut’, but we are not ‘down’. We are physically separated, but we feel more together than ever before. The flower of hope has never stopped blossoming, and we will never stop reaching for the light at the end of the pandemic.

Spring has arrived, as it always does, and I trust it will bring you good health and positive energy. Wishing everyone all the best!

Cristina – Logistics and Supply Chain student

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