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The Essential Art of Storytelling to Flourish in Film and Video Production

By August 29, 2023August 30th, 2023No Comments
Film and Video Production

It is no secret that we are drawn to the wondrous weaving of a tale and the characters within who captivate and enrich our lives. The study of filmmaking must recognize this proven power of storytelling and empower graduates to wield it with reverence and pizazz if they hope to thrive in this creative and stirring industry.

Whether you’re driving recognition for a product or service, relaying the purpose and vision of a brand, or working to ignite change in the world with irrefutable truth or fiction depiction, a compelling narrative drives impact. Period.

What is Storytelling in Relation to Film and Video Production?

Storytelling is what engages, ignites, drives to action, the audience you long to connect with and motivate.
The films we adore may inspire us to walk through the metaphorical theatre door with the actors or ideas, but it’s the brilliant storytelling that makes us want to remain, and then tell all our friends about it.

Video storytelling is a marketing tool for use with a brand, company or product that guides us through a relatable narrative, brings to the fore our pain or hope and stirs us into action as the solution is revealed. Ideally, rather than people feeling ‘pitched’, they feel pulled into what’s happening.

The story sets the stage, and the lights, music, characters, camera, action then can hit it all home.

Why is Storytelling So Essential?

No one likes to be sold, but we love to be entertained and moved. Your leading-edge film production programs and video production classes will reveal, in depth, the wizard behind the curtain and what he/she does to brings the magic, but why is it so important?

  • Audience Connection – above all, a compelling story allows you to reach right through the camera or smartphone and touch a person’s mind and/or heart. Deeper and more meaningful relationships lead to trust and loyalty to your idea, your brand, your solution, your service.
  • Audience Engagement and Action – When ideas are presented in story form, information is more understandable and relatable. This engages your viewers and, if it is dynamic enough and intelligently targeted, it will inspire them to take the action you’re requesting.
  • Brand Recognition and Boosting – Colleges for film production will ensure that when you learn video production, you gain the knowledge and skills to leverage storytelling to empower businesses to build and boost their brand. With that relatable content, that makes a connection and impression and drives them to act, builds loyalty and trust, ultimately allows you to differentiate a company’s brand and offerings in the market.

What are the Elements for Effective Storytelling?

  • Know Thy Audience – You must know who you’re trying to engage to engage them. Who are you trying to reach and what will compel them to listen?
  • Convey Purpose – You need to know what you’re trying to offer and do with your story. Why is this information, story, important and what action do you want them to take?
  • Devise a Powerful Plot – You need to intimately know the story you’re trying to tell and select a structure that will engage those who watch. What is the flow, from introduction and pain/problem/conflict/complication to solution/resolution and how they can achieve the same?
  • Select Key People and Place – Who will help you tell the story? Who will the audience relate to? Where is the best place and environment to convey the messages you’re relaying?
  • Right Format and Distribution Method – Differing video formats, from testimonials and case studies to explainer videos, all serve different purposes. Where you share, from website and YouTube to social media outlets, will attract various audiences. Choose strategically.
  • Measure Success – It is essential to use analytics to track the performance of your piece and adjust and adapt as needed to drive evolving success.

As you look to learn video production and filmmaking, you’ll want to select a program with a track record for quality, comprehensive courses taught by industry experts. Anderson College’s Film and Video Production – Storytelling for the Digital Age offers this, as well as a keen focus on empowering students to cultivate their own unique storytelling skills.

Whether you’re focused on becoming a writer, photographer, graphic designer, video director, events producer, or communications specialist, there is no limit to where you can take your career once you master the art of storytelling and the technology and specialized equipment to powerfully communicate in the digital age.

If you’re still determining how you can match your interests with career opportunities, take our “Film and Video Production Career Discovery Quiz”. If you’re set to start your Film and Video Production career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to join the next class!

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