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This Spring, Rejuvenate & Reconnect with Joy – Anderson Connect

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As spring warms its way into our days of late, perhaps without even realizing it, we find ourselves with a skip in our step and lightness in our hearts. There’s just something about spring that awakens hope, a sense of renewal, and initiates a coming to life after a winter of hankering down. We want to find excuses to get outside, feel the sun on our face, and bask in knowing that summer is right around the corner, and with it, a future of possibility.

This month’s Anderson Connect wants to help you celebrate!

Today’s read is approximately 5 minutes.

Inside this Edition:

  • Thoughts to Ponder
  • A Short Story to Inspire
  • 2 Short Videos to Motivate

Thoughts to Ponder

“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light, and that makes them beautiful.”

– Jim Carrey

Anderson Connect

In your own life, you have chosen to open up, embrace possibility and step into the light, taking your education, career and life into full bloom.

During this season:

  • Take a moment to reflect on the powerful experiences that have brought you here
  • Find a way to reward yourself and do something you love to celebrate your determination and perseverance.

In your unfolding, you are an inspiration to others!

A Short Story – Sharing Our Best Seeds for Success

There once was a farmer who grew the best wheat in his county. In fact, every year he won an award for his prized wheat.

Intrigued by his win year after year, a woman asked the secret to his success.

He was happy to share. “The secret is … sharing my best seeds with my neighbours, so that we all have, and benefit from, thriving crops.”

The woman then asked, “But how can you share your best wheat seed with your neighbours when you’re competing with each other every year?”

“Well actually, my sharing allows me to have wonderful wheat alongside my neighbours,” the famer said. “You see, the wind spreads the pollen from every crop and carries it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior wheat, cross-pollination will degrade all our wheat crops, including mine. If I’m to grow the best wheat, then I must help my neighbours grow the best wheat as well.”

Clearly, not just fantastic advice for growing wheat but creating a thriving life.

The Moral: Wealth and winning in life are truly measured by the number of lives you enrich with hope, respect, compassion, kindness, and love. Help others and you in turn will be richly rewarded.

~ Adapted from an age-old tale. ~

2 Short Videos to Motivate

The Seed / Inspirational Short Film

What Makes the Highest Performing Teams (& People) In the World

Your time to rejuvenate, and reconnect with joy, is here and now. This spring, clear out clutter in house and in mind, focus on what brings you hope and delight. And know that for our team at Anderson College, having you here with us makes it feel like a fabulous spring each and every day.

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