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Valuable Insights from Anderson’s Early Childcare Assistant Students and Grads

By July 24, 2023No Comments
Early Childcare Assistant

It’s no secret that at Anderson College we are extremely proud of our early childhood education program, the instructors who bring their real-world experience to the classroom and the compassionate, brilliant graduates who go on to influence the lives of hundreds of children and their families. However, no matter what we might think or say, our feelings about our childcare courses can’t convey the heart of it all … but our students can.

We understand as you explore your myriad options for daycare programs, child daycare courses, and daycare courses online, what you really want to know is, “Will I graduate with the knowledge and skills that will shape a rewarding career, in a position that’s in demand and … will I love it?”

Well, we asked our students and graduates to share a story about their personal experience of Anderson’s Early Childcare Assistant program. No one could better inform you of what to expect, what you’ll experience and if this is worthy of your dedication and investment as you look to your future influencing young minds and our leaders of tomorrow.

Let us introduce …

Marivie – mother of two (one of which was just 2-weeks old when she began her program), now working full-time at a childcare centre, where she did her placement. Her account of the fears and challenges she faced upon beginning, her tenacity and reflection on what empowered her on her journey, offers insight into what you can expect and achieve.

From factory worker, to volunteer at a school kitchen, then pouring his love of children into his new career and, in honour of his incredible contributions to his class, valedictorian. Ralph’s story will inspire you, at any age, to pursue your passions and create the joyful life you imagine. Read his story … Ralph, the Gentle Giant with a Big Heart

Lilloutie, shares the details, from start to finish, of her experience in the program – from arriving in Canada and the nervousness she felt during the orientation to meeting the staff and her instructor, her beginning and “falling in love” with her classes and where it all led. Her story is an overview and a glimpse into your future at Anderson College … What’s It Like in The ECA Program? A Graduate Tells You All!

Lata was so inspired to pursue career training at Anderson, she drove 72 km – each way – to and from class. She shares her experience and made us all feel so wonderful when she wrote, “Studying at Anderson had been a lifetime experience and a very beautiful one. I know most colleges do the same job, but let me tell you something, no one does it like Anderson!” Lata was a fabulous student, and her story will move you. Does Distance Matter? …. Read Lata’s Story and Decide!

And when we asked students and graduates to offer feedback and insight into Anderson’s ECA program, here’s what they had to say …

Early Childcare Assistant“I heard great feedback about Anderson College from a friend who encouraged me to enrol in the ECA program. I instantly made friends with my classmates and enjoyed the lessons with Ms. Brigitte. I have never met such a caring and professional teacher before. She made my experience so exciting that I didn’t want my course to end. I still keep in touch with my classmates and my instructor! We survived the COVID challenges while waiting for our practicum to start and Ms. Brigitte was there for us when we had any questions. All the staff at the Eglinton campus was friendly and helpful. They supported me with all the paperwork and helped me to enrol in the course. I had a practicum at one of the best daycares in Toronto and got hired after I graduated. I’m still working at the same centre and there’s a lot of opportunities for my professional growth! Thank you to all the staff for this unforgettable and fun journey. I will recommend this campus to my friends!”

Marina G.

Early Childcare Assistant“I chose to study ECA at Anderson College because it is a reputable college that offers excellent education., and also because I have always been interested to know more about helping children grow. I had great classes and teachers, also all the administration staff were of great help at all times. The class schedule was great to fit my busy schedule as a mom of six children. Moreover, the teacher has been very professional and did an amazing job explaining everything thoroughly.

“Workwise, I was able to land a job at the same daycare I did my placement; I was hired right away. Lastly, I want to thank everybody at the college for facilitating everything to help me achieve this milestone in my journey. I also would like to thank my family, husband, and kids for bearing with me and having my back so I could get where I am now.”

Rawan A. B.

Early Childcare Assistant

“My name is Kriska Arigo and I am an Early Childhood Assistant graduate from Anderson College. As a young adult and a mother, Anderson College helped me achieve my dream of becoming a childcare teacher.

“When I learned that Anderson College offered an ECA program, I jumped at the chance to enter the program. This program helped me figure out what I really wanted and what I needed to start my career. My love for working with children guided me to follow this path, and it was a valuable choice. I enjoyed studying at Anderson College because of my amazing instructor! My instructor still serves as an inspiration for me, because of her obvious determination to teach, and help and also her admirable ability to relate to us. We then shared that same passion with the children in our careers. I also met my wonderful classmates and we are still all good friends. We share our everyday challenges as well as common joys within our career, an ECA sisterhood is what we have.

“I learned a lot from my ECA class and my day-to-day experiences in both the campus classroom and at practicum. From books, videos, fun practical classroom activities and lectures to working in a daycare, the program prepared us for the real job. This program allowed me to learn and then share knowledge through theory and my practical experiences. In the childcare centre, I worked with different groups where I learned about different styles of teaching and working with a variety of diverse children, their families and sometimes challenging circumstances. I also developed new skills throughout my practicum which I applied to daily practice as a hired ECA. For anyone who struggles to find their career path, I would recommend studying at Anderson College because they offer a lot of program choices and can accommodate their specific career needs and goals.”

Kriska A.

Early Childcare Assistant“When I started my journey at Anderson College, I felt the warm acceptance, care, and thoughtfulness of all the staff working at the college. Their greetings and sweet smiles made good vibes for me to study harder and make life easier. I enjoyed being an ECA student. We made new friends, helped each other, completed our tasks, and we shared fun and precious memories. I was eager to study harder and finish my course because of my very jolly, supportive and approachable instructor Ms. Brigitte Lehmann. She is an amazing teacher.

“When I did my practicum at Blue Bell Academy, I did my very best and performed to my highest standards. I’m happy and proud to inform you that, I was not yet done with my practicum when my supervisor offered me a job. A day after I finished my practicum I started to work at the same daycare. It was a fulfilling journey for me despite the many challenges I faced. I can say that nothing can hinder a person who is willing to do everything just to reach her goals and aspirations in life.

“My special thanks to Anderson College for their support.”

Remedios D.

We are absolutely thrilled for, and proud of, our incredible graduates and deeply grateful that they took the time to share their experience with us.

If you’re still exploring whether your interests align with a daycare course, you can take the “Anderson College Early Childhood Educator Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

Empowering students to pursue their dreams and gain a rewarding career is truly our passion at Anderson College and, if you’re reading this and you’ve been moved, we’d love to assist you along your adventure too. Let’s get you started in your Early Childcare Assistant career. Book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team today!

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