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Top 10 Benefits of a Career College Education

By November 25, 2022No Comments
Career College Education

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


We are incredibly fortunate in this country to know such freedom and choice in opinions, options, jobs and careers and the education that fuels our intellect and the dreams we hold most dear. There is literally a fit for anyone seeking higher learning and greater purpose – from universities and public colleges to private colleges in Ontario.

And while there are specific opportunities that lie within each option, our passion at Anderson College, since 1885, is focused on what a private career college environment can uniquely offer students. With thousands of successful Anderson graduates going on to enrich their respective career sectors and communities, we have come to appreciate and understand from our students what is of most benefit to them. From newcomers to Canada needing to work to support their families while attending school, and upgrading their skills gleaned in their home countries, to those seeking new or second careers, we’ve found a formula that genuinely empowers our students.

We’d like to share these insights and highlights with you, and then invite you to see for yourself.

If you’re surveying college courses in Toronto and embarking on your first career, are new to Canada or pursuing a second career in Ontario, this article is for you.

Top 10 Benefits of Attending a Private Career College (PCC)


1. Fast-Track Learning and Career Launch

Our students come to us with a focus set on the future, how they can rapidly improve their career and life, gain employment, and better provide for themselves and their families. At Anderson College, our main priority is to provide a superior education within a length of time that ensures students can launch their dreams quickly and powerfully. Empowering our students is our business and many of our programs can be completed within just one year and almost all within two years.

2. Registered and Accountable

Students want to know that after all their hard work and investment of time and money they will graduate with relevant knowledge and industry-specific skills, have a diploma from a reputable college, and have the competitive edge when it comes to gaining employment.

We understand these priorities and leading-edge PCCs fulfil these desires to the full extent. Anderson College is registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. PCCs are subject to annual audits to ensure they meet requirements and are measured annually on their graduate and employment rates. These results are published for review by potential students. And while there are many PCCs to choose from, selecting one that has a track record for success with graduates becoming employed and student reviews that speak directly to their personal and positive experience, can certainly help you make an informed decision. You can connect to myriad student stories right here.

3. Current Curriculum and Accreditation

Program curriculum is market driven and needs to ensure that students have the best opportunity possible for becoming employed. Industry certifications and accreditations also provide a competitive edge for graduates. Anderson College, particularly, is focused on developing relationships with and setting high standards in accordance with governing bodies. Many of our key programs are accredited and either provide certification or train you specifically so that you are able to confidently sit relevant certification exams.

4. Industry-Expert Instructors

A key benefit to learning within a PCC, is access to professional instructors who are experts in their respective fields, offer relevant insights and training and have their finger on the pulse of current standards, requirements and regulations. Reviewing instructor biographies will help you to understand precisely who you will be learning from.

5. Convenient Class Schedules

We recognize and support those students who need to maintain employment while pursuing an education, those new to Canada, those with families to provide for, those who need to balance school, work and life’s responsibilities. Anderson’s scheduling options, within a compressed day, and classes offered in morning, afternoon, and evening, reflect this.

6. Small Class Size – Community Environment

With a smaller number of class attendees, students are able to receive the instructor and personal support that can greatly enhance success. In addition, many of our students being either new to Canada or in a state of transition in their lives, thrive with compassionate, community support and the friendships formed with classmates and teachers. Anderson College has a reputation for not just being an educational environment but providing a community of support on all levels. We are truly honoured that students would choose Anderson to help them pursue their professional and personal dreams; we want them to have every advantage to succeed.

7. Hands-On Training

Whether training in one of our state-of-the-art labs, working with an instructor and classmates using the latest, industry-relevant technology, working on a capstone project, or attending events that allow students to see professionals in the field wielding their expertise, we know you retain what you’re engaged in. Anderson makes sure you balance theoretical learning with hands-on, practical training.

8. On-the-Job Training

And then there are these incredible relationships we’ve developed over the years with industry leaders, businesses and community organizations that love to have our Anderson College students learn alongside their teams. This allows students the ability to practically apply their training, network in their field and perhaps end up with a job at the end of their placement.

9. Career Services

After placement, after graduation, we recognize that your ability to pursue companies of interest, nail the interview and land the job, depend on the skills you acquire and the support you receive from our Career Services team. And at Anderson College, this career services support isn’t just provided at the end of your program time with us, these services and our team are available to you for as long as you need them – for life!

10. A Team Dedicated to Your Success

From your first inquiry call and visit, helping you align your interests with the right program, determining if you’re eligible for financial assistance, teaching you how to tackle classes, tech and expectations, to helping you land your practicum and find your dream career … we are here for you. From our administration staff and campus directors to our instructors, we are dedicated to your success – ensuring you feel connected, informed, supported, and celebrated every step along the way.

If you’re still exploring your program options, check out our 30+ leading-edge programs or why not take the “Anderson College Career Training Readiness Quiz” and find out the best career fit for you?

If after reading these top 10 benefits you feel career college may be the fast track to your new life, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to learn how you can get your career started today.

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