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Student-Centred Focus Recognized as London Campus Wins Consumer Choice Award

By February 8, 2023No Comments
Consumer Choice Award

While the London Campus has a long history of consciously creating systems and communications that drive home the Anderson College intention to be student centred, their efforts are now being celebrated publicly. On January 11th, it received the Consumer Choice Award, for “Best School – Career and Business” for the London & Greater Region.

We had an opportunity to hear directly from Anderson College’s winning London Campus Director, Gerry Slattery, on his reaction to the Award.

“Our college, our business, is focused on our students, current customers and community partners, and of course we don’t base what we do on receiving a prize, but it is certainly nice to be recognized by the community, particularly when your consumers are the ones giving the feedback,” said Gerry. “The feedback from those we serve is crucial, to recognize that we’re focused on the right things. We certainly understand and appreciate how significant this award is, not just locally but provincially. Our ground-level customer service is so important to us, so it’s a real honour to receive this.”

We asked Gerry about the Consumer Choice Award ceremony their team was invited to attend, and he was able to share the details with us.

“It was fantastic to receive the call from The Consumer Choice Award agency. They let us know that we’d been chosen as “number one” in our Career College sector and invited us to a celebration event that would be attended by other business leaders in the community as well. The event was held at a local restaurant and Nicole, our admissions director, and I attended. It was a spectacular time, with wonderful food and refreshments. We were given the award; pictures were taken, and we got to rub shoulders with some of the most respected leaders in the city of London and the Southwest region as well.”

Gerry shared with us that they have commemorated this achievement on campus by putting a plaque in the reception area and are planning a celebration of their own.

“Some of our students are on campus and some are online, so the staff plans to put out the word that we’re having a pizza party and we’ll offer free coffee in the weeks ahead. We just want to create the opportunity to connect with, and high five, everybody for doing such a great job. As a team, we are keenly aware that our students, in publicly sharing the difference our student focus makes for them, are the very reason we’re in a position to celebrate. We’re thrilled to be able to connect with and thank them for their enthusiastic support.”

Consumer Choice Award

We asked Gerry if he had anything else to add, and he shared this.

“Yes, just that it’s truly rewarding to be recognized by a third-party agency, meaning, that we didn’t solicit this recognition. I love that the Consumer Choice Award team is out in the community talking to our students, our customers, and our graduates, gathering their direct feedback, and then comparing that feedback to others in the industry. Coming out number one, really means something when it’s garnered this way. It allows us as a team, as Anderson College, to pause and realize what we do everyday matters and, while we’re constantly looking to improve, we know we’re on the right track and need to keep doing what we’re doing for our students. That’s really kind of cool; I’m super proud of our team and grateful for our students and the work we get to do, together.”

Our senior team members were also feeling infinitely proud and wanted to share their thoughts as well.

“We are so excited that Anderson College has been recognized for this prestigious award. It’s a direct result of the amazing efforts of our London Campus team and our goal to continue to help change the lives of our students and provide the best educational experience possible. In addition, we could not have achieved this level of success without the trust of all of our students and graduates, in allowing us to help them bridge into their new careers.”
~ Rodney D’Souza,
Regional VP of Operations Anderson Southwest ON & BC

“Being awarded London & Greater Region’s BEST School by the Consumer Choice Award is an honour and could not have been achieved without our dedicated team, as well as the warm feedback we received from our students and graduates. This award motivates us to continue in our efforts to help students build their careers and become skillful, confident and in-demand employees.”
~ Rose Elia,
Chief Operating Officer


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