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Top Practice Settings for Registered Massage Therapist Graduates

By August 16, 2023No Comments
Registered Massage Therapist

Aspiring professionals looking to pursue a massage therapist education have a bright future in Ontario. According to Job Bank Canada there is a “Growing use of complementary and alternative treatments such as massage therapy to manage chronic illnesses, acute pain, and support mental health and a greater overall focus on physical and mental wellness and illness prevention by the general population.” This, in combination with the growing needs of an aging population, will increase demands for services and lead to employment growth.

That’s great news for those looking to attend massage therapy school, particularly at massage therapist colleges focused on preparing students to challenge the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario registration examinations.

As a registered massage therapist (RMT), not only are you able to embrace a rewarding career in healthcare and making a powerful difference in the lives of others, but there are also a variety of job prospects for you to choose from.

Top Practice Settings for Registered Massage Therapists


1. Healthcare Facilities and Clinics

From hospitals and clinics to hospices, patients in these settings can require support for orthopaedic conditions, physical health concerns, relief from pain of treatments, even enhancing quality of life during and after cancer treatments. Working in these setting allows you direct access to those in regular need of care and an ability to apply your knowledge and skills to a variety of conditions to meet individual needs. You may be an employee or hired as a consultant. These types of healthcare environments pose a thriving and growing opportunity.

2. Spas and Franchises

Spas can range from leisurely to medical. Many people now understand the power of relaxation and self-care for stress relief and improving quality of life. A growing population seeks out spas for massage treatments. Although a more leisurely environment, it is often fast-paced and rewarding, and while you may have return clients, you may also experience a steady stream of new clientele. Some will be looking for short-term relaxation and others for long-term health maintenance and care. Medical spas are a quickly growing segment and a place where clients can seek out services that require medical supervision, sometimes with a cosmetic focus. This setting has a more clinical than relaxation atmosphere. Franchises provide a narrower range of services, for a reduced price. They don’t carry the reputation of a larger spa but still provide vital, quality services to clients and are rising in popularity as needs expand.

3. Travelling Spas

From spas on cruise ships to hotels and resorts, this type of environment provides a work opportunity as you explore your adventurous side. Whether you decide to offer your services in an airport to tired travellers or at the destination they fly to, onsite at their hotel or the spas on ships they cruise on, these settings are a thrilling prospect for graduates after their massage training.

4. Sports-Event Franchises

Athletes and performers are ever in need of preventative, rehabilitative, pre-, and post- event massage and care. On the field or in clinics that help treat injury or maintain stamina, these settings empower those focused on keeping their muscles, joints, and bodies in top shape as they tackle their respective jobs. Your job as their massage therapist is to help them reach their health goals.

5. Private Practice – Roaming RMT

Once you’ve got some experience, and perhaps a roster of satisfied clients, it may be your calling to begin your own practice or even take your services on the road. You can hone in on what your speciality is and then take that to the people. From shopping malls to roadsides, your opportunity to branch out on your own is near limitless.

In 88 weeks of massage therapist classes at Anderson College, you could be considering one of these extraordinary career settings. Learning from industry experts and studying via our in-house public clinic gives you the knowledge and skills to make an informed decision on precisely where you will apply your expertise short and long term.

In demand, flexible, with a chance to choose where you live and work, becoming a registered massage therapist may just be your calling. And clients and patients need you! If you’re still exploring whether your interests align with this industry, take the “Anderson College Massage Therapy Career Training Readiness” Quiz.

If you’re ready to begin your Massage Therapy career, book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today and let us help you leap right on in!

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