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The spirit of the holiday season is in the air – Anderson Connect

By December 9, 2022No Comments
Anderson Connect

The spirit of the holiday season is in the air. No matter what traditions you celebrate, the magic, twinkle, anticipation of a much-deserved break making memories with family and friends, and bringing in a new year, are dazzling us daily.
Many of us are spilling over with joy, but there are others moving through our days who may be, especially during this season, in need of a little extra love and to know they are not alone.

As our Anderson College students you have conquered amazing obstacles, sacrificed and overcome much, and daily, courageously, strive to build a better future for yourself and your families. At this time of year and always, we celebrate YOU and are deeply grateful to be a part of your journey. And if you need a lift to your spirit, take time for you, celebrate your accomplishments, find ways to rest and rejuvenate. If you have spirit to spare, we encourage you to explore creative ways to share it with others.

This month’s Connect offers you inspiration on how to do both. We hope you enjoy.

Today’s read is approximately 3 minutes.

Inside this Edition:

  • A Thought to Ponder
  • A Short Story to Inspire
  • 2 Short Videos to Motivate

A Thought to Ponder

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”- Dalai Lama

Take moments during December to consider compassion, for yourself, for those you love, for those you pass by during your day.

For self – consider what you need to feel, truly, rejuvenated for the year ahead. Make a list of ways you can practice self care over the season, from a cup of tea by candlelight, a long bath with a good read, to wintery walks, sipping hot chocolate or playing games with those you love.

For others – see where the sparkle is dimmed in another. Take a moment to compliment, hold a door, send a note of appreciation, plan an outing with a friend in need, book a date with your spouse or child for a soulful walk, or a playful skate.

The magic happens in the simple, conscious, loving moments.
We wish you a season filled with them.

A Short Story to Inspire

True Wealth – A Trip to the Countryside Anonymous

A wealthy man wanted to help his young boy understand the difference between being rich and being poor. So, one day he took his son to the countryside where the less fortunate lived and stayed there for a few days. The goal was to show his son what a poor family has to go through to survive.

As soon as they arrived, the boy immediately felt the difference, but he had no problem interacting with the locals. He played with the children and made new friends. He talked with the old lady who gave him snacks. He walked around town and had a great time without spending a cent.

Before long, it was time to pack up and head back to the city where they lived. On the journey home, the father asked his son if he now understood the difference between being rich and being poor.

The child thought about everything he had experienced. In the country, he ran free across fields without care; at home, he had to stay in his backyard. In the city, they bought food everyday, but the farmers he met grew their own and ate right out of the garden. In the city the stars can barely be seen, but in the country, they light up the night. But most amazing, was how everyone in the community took care of each other. He thought of how much more time they had for play and the happiness that seemed a part of their daily lives.

“So, do you see now how poor people have to live son? Would you like to be rich like we are, or poor like those people we met?”

To his surprise, his son shook his head and said, “No dad, I want to be rich like them.”

Moral of the Story: Happiness is not about material wealth. It’s about the experiences you share with others. Being grateful for your small blessings makes you rich indeed.

2 Short Videos to Motivate

When Nobody’s Watching

What Would Christmas Be Without Love


We’re wishing you the warmth and joy of the season, experienced and shared with others. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. ~ Your Anderson Family

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