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The Time is Now! – Help Meet the Demand, Become a Medical Laboratory Technologist

By December 2, 2022No Comments
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We recently had the privilege to have Deepak Anand, MPP of Mississauga-Malton visit our new laboratory at our North York campus, and see firsthand the impact government funding has made for healthcare and the future of international MLT students in Ontario.

A medical laboratory technologist (MLT) is vital to our healthcare system and the massive shortages we are facing in Ontario threaten the well-being of thousands of patients and affects all Canadians.

With 70% of all medical decisions relying on lab results, an increase in testing demand since Covid-19, and a projection of 42% of current MLT professionals looking to retire, there is an unprecedented opportunity for those looking to train at medical laboratory technologist schools.

Why Do MLTs Matter?

70% of medical decisions rely on laboratory results. Medical laboratories impact all aspects of patient care, from emergency rooms to family medicine to mental health. Every sample—COVID-19 swabs taken in pharmacies, blood drawn in doctor’s offices, tumors extracted during surgery—is processed and analyzed by an MLT.

Why Is There a Massive Shortage?

CBC reported on the shortage back on April 2, 2020, recognizing that “Laboratory logjams that were already the norm have been exacerbated by the pandemic along with a pipeline problem, with more leaving the profession than joining.” The Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO) also reported that, “70% of labs entered COVID-19 short-staffed”. These shortages cause delays in turnaround time, lengthened hospital stays, and can negatively impact patient health.

“The main issue right now is that MLTs are overworked and they’re stressed,” says Michelle Hoad, Chief Executive Officer of The Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO). “Ontario urgently needs medical laboratory technologists, with a current shortfall between 466 open MLT positions and just 291 new applicants to fill them.”

What is Anderson Doing About It?

Announced Nov 11, 2021, Anderson College’s new Medical Laboratory Technology program, licensed from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), aims to be a part of the solution to the current and projected challenges.

“As the industry is facing shortages in all areas, Anderson’s MLT program is arriving at a pivotal time for Canadian medical laboratories,” said Christine Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Sciences (CSMLS). “Our nation’s ability to respond to this and future pandemics is contingent on having a sufficient supply of qualified medical laboratory professionals. We applaud Anderson College for … contributing to the future of the medical laboratory profession.”

What Does This Mean For You?

This unprecedented shortage means an extraordinary opportunity for students looking to take their careers to new levels and enter the healthcare industry.

Anderson College currently offers a Medical Laboratory Assistant Technician (MLAT) program that delivers hundreds of qualified graduates to serve in healthcare. This new Medical Laboratory Technologist program added to its diploma roster, provides yet another opportunity for you to train with industry experts, serve your community in need and build a rewarding career.

Anderson’s new MLT program is based on the national competency profile issued by CSMLS. Our medical technologist program is two years, full time and fast paced. It’s designed to train students to become skilled in applying the scientific, technical, and medical principles needed to perform and evaluate laboratory testing in a healthcare setting and prepare them for challenging the national CSMLS certification exams. Graduates who complete our medical technologist courses will be ready for entry-level positions in clinical laboratories, research labs or scientific supply companies.

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What Now?

If you’re passionate about being part of the solution to the shortage in healthcare, are looking for a chance to apply your technical skills and contribute to saving lives, then the only step left for you to take is to find out how you can get started.

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