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This Month, Be Bold And Fearless! – Anderson Connect

By June 27, 2022No Comments
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With summer (finally) upon us and change being in the air, this month we call you to embrace these shifts and be daring! Think back to a time when you avoided doing something because it was too ‘risky’. Most of us avoid doing things that seem intimidating or impossible but people who dare to be bold, to challenge their life’s circumstances, ignite something within us. Their ability to put desires into action – much like you did taking the leap to join Anderson College to elevate your career and life for self, loved ones, and your community – inspire us.

This month, in honor of “Dare Day” on June 1st, we’re encouraging you to see what daring next step you can take in your life… and here are some tidbits to help with just that.

Today’s read is approximately 5 minutes.

Inside this Edition:

  • Thoughts to Ponder
  • Pride Month
  • A Short Story to Inspire
  • 2 Short Videos to Motivate

Thoughts to Ponder

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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During this month:
During instances of apprehension, take a moment to consider where this fear is coming from. Give yourself credit for the amazing things you’ve achieved thus far. Take 3 deep breaths, remind yourself of your power and ability and then leap in with new perspective. You’ve got this! And if ever you don’t, we’re here for you – your instructors and admin staff or tap the resources we list below. To your month of taking ‘daring’ to new levels!

Pride Month

“Love is never wrong.”- Melissa Etheridge

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Pride Month reminds us that love is kind, unique and gentle. But most importantly, love is for everyone. It is the cornerstone of our humanity. We hope members of the LGBTQ+ community celebrate Pride month to the fullest and with absolute delight. We at Anderson are proud to commemorate, and champion diversity.

A Short Story – Sharing Our Best Seeds for Success

A porter at the Ernakulam Junction train station in Kerala, India, worked long hours under grueling conditions to support his family.
Despite working double shifts, his income was not enough to support his family. He thought about his 1-year-old daughter. He did not want her to feel the hardships of poverty because of him. More, he wanted to give back to his local community.

He knew he had to be bold, especially since he wanted to give his daughter a better life and contribute to his community. To do both, he would need to pass the state and civil services exams. Passing the exams would not be easy as they were reputed to be difficult. He also had no immediate access to the internet, or tutoring services. Plus, he had to keep working full-time to support his family. It seemed like an impossible feat. But he had to try. Because if he did not, it was guaranteed that nothing would change.

Looking at his smart phone, an idea struck him. He thought “It’ll be hard, but not impossible”.

He began listening to online lectures on his smart phone by using the WIFI provided on the train platform. Day after day, while he lugged heavy bags and suitcases, he would wear his earphones, and repeat lessons under his breath. At night, he would write down what he could remember at home and study.

Soon, he passed the exams.

He now works as an Indian Administrative Service Office (IAS) under the administrative government branch in India.

The Moral: Setting your mind to do something and being resourceful are crucial in progressing further in life. Work with what you have now to achieve what you dream to have in the future.  (Shilpa, UPSC Pathshala).

2 Short Videos to Motive

Never Give Up!

On Self Worth!

Your time to be bold and fearless is here and now. This month, cast aside the worries and doubts you’ve been harbouring, and confront the obstacles in your way with your head held high. And know that Anderson College is thrilled to have bold and daring individuals, like you, as part of our growing family.

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