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Tackling Common Adult-Learning Fears & Finding Success!

By February 14, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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Gone are the days of imagining a ‘student’ and conjuring a picture of a 20-something. With 60 being the new 50, 50 the new 40, and thousands of people embarking on new dreams in later years, we are simply never, ever, too old to have a second career and live the life we imagine.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel a surge of panic at having to head back into the classroom, virtual or otherwise, or a genuine wonder at how you will juggle all the adult responsibilities of life with study. And hey, as we get older, we simply don’t have the stamina to chug pots of coffee and pull all-nighters as in crazy years past. (This is a good thing!)

But … with age comes wisdom and what we do, we do smarter. We’re more methodical; we’re not afraid to ask for help; we’re clear about putting in the effort and feeling the full surge and wonder of gratitude when we achieve a long-held dream.

You’ve got this. And you’re not alone. Thousands and thousands have stood right where you are and not only lived to tell the tale but share their success stories.

So, let’s look the dragon right in the eye, and then tame that beast and get soaring, shall we?

Fears We Will Need to Counter with a Plan to Succeed


Technology is Just Too Much for Me

  • Tech in the last 20 years has indeed shifted, but private colleges in Ontario recognize this. With hundreds of students, of all ages and abilities attending, they account for a learning curve. Remember – if you choose the ‘right college’, they will happily support you as you choose your second career program and all that you will need to engage and learn.
  • Do a Google search for ‘college near me’. Next, read the reviews for college courses, Toronto and Ontario, second career schools and look for those whose graduates say they were a part of a supportive environment, a caring community. You’ll find the right fit!

I’m Not a Good Juggler

  • Nobody is. And anyone who tells you that juggling family, jobs and responsibilities, and embarking on any kind of lofty goal is easy, isn’t giving you the full picture. It is difficult to step outside your comfort zone and stretch. But oh, how worth it it is!
    “I’m so sorry that I put in the work and took on a goal to pursue what I love in life,” said No One Ever!
    Anything amazing is worth working for.
  • Look to your family and friends, talk to them about your goals and the kind of help you’ll need and then simply ask for their support. You’ll be amazed at how invested your loved ones will become in your dreams.

I Won’t Fit In

  • You most certainly will! Honestly, there are many seeking out opportunities for a second career in Ontario and, like you, they wonder if they’ll fit in. With a surge in colleges for international students, students of many backgrounds, ages and stages of life, the norm now is that there is no ‘norm’.
  • Talk to the college Admissions Advisor about your concerns and ask what their environment is like. And then, when you take that leap and arrive on your first day, look around you and find someone who needs you to make them feel like they ‘fit in’. There will be one, or many, and suddenly you’ll have started building your new community of connection.

But I May Not Get a Job at My Age

  • Private colleges are distinctly designed to get you educated quickly, courses are taught by industry-experts and many programs come with hands-on experience and/or a practicum. With a diploma and improved qualifications, alongside your life experience and ability to wisely position and present yourself, you are a gem in today’s marketplace.
  • Remember that passion wills out. Imagine yourself accepting your diploma, what it will mean to your family, to your life in the long run and then take a deep breath and leap. Your drive comes from your desire to create more for your life and as you head out into your new career that kind of enthusiasm is keenly desired by employers. You’ve got this!

I Don’t Know If I Can Afford It

  • This is often at the top of the list of concerns for students of any age. Private colleges recognize this and have a whole team dedicated to ensuring you get the resources and support you need to apply for the financial aid that is right for you. But in this, it is also important to consider the struggles you face financially now, and how that might change with practical training and a pathway to a rewarding career.
  • When you contact your potential school, simply talk to them about their policy and support when it comes to options for financial aid. You’ll know what’s right for you when the time comes, but it is definitely worth exploring what the future can hold for you and those you love.

If you’ve read to here, then you are on your way to taking the next step toward the life you know you deserve, and all the extraordinary places it can lead next.

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