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Lunch is Served

Did you know that the best promotion is word-of-mouth? Refer a student and if it leads to them attending Anderson College, you will receive $500*!  We appreciate you going above and beyond, for all that you do for the Anderson Community. Each time a candidate referred by you completes their first appointment, ‘lunch is served’  in the safety and comfort of your home!

Spread the Word Referral Program

A sizeable population of our student community join Anderson because of positive experiences shared by their friends and family – in short they are referred by someone they know! Anderson always had an Employee Referral Program wherein employees are rewarded $500 for each referred student who attends classes for at least 60 consecutive days. We would now like to add another initiative called “lunch is served” which is exclusively for the Anderson team.

This is how it works:

  1. Reach out to anyone you know who can benefit from an Anderson program.
  2. When someone from your network reaches back to you, submit the form below, it will take you only 18 seconds.
  3. After your referral completes their first virtual appointment with our admissions team, we will serve you lunch as a token of appreciation. You just need to choose a place and decide on the menu, the head office will take care of the rest and have the lunch delivered to your home.
  4. Remember, when the student enrolls and studies for 60 days, you will also receive a $500 referral cheque

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