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Student Fighting COVID-19 – Jiecel’s Story

By May 14, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments
jiecel covid19 stories

Everything has changed – our priorities, our routines, and the way we live. While COVID-19 has separated us physically, we are more determined to stay connected with you. Whether you are combatting COVID-19 at the front line or from home.

Jiecel T. is an Intra Oral Dental Assistant student at the Eglinton campus. Here is her story:

What do you like most about your virtual classes?

I applaud Anderson College and the management for making virtual classes possible. It has given me the convenience to attend the lectures in the comfort of my own home. It has also allowed me the opportunity to work on my own and do more research, as well as the ability to catch up on my studies.

What is your best study tip for online learning?

I have noticed that I tend to leave study to the last minute and I am therefore not maximising my time.
I find that, through effective time management, I have time to both study and relax. Yoga has also helped me to reach my potential. Being prepared by charging my devices the night before my classes is crucial too!

What is the biggest challenge with online learning?

The biggest challenge for me is not being used to having classes online, so sometimes I am distracted easily. I’m sure this is the same for other students as well as people working from home. It takes time to get used to and self-discipline to make it work. I am often tempted to be doing other things during classes while I am online, or I find myself falling asleep while studying from bed. I find it is best to go to the kitchen table or living room to make sure I am mentally prepared for my lectures.

Share your favourite moment from your virtual classes

At these times of uncertainty, anxiety and depression creeps in easily, which is something I have been experiencing these past weeks. I am grateful for my class, as we share funny moments and make sure to check on each other. I would like to thank my Instructor in particular. She is attentive, she always has our best interests in mind and makes the classes enjoyable.

Share a message you would like to pass on to our frontline workers

To the frontline workers, grocery employees, cleaning staff and caregivers, garbage collectors, medical professionals, police officers, government leaders and bankers (and others I know); you are fighting every day to help us and those who are vulnerable. Thank you for your efforts and selflessness. I pray for this pandemic to end soon! I am grateful for the sacrifices you have made. I know it is best to follow public health measures and that is what everyone is doing to support you guys. We have got your backs!

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