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The Future of Business Management and Your Dynamic Role In It!

By November 25, 2021April 22nd, 2022No Comments
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Do you think about leading teams, inspiring people with your ideas, encouraging them to have their own, to work efficiently and then rewarding them for a job well done? Then you are management in the making. But managing and leading, in the modern era, post-COVID looks very different than in years past. And to succeed in your motivating role with others, you will need to know the advancements, how to manage them and how to leverage them to everyone’s advantage.

There are fundamental elements of management that are shifting, and you should know about them.

  • Organizational Design Shift – businesses look very different this year than they did last, and certainly the year before. COVID has taught us nothing if not to be flexible. Overnight, how we work and where we work changed drastically, and leaders and managers have had to adapt. Leaders have to trust, and to encourage everyone in their organization to self-monitor, to self-manage. We’ve all had to learn how to work from home, balance personal responsibilities and home-life with work duties and deadlines. We’d had to cultivate the ‘leader within’ and this has shifted the role of manager from taskmaster to motivator and mentor.
  • Technological Shift – Zoom used to be how we may have described an epic ski down a mountain, now it’s how we connect with our team, check-in, set goals and build relationships with clients. ‘Tech savvy’ is not only a term we’ve had to embrace but a reality we’ve had to embrace. Virtual meetings were a leap in understanding and stretched us out of our comfort zone; now we kind of like not having to commute that 40 mins, and productivity, in some ways, has exponentially increased – if we love what we do and feel motivated. This is where the shift in management style has had to come in, and adaptation has been a must.
  • Mindset Shift – We’ve never been more keenly aware of our health – our own health and the health of our loved ones – and the value of our relationships. This has put our ‘work’ in its place and while we love our jobs, we are keenly aware of our priorities. Managers have had to adapt and not just say they care but show that they do. Employees are focused on work-life balance, managers are focused on ensuring that balance includes productivity. Work is no longer about punching a clock but delivering quality results. Leaders have had to create contingency and work plans to ensure the health of customers, clients, patients, and this has brought operating from a place of integrity and open communication to the forefront. For those authentic leaders and managers, it has been a welcome opportunity to find new ways to serve both employees and end-users. And in the months and years ahead, in the wake of COVID, innovation and adaptability will be keys to thriving in an ever-evolving world.
  • Investment Shift – the focus for leaders now is on innovation, encouraging creativity in their employees, listening to those experiencing life and work unfolding on the ‘frontlines’ and allowing for collaboration in finding solutions. Managers can no longer monitor, they must guide, coach, empower, and celebrate to keep the connection and team-vibe flowing in the virtual workplace. People are prioritizing – from consumers to creators and workers, and to make the top of the list, managers and leaders must inspire buy-in to the vision, to the future. Above all, after this year, we know we want to give our energy to worthy efforts, we want to be a part of something worth working and living for. And we want to work for dynamic, innovative managers – the leaders of the future.

Knowing the shifts in the climate of management, do you feel drawn to be part of the future of leadership – adapting, innovating, igniting a future that is less about task and more about people, and will inevitability lead to a productivity yet imagined?

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