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Top 5 Reasons a Pre-Med Program IS the Right Choice

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You’re passionate about medicine. You’ve got your sights set on an enriching career in an industry that could never have enough qualified, compassionate professionals. Now to determine the best path to get you there. You know medical school is the necessity, but what about pre-med and how can you successfully meet the requirements for medical school?

With the shortage of medical schools in Canada, and the rigorous requirements just to be admitted, it’s never too early to begin exploring your preparatory options.

Top 5 Reasons a Pre-Med Program IS the Stellar Choice

… (and Preferably One with Provisional Med School Acceptance!)

1. A Doorway to the Career you Want – ‘pre-med’ is often just a term people use to let others know that they’re focusing their classes and choices in preparation for applying to medical school. Taking pre-med courses, building a foundation of educational experience and engaging in volunteer work, empowers you to enhance your skills and stamina to succeed in med school. If, by chance, you can land in a pre-med program that allows you to meet the requirements for med school within a shorter timeframe, so you can get to serving patients sooner, all the better.

2. Gain Transferable Skills – the pre-med requirements, various courses required for medical school you’ll explore and the schedule you’ll keep will stretch and test you, push you to learn and grow. Your determination, work ethic, time management and tenacity to overcome your fears and adversity, will drive you in your professional life and in your personal life. You’ll be called to become the most extraordinary version of yourself, to understand what you’re capable of, and this leads to you, quite literally, saving lives.

3. Explore Your Interests – a pre-med program empowers you to explore, to dive into various areas and disciplines and opportunities for learning. Embracing a broad range of sciences, and methodologies you can get a feel for what area of medicine you may choose to practice in. And if you choose to enter into a laser-focused pre-med program that empowers you to do this faster than your typical 3+ years in undergrad, and the arduous prep work for acceptance, then this would be a bonus wouldn’t it?

Take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”

4. Skip the Traditional Track – Fast Track – the traditional route sees a student pouring years of their life into an undergrad degree, studying for and taking the MCAT, working to gain letters of reference, somehow finding the means to pay for it all and then, even after all that investment, realizing only 15% of students get accepted. With the shortage of doctors and a dire need to get professionals trained and serving patients, we’ve developed new ways to support our future doctors. Anderson College designed a one-year, three-semester, Pre-Medical program to ensure students have the foundational skills required to succeed in a leading-edge medical school … and then partnered with them.

5. Immediately Qualify for Medical School – and be eligible for a $5000 scholarship! – Anderson recently announced a direct admissions partnership with St. George’s University, Grenada, enabling students enrolled in Anderson’s Pre-Medical program to immediately qualify for St. George’s Medical School.

Here’s What You Can Skip in Applying to Medical School

With this solution, you DON’T need to:

  • Pass the MCAT exam (Medical College Admission Test)
  • Have a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Write a personal essay or gather letters of recommendation

Here’s How It Works

Anderson students must indicate their interest in the pathway program, meet admission requirements for both schools, enroll in Anderson’s Pre-Medical program, maintain a 3.2, or higher, grade point average in their pre-med courses. After successfully completing the three-semester, one-year Pre-Medical program at Anderson College and an interview process, graduates qualify for provisional acceptance to St. George’s University medical school. Admitted students are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship as well as additional financial aid.

There’s never been a better time to consider and explore pre-med requirements and the options that empower you to achieve your med school and career goals faster. Book an appointment with one of our Admissions Advisors today and we’ll walk you through all you need to know and do – with ease!

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