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The Smart First Step to Launch Your IT Career – Become a Help Desk Tech

By October 17, 2023No Comments
IT Career

No matter your soaring ambitions in IT, whether you’re exploring information technology colleges or have your diploma in information technology in hand, testing the waters and gathering vital skills as a help desk technician, is a savvy move.

From practically applying all you gleaned from your information technology technician course, getting to know the day-to-day tasks on the job and making your mistakes and learning from them in a lower-pressure environment, to proving yourself to leadership and building contacts, this help desk role can be leveraged for greater things.

What is a Help Desk Technician and the Role You’ll Play?

You’re the go-to for users and customers and provide support as an IT specialist. You troubleshoot software and hardware issues. You receive technical support tickets, emails or phone calls and then contact the user to listen to their concerns, diagnose and take them through the steps to solve the problem. You apply your savvy in the areas of patience, trial and error, creative problem solving and learn how the system and business works and how to effectively flow within it, as you support team members and clients.

Powerful Benefits of Beginning Your IT Career Here – as a Help Desk Technician


  • Apply Hard Tech Skills and Hone Soft Skills – Undoubtedly, after taking an information technology course, led by experts in the industry, and getting some hands-on training under your belt, you have the tech skills to support this role. But in being the IT support specialist and the person others count on to get their systems back up and running, you’ll need to embrace and hone your soft skills – patience, communication, presentation, negotiation, interpersonal skills with clients and team members, and so much more. While your IT insights are invaluable, these additional, emotionally intelligent skills will make you viable for a variety of positions long term.
  • Master Customer Care – Any business survives and thrives on its ability to have key, effective and intuitive people to connect with those who use and purchase its products and services. No matter what organization you ultimately land within, knowing how to listen to, support and provide solutions for those who are frustrated and needing consideration and care, will go a long way to opening doors in your future. And knowing how to work effectively and proactively with team members to further support those customers, is an added bonus as well.
  • Determine Your Niche – Working as a help desk technician exposes you to myriad roles within the IT department and within the company. When you see how the system operates and how IT specialists support and drive development, you’ll be in a better, more-informed, position to understand where you want to take your career in the months and years ahead.
  • Embrace Professional Growth – This is your time to gather all the information, ideas, connections you can and take all you’ve learned and all you want to learn out for a full spin. This time can be used to be curious, ask questions, apply your ideas, build your reputation and dream of where it all can lead to next.
  • Network Opportunity to Advance – In this help desk technician position, you are building relationships with all levels of the team. As you provide quality support, you will create a reputation as a professional who can be counted on, and with the contacts you make on the job, you never know what opportunities may evolve from this experience. Network, connect, open doors, and then walk through those that spark your interest.

So, Where Can Your IT Career Lead?

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There is simply no limit to where an IT career can empower you to soar to in the future, but the help desk is an extraordinary place to launch from.

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Or, if you’re ready to take the first step toward your Information Technology career, we’re here to help you navigate your options, the details on where to start, even the funding options you may be eligible for. So, reach out and book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team. We’d love to be your help-desk connection, so-to-speak, for this amazing training adventure at Anderson College.

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