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Top 6 Reasons to Launch a Career as an Office Administrator

By February 2, 2023No Comments
Office Administrator

If this blog title inspired a click-through, chances are you’ve wanted to learn business management, or are exploring business management college. There are some compelling reasons to stop searching and start pursuing a diploma in business management and a career as an office administrator, 6 of them in fact.

As you look to the future, if you can see yourself in a fast-paced, challenging, dynamic career that has you balancing your ability to be self-driven and an empowering team player, this may be for you. But before you enroll in business management class or consider which business programs in Ontario are for you, you’ll want to know the big picture benefits and why this investment in your education is worth it.

6 Compelling Reasons to Launch Your Office Administrator Career!


1. Perpetually Thrilling

Some people talk about an exciting career, as an office administrator you get to live it. From day to day, your role, responsibilities, interactions, and connections shift. You are a jack (or jill) of many trades, and you juggle various balls successfully and thrive on it. The job of an office admin is not for the faint of heart, but it is designed for those who are adept at the details, are incessantly organized and love that what’s required of them, how they contribute and lead, changes by the minute.

Your list of responsibilities may include:

  • Event and company-meeting planning
  • Presentation preparation for team members
  • Budget management
  • Communication with suppliers, clients, employees, and company leaders
  • Social media management
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Assisting with HR, accounting, and payroll
  • And much more on any given day.

2. Fantastic Flexibility

Growing, successful business leaders and teams recognize, at some crucial point, that they can’t do it all; that’s where you come in. This need spans a variety of industries and business types. And when, where and how you work can often be negotiated as well, spanning from full-time, in-office, to contract and/or remote.

3. Upward Mobility

You may begin as an office administrator, but with the team members and leaders you’re meeting, and the more the company depends on your work, the broader the opportunities and the faster you’ll rise. With some experience you can choose where you’ll apply your skills next, perhaps as a senior executive, office manager or project manager, or perhaps a specialized legal assistant or facilities manager. The sky’s the limit with the right skillset and drive. And to learn about the Qualities of Sought-After Office Admins, you can read our popular blog post on that.

4. Always In-Demand

Just as there are always businesses thriving, there are always teams in need of specialized support. If you’re a quick learner, have a knack for time management and have been trained in a program that allowed you to learn the ins and outs from experts in the field, you will surely have your pick of positions.

5. Competitive Income

Being in demand, makes your skillset worth paying for. It feels fantastic to not only be able to have your pick of industries and match your career goals with a schedule and environment you want, but it’s terrific when you can negotiate a good starting wage and know there’s opportunity to grow quickly. With the right training and ambition, you can have the competitive edge in a rich market.

6. Job Joy

We don’t want to just select a career that pays the bills; we want a position that makes us feel alive, like we’re contributing and having fun doing it. As an office administrator you’re invaluable to your team. The work you do helps others, and the overall organization, succeed and their response is gratitude. This is a recipe for a sense of contentment, satisfaction, (dare we say) downright joy in your job.

If, after reading this, you can’t wait to hear more, then this career is likely a fantastic match for you. If you’re still trying to determine if this position aligns with your interests, you can always take the “Anderson College Office/Small Business Administration Career Discovery Quiz”.

We know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to your investment of time and energy in your education, and we’ve got a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you navigate your way. You can find the 5 Steps to Becoming an In-Demand Office Admin, here or you can take a look at our Office/Small Business Administration program and then book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor. You can even join the next class!

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