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Top 5 Skills to Fuel Your Success as a Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy Technician

As a pharmacy technician plays a vital role in the care of patients and contributes powerfully to pharmacy healthcare teams, a well-rounded, professional skillset is essential to success. Assisting licensed pharmacists as they prepare and dispense medications, ensuring patients receive and know how to take the right medications, as a professional you need key training in a pharmacy technician course.

Beyond the technical knowledge learned in your pharmacy technician classes, you must have the understanding and practical skills to do your job effectively and efficiently. Here is precisely what you need to master to thrive in this exceptional career.

Top 5 Skills to Master and Demonstrate After Your Pharmacy Technician Program


1. Meticulous Attention to Detail

Mistakes in this job can cause harm to those you serve; accuracy is a must for the safety of all. Taking the time to prepare and dispense medications in the correct dosage is essential. The ability to properly advise a patient on how to administer medications is also vital. From medication inventory to patient records, you must be wildly attentive to all elements of drug knowledge and patient care.

2. Exceptional Organization

You need to shine in this area to succeed in this crucial role. From prioritizing and completing tasks, preparing medications and tracking inventory to recording details thoroughly throughout the process, a pharmacy tech needs to set the stage for the healthcare team, and patients, to receive the support they require and deserve.

3. Consistent Dependability

Your team needs to know that they can count on you to do the right thing every time and patients’ need to know you can be trusted with their healthcare, private, information. The expectation of this role is to understand technically what is required and ethically what is expected. You need to demonstrate your ability to honour confidentiality and follow essential protocol. This is how you will build trust and your career.

4. Superior Communication

As a pharmacy technician you will be required to relay essential details to your team and work alongside them in a positive and professional manner. You will also need to communicate precisely, clearly, and compassionately with patients. Often these patients are in a vulnerable state of mind and need, not only your professional expertise about the medications they will be taking, but your empathy, patience and understanding as you guide them.

5. Creative Problem Solving and Adaptability

Not only will you need to address conflicts and concerns as they arise with co-workers, patients, and healthcare community members at times, in this fast-paced environment you’ll also need to come up with creative solutions when issues arise. This, in turn, calls you to adapt to situations, incorporating policies and constantly evolving with laws and regulations as they too shift.

Balancing all you’ve learned in your pharmacy technician course in Ontario, with this particular skillset, not only ensures the safety of patients, as you dispense and educate them on their medications, but adds to their overall wellbeing. Already facing often worrying health concerns, a positive experience with their local pharmacy technician helps to put them at ease as they look to take their healing and health to new levels. Honing these top five skills over time and circumstance will empower you to make a significant difference and bolster your career prospects as you grow in your role in this vital field of healthcare.

If you’re considering how your interests may align with this career, take the “Anderson College Pharmacy Technician Career Discovery Quiz”.

But if you’ve got your sights set on making a difference in this field, and want to pursue your Pharmacy Technician career, learn more about the course here and book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team. We’re here to help you navigate every step along the way to your first, or next, amazing career.

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