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5 Top Skills Required to Succeed in Your Law Enforcement Career

By November 24, 2023No Comments
Law Enforcement

After you ace your police foundation course, whether you choose the route of police officer, or another path in justice work, you are in for a highly rewarding and exciting future. Beyond all you gleaned or your way to receiving your police foundations diploma, there are competencies you need to master to shift from getting a job to thriving in your career. These are the competencies to set your sights on and hone.

5 Top Skills That Will Drive Your Success in a Law Enforcement Career


A Foundation in Superior Communication

It all begins here. The ability to build trust and a rapport with community members, those you’re needing to apprehend and keep calm, witnesses and your colleagues on the job, stems from your ability to communicate effectively. You’ll deal with emotional situations near daily; to be able to de-escalate situations is key to keeping people safe, and delivering the details, facts and complex legal concepts of a situation well, will empower you to stand out in the workplace and in the community at large. You’ll need to master your active and compassionate listening, calm, clear speaking, and effective writing skills.

Physical Stamina and Ethical Courage

Whether you choose to become a security guard, become a police officer in Ontario or choose another path in this field, the demands of the job are physical and can be dangerous. You must have the physical training and stamina to chase and detain suspects and to apply self-defence maneuvers. You also need to demonstrate courage, and not just physically but morally, putting ethics into action in all you do, both with those you apprehend and those you work with. You must be a pillar for what is right and fair for all, and your responses methodical and measured. This allows for you to not only thrive in your career but feel proud professionally and personally about the job you do.

Cultural Consideration and Competency

You will work with people from diverse backgrounds, both as colleagues and community members. It is essential that you are able to sensitively consider, work to understand, show respect and serve them. This requires you to have knowledge of different cultures, customs, and religions, and interact in a non-judgmental way, recognizing and addressing biases and stereotypes. Competency in this area will ensure that justice is served, fairly, for all members of your community.

Critical Thinking and Stellar Problem Solving

You will be required, almost daily, to analyze complex situations quickly, evaluate and take relevant information into account and make decisions swiftly. You must also be able to anticipate potential problems and develop strategies to counter them before they occur. And finally, be able to recognize risks that may arise and take action to mitigate them. Being able to think critically on the fly and creatively problem solve will help you to rise through the ranks and receive the respect of fellow colleagues.

Exceptional Teamwork and Leadership

High-stress work environments require collaboration between team members, a keen eye on the values and goals of the collective and an ability to effectively communicate and support during pressure situations. Sometimes even your life depends on it. To survive and thrive in this field you must be able to work closely and cohesively with others and make decisions with the whole unit in mind. In all this you must have the ability to be a leader for yourself and, if you wish to expand your career, others. To lead others, you must demonstrate superior goal-setting, organizational, planning, and decision-making skills. As someone who would manage and supervise others, you’ll need to hone your ability to inspire, motivate, delegate, and provide feedback that encourages reflection and growth. When you master these, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your career.

After your law enforcement course, you have a host of opportunities before you. While this field is definitely challenging it is infinitely rewarding, as you make a difference every day. In developing these competencies and adding them to your technical knowledge you have the opportunity to not only take your career to new levels, but to enhance the law enforcement system as a whole.

If you’re still considering if this is for you, why not take the “Law Enforcement Career Discovery Quiz”?
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