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The Essential Role and Daily Duties of a Pharmacy Assistant

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Pharmacy Assistant

A pharmacy assistant is a vital member of a healthcare team. This detail-driven professional provides key support in a pharmacy environment, from preparing and distributing prescribed medications, entering orders and filling prescriptions, to ensuring the pharmacist has verified and approved the prescription before giving the medication to the patient.

As you look to your future and explore whether pharmacy assistant school/pharmacy assistant programs may be for you as you launch your first or next career, understanding the details can empower you in your decision making.

The Pharmacy Assistant’s Role

Also known as a pharmacy aide of pharmacy technician, a pharmacy assistant works under the guidance and supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Assisting in the day-to-day organization and administrative responsibilities of the pharmacy, and assisting in the dispensing of medications, pharmacy assistants perform a variety of vital tasks.

The Top Daily Duties of a Pharmacy Assistant


1. Connect and Gather Information

Communicate with patients to gather medical information and prescription details and enter the specifics into the pharmacy’s computer system.

2. Process Prescriptions

Receive orders from customers and other healthcare professionals and then count, measure and package medications accurately, including preparing labels for medication containers.

3. Monitor and Maintain Inventory

Review medications and supplies regularly and place orders to replenish as required. This includes the checking of expiration dates and disposing of expired stock and ensuring all stock is properly stored and secured.

4. Compound Medication Assistance

You may be required to assist with compounding medications – the process of preparing customized formulas required for specific prescriptions.

5. Use of Pharmacy Tech

Within your pharmacy training courses you will be educated on how to utilize pharmacy software systems and technology for the tasks you perform each day, from managing inventory and processing prescriptions to maintaining patient records.

6. Customer and Patient Service and Support

Respond to customer needs, answering questions, educating patients on the proper usage and precautions when using their prescription medication, and assisting, at all times, in a positive, supportive, and professional manner.

7. Handling Cash and Transactions

Processing payments for medications and various other products sold within the pharmacy.

8. Administrative Tasks

Throughout your day you will need to be organized, detail oriented and meticulous with maintaining a safe, clean, and efficient workspace. You will manage paperwork, maintain patient records, organize documents, and keep accurate files and even file insurance claims as required.

9. Industry Regulation Adherence

In your pharmacy assistant classes you will become keenly acquainted with the ethical standards, regulations and privacy standards required within the pharmacy industry. It is your responsibility to understand and comply in all aspects of your job.

As we know there is a great need in our country for healthcare support and patients so often rely on medications to help with their pain relief, healing, and health maintenance. Pharmacy assistants are the critical support behind the scenes, those who ensure efficiency, who support the pharmacist as they deliver service accurately, and those who compassionately educate patients and safeguard their privacy in the healthcare process.

Are you looking for a pharmacy assistant course in Ontario that blends theoretical learning with hands-on lab experience and has a track record for ensuring graduates are confident, in demand, and supported in community every step along the way? Then do we have a program for you.

If you’re still determining if your passion and interests align with this career, take the “Pharmacy Assistant Discovery Quiz”. But if you’re ready to make a difference in this healthcare field, ready to start your pharmacy assistant career, book a virtual appointment with our admissions team. We’re here to help you navigate all the details and get you on your way to making a difference in your community.

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