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Ten Study Tips to Achieve Academic Success!

By June 7, 2021January 12th, 2024No Comments
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You’ve invested in your future, now you want to make every penny count toward your academic success. And you know that success in school means a solid foundation for achieving your career goals and creating the life you dream of. Effective study habits will help you improve your grades and take your life to new levels. Good study habits can increase confidence, reduce anxiety about tests and exams, and help in absorbing and retaining knowledge.

Here we examine ten study-habit tips proven to help students succeed at school and in life:

1) Designate a Study Space

Where you study matters more than you think, as having a designated study space can help avoid distractions while also acting as a reminder to the brain that it’s time to learn. Whether you prefer studying in quiet or with background noise, the space you choose for studying should allow you to focus for long periods of time.

2) Study with Friends

Study groups can be a great way to review materials and help each other stay on track with study goals and homework milestones. Pick a few studious friends who want the benefit of group work and schedule study time together every few days.

3) Space it Out

Study research shows that spacing out study sessions is more effective than cramming for a big test. Though studying the day before a test is important, so is being sure to space out study sessions and learn bits and pieces of the material in advance of the test. In order to spread out your studying, be sure to create a study schedule and list of tasks to complete on a daily basis.

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4) Test Yourself

Also known as retrieval practice, testing yourself on material at home with family members or friends is a great way to increase retention. Understanding and remembering information improves if you can explain it to someone else. If you don’t have anyone to help you with this practice, try using flash cards to test yourself.

5) Play Teacher

Pretend to be the teacher and explain the material in your own words, whether in a study group, with family and friends or on your own. Reciting the material out loud also allows you to pinpoint problem areas or material that is still confusing to you.

6) Tidy Space

Focusing on one task at a time, in an uncluttered environment, will allow your brain to process information more effectively, according to neuroscience researchers. When focusing on one subject, place only the items you need to complete that task on your desk. Having things neat and tidy has a calming effect on the mind that will allow you to focus on the singular task at hand.

7) Exercise the Body to Feed the Mind

Studies show that the brain is better able to function with regular physical activities. Exercise boosts cognitive function and memory retention. The more oxygen the brain gets, the better able it is to perform during exams.

8) Take Breaks

Studies show that taking regular study breaks improves attentiveness, reduces stress, boosts productivity, and helps memory. Keep the breaks short and consistent and head back to the books right after the break has come to an end.

9) Plan Ahead

Immediately after class is over, take the time to review and expand on your notes. Taking the time to reflect on the information will move the class material from your short-term memory to your long-term memory – which will help when it comes time to study for the big test.

10) Use Visual Aids

Visual aids can be powerful tools in understanding and retaining information. Condensing your notes into one-page diagrams can help you recall important details that you need to know for the exam.

Cultivating good study habits by tapping these tips will empower you to reach your goals with focus and ease. Try them over the weeks ahead and notice the difference they make, to your confidence, peace of mind and in your marks on the next exam. By developing good study habits, you can stay motivated and achieve your goals – in and out of the classroom.

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