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She Started her Business Career & Got Hired! – Leonora’s Story

By May 28, 2021April 25th, 2022No Comments
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Amidst the terror that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us, as well as the many catastrophes that have happened around the world, I have learned some hard life lessons. My family has also become a lot closer. I am grateful for the little achievements this year, such as finishing my program at Anderson College and being hired by the company where I completed my placement; these experiences are meaningful to me.

2020 has been a year of misfortunes and catastrophes that will be written in the pages of the history books. The terrifying plight of Ukraine Flight 752, the deadly Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines, the bushfires in Australia, the flash floods in Indonesia, the avalanche and earthquakes in Turkey, the explosion in Lebanon, and the endless COVID-19 pandemic have claimed countless lives, left many people hopeless and ruined so many people’s livelihoods. Despite these devastating events, there are things that we should be thankful for, things which instill hope and inspire us to keep going and believe that, someday, we will see the light at the other end of this long tunnel.

“Being a caregiver here was equally tough. These experiences made me decide to improve my working situation as soon as possible.”

Leaving my family back home to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong was a tough decision, but it was something I had to in order to pursue my dream of bringing my children to Canada. The homesickness was sometimes unbearable, but with constant and open communication, strong determination and focus, I was eventually able to realize this dream, while still guiding them from afar.

Being a caregiver here was equally tough. It entailed lots of hard work, patience, and agility to meet the employer’s demands and expectations. I had times where I felt very low and I cried many times, but I did not give up. Fervent prayers and the will to succeed allowed me to keep going. These experiences made me decide to improve my working situation as soon as possible.

“I successfully finished my studies last September and I am now working online with the company where I had my placement.”

I got my permanent residency in May of 2019 and immediately enrolled at Anderson College, which I had heard was a very good school. I started the Business Administration – Capstone classes the following month, just one day before my family joined me here. These two events were full of joy and excitement, one dream had just been achieved and another dream has just started!

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I successfully finished my studies last September and I am now working online with the company where I had my placement, I am glad that I do not need to go out to work during this pandemic.

I am truly grateful to the both the administration and staff of Anderson College for being very accommodating since day one of this endeavor and also to my instructors for their patience and dedication. Their efforts to inspire and encourage their students are immeasurable. Anderson College did not fail my expectations at all. For these reasons, I am glad to be one of their thousands of graduates and I will forever be proud to recommend this school to friends and family who want to take a step to make a change.

Coming from a very rural area in my home country where I needed to walk several kilometers to reach elementary school, I can’t believe I have made it this far. It may be considered a small success by many people, but for me, with my very humble roots, it is huge. You should always endeavor to take tiny steps towards your goals and rise above any obstacles you face on your journey. This is not the end for me, I still have bigger goals that, while they may seem unreachable at this point, I believe I will achieve them one day.

Leonora P.

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