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Top Reasons Why Law Clerks Are In Demand and Invaluable

By May 30, 2023No Comments
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The ultimate score when it comes to a career, is that the very thing we are passionate about, and train to hone, is also part of a thriving field and our position in demand. Those who graduate from a legal program, specifically a law clerk program, hit the jackpot. Education for a legal assistant, not only offers the skills to ensure a graduate can provide the essential administrative support lawyers require but opens doors of opportunity to play an invaluable role in governments, law offices and corporate legal departments. And to think, whether taking an online law clerk course on in person, you can gain the knowledge and skills, direct from industry experts, and begin contributing to the Canadian legal system, within just one year.

But what makes the future of a law clerk so brilliant, specifically?

Not only do they improve the overall effectiveness of the legal system, but they also provide the necessary tasks to empower lawyers and judges to function efficiently, ultimately ensuring justice is served.

The Top Reasons Why Law Clerks Are In Demand and Invaluable


1. Initial Contact and Support

Often the first point of contact for those seeking legal services, the law clerk clarifies issues, gathers the necessary information relevant to the lawyer and schedules follow up meetings. There is great responsibility and trust given to a law clerk, acting as the ‘face’ of the organization or lawyer. As a law clerk you are also often the liaison between lawyers and judges, and as such hold a prestigious role and must uphold the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism. This element of your job allows lawyers and judges to focus on top-level issues and they could truly not do what they do, well, without you.

2. Adept at Time Management and Communications

As a law clerk you know how to wield time efficiently, organize schedules, ensure goals and deadlines are met and keep the legal system, behind the scenes, running smoothly. Your research skills are stellar, and you can review materials, and draft documents like the professionals you represent. Your ability to gather, organize, present and relay information in a timely manner, and in such a way that makes your boss shine in the areas he/she needs to, means the world to them and improves the way in which they can serve the client.

3. Critical Aid in Decision Making

With a little experience, and understanding of myriad legal situations and cases, you then have the ability to professionally support your superiors. You are able to direct lawyers and judges to relevant information, analyze situations and materials, and advise, to ensure informed decisions are being made. Having a law clerk who has researched and understands the nuances of cases, is highly beneficial to the law professional and to the team.

Now you understand a little more about the crucial role law clerks play, but what is it truly like to pursue this profession? We can talk about how exceptional we think our law clerk course is (we’re a little biased) but who better to relay what the program is really like, than someone who’s experienced it all firsthand? Check out our popular blog, “Study Law Clerk and Be More Than Just a Number – A Graduate’s Perspective”. And if you’re wondering what is truly takes to become a law clerk, here’s Your Comprehensive Guide.

Ready to explore how your talents and interests match this career? Take the “Anderson College Legal Career Training Readiness Quiz”. Or if you’re ready to make that leap and want to get your one-year Law Clerk program off the ground, book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today and let’s get you enrolled in the next class.

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