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Top 7 Qualities You Need to Succeed as an Early Childcare Assistant

By May 12, 2023No Comments
Early Childcare Assistant

When a parent drops their little one off at a care centre, we know the incredible trust that is given in that moment and the great responsibility that goes with it. A career spent influencing the young minds of the day is one that requires not only a pure joy felt in being with children but a keen understanding of how to provide that service with care and professionalism.

Although within an early childhood education, taking daycare programs in person or daycare courses online, you learn precisely what you’ll need to become in demand in this field, we thought an overview of what is expected would help you dream a little.

Top 7 Qualities You Need to Succeed as an Early Childcare Assistant (ECA)


1. A Pure Joy for Caring for Little Ones

This perhaps goes without saying, but what child daycare courses can never instill in you, is an innate love of working alongside children as they explore and grow. There are the blissful moments you’ll spend playing and giggling with them, but the challenging moments are the ones you’ll need to be prepared for and gently guide them through. Children of any age, deserve respect, your positive presence, and unwavering care; feeling genuine and pure joy at the thought of being able to work with little ones, is a must.

2. Infinite Patience

There will be days of sunshine and butterflies when everything seems to hum along perfectly on the job. And then there will be days when it seems those kiddos all rolled out of the wrong side of the bed. Those are the days, and unpredictable moments, you must be able to handle with calm, grace, and patience.

3. Superior Communication Skills

To care for children well, you must be able to listen and communicate clearly and make information relatable and understandable to young children. You will spend an amazing amount of time explaining things, to children and their parents, and will often have to record and write reports, your communication skills are essential to making your day-to-day run more smoothly.

4. Responsible and Detailed

Children and parents can count on you to be organized, detail oriented and responsible every step of the way. A daycare course can teach you all the technical elements of what you need to succeed in this career, but these qualities you must come by naturally; they will make all the difference in creating a work environment that is professional, one that parents feel is worthy of that trust mentioned above.

5. Genuinely Accepting

Myriad children, from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs, of all different colours and personalities will walk through your doors. You genuinely welcome each one, openly, with a curiosity to understand and desire to relate to their thoughts, ideas and ways and they pick up on the energy of acceptance that allows them to feel safe and to learn and grow.

6. Dynamic by Nature

You are fascinating to the children; your imagination and creativity can meet them right where they are. You have an easiness about you that allows little ones to open up and enthusiasm to spare. Your dynamic nature draws children out of their shells and away from conflict and back to the joy of being in an environment of play and learning, together.

7. Perpetually In The Know

While your days are filled with fun, there are those moments when you may need to be counted on in crisis. You are keenly aware of safety procedures and can adeptly apply what you learned in your childcare courses on the job. You keep apprised of the latest creative ways to engage, delight and nourish children and provide guidance that ensures the physical and mental health and wellbeing of every child, every day.

Likely, you spent the length of this blog nodding, knowing that these traits are already a part of who you are. If so, you are poised to have a flourishing career in this amazing and rewarding field of care.

If you’re still exploring if this may be a fit, you can take the “Anderson College Early Childhood Educator Career Training Readiness Quiz”.
But if you’re ready to launch your future as an Early Childcare Assistant, book a virtual appointment with our admissions team today. We’d love to help you. Just think, within one year, you could be heading to your new job as an ECA!

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