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Top 5 Jobs In-Demand in Canada for 2021

By March 8, 2021October 5th, 2023No Comments
top careers 2021 Canada

2020 was a catalyst for change for many people in Canada. This has been a difficult time for many industries such as retail and hospitality, and the search for a new career has been in many people’s minds.

Whether you have been laid-off, or are simply looking for a new career with more opportunities, here are the most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2021 according to recruitment specialists.

1- Supply Chain & Logistics

Professionals in Supply Chain and Logistics have always been in high demand and it is set to continue! The pandemic had a great impact on our shopping habits and completely changed the way we shop, – from shopping online to buying in bulk and curbside pickups. There has also been an increased demand for certain products such as toilet paper and other essential goods, putting pressure on manufacturers and retailers. According to Randstad, e-commerce sales more than doubled compared to 2019 with a 111% increase.

As a result, jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics are more in demand than ever before, especially in the areas of contactless delivery, online order fulfillment, supply chain maintenance and improvement, warehouse assembly and merchandising.

2- Law Clerk

Administrative careers are seeing an increased demand in 2021, especially jobs related to the legal field like Law Clerks. Randstad also noted that knowledge and experience relevant to the legal sector was one of the most in-demand skills.

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3- Business

The shift to remote work increased the need for qualified staff in Office Administration as well as in other specialized business fields such as human resources, sales, marketing and finance. Graduates from Business Administration and Business Management programs can expect great career opportunities in 2021. Randstad even listed Administrative Assistant as the top job in Canada for 2021. Other jobs in-demand this year are executive assistant, office manager, sales associates and many more!

4- Accounting and Payroll

Accounting and Payroll is another career that can expect a high -demand in 2021. This year has deeply impacted businesses financially and they need qualified staff to manage their costs more than ever. In Randstad’s top 15 jobs for 2021, accounts payable & receivable was ranked as the number 5 job in-demand this year.

5- Healthcare

It will come as no surprise that the demand for healthcare workers, especially Personal Support Worker and Medical Laboratory Technicians, is currently very high. The pandemic has highlighted the shortage of workers and the increasing need for qualified staff. Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, also stated that there is a great need for personal support workers in 2021.

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