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Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Paralegal Career

By July 19, 2022No Comments
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You know you’re inspired by the law. You may already have your sights on training to become a paralegal or are enrolled in classes for paralegal, but if you’re fence sitting we’re here with a ‘nudge’ of reasons to stop considering and leap right off and in!

With the increased demand for more economical legal services comes opportunity, and with a powerful paralegal training program, like what we offer at Anderson College, you can go from launch to knowledge, skills and practical, hands-on training and placement completion in less than one year. Yes, that’s right, one year. You can glean from lawyers and licensed paralegal instructors and enter a field that is in demand and desperately needed by communities across Canada.

And if those weren’t reasons enough …

The Top 7 Reason to Pursue a Paralegal Career


#7 Prestige and Profit

Well, who doesn’t love security, and if status comes along with that, then … fannntastic. Behind every great lawyer, is a powerful and passionate paralegal – and everyone in the firm knows it. Your ability to dig in and research, find the determining factors for delivering a compelling case, will be noticed, appreciated, and rewarded. This is a career you can be fundamentally proud of.

#6. Perpetual Demand

There will always be clients in need of counsel, and there will always be work overflowing from the attorneys you assist. You take on key tasks for lawyers and so there is a perpetual downstream of potential work. Studying in a program that enables you to learn from industry experts and completing a practicum within a legal environment, allows you the networking inroads and insights into the compelling opportunities that exist, setting you up for success.

#5. Motivating and Challenging Work

If you love a challenge (as you undoubtedly do if you are considering becoming a paralegal in Ontario), then this career will thrill and motivate you daily. The law is constantly evolving and as you keep pace with changing legislation and new technology for the legal world, there will always be puzzles to solve and skills to master.

#4. Forge Your Own Pathway

There are countless areas of law and work environments you can choose from in this profession. And following your paralegal studies, in Ontario, you can operate your own independent business if that’s where your interests lie. Otherwise, you can contribute within law firms, government agencies, corporate legal departments, or financial institutions; you can choose a fast-paced big law firm or working alongside a small team of dedicated professionals. And although you don’t need to choose a specialty as a paralegal you can hone in on any area of law that motivates you.

#3. A Place for the Lifelong Learner

Paralegals thrive on knowledge and taking their understanding and skills to new levels. As society changes, so too do the laws that uphold our values. Legal perspectives and technology evolve, computer and database upgrades provide more comprehensive support for legal teams and being on pace with these shifts keeps you one step ahead, for your clients. Developments in communication channels and systems, project management tools, software and hardware are focused on elevating our collective game, and a paralegal’s success lies in adaptation and embracing and implementing these new ways.

#2. Your Work Makes a Difference to Others

Paralegals navigate the legal waters for others, and they do it at a price that is affordable. With your skillset and passion for the law you can guide your clients through the litigation process, provide compassionate counsel and help them receive the justice they deserve. Your work is a voice for those in need. And beyond even the day-to-day difference you make to each client that seeks your support, you can contribute further by the type of law you pursue – environmental, providing services for the elderly, or various community projects that contribute to humanity and the planet.

And the

#1 Reason to Pursue a Paralegal Career … Fast-Track Training to Career Launch!

You can begin to explore and live numbers 7 through 2, NOW. There aren’t years of university to attend and LSATs to sit. Within 50 weeks you can gain the technical, theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and training to start living your paralegal career dream. You can learn from professionals in the field and complete a practicum with potential employers. And that is something to get excited about. So, why wait?

Still considering if this is for you? Take the “Anderson College Legal Career Training Quiz”.

If you still have questions, you can click to learn more about our Paralegal program, or book a virtual appointment with an Admission Advisor today. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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