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Becoming a Security Guard in Canada

By August 13, 2014August 30th, 2021No Comments
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In today’s world, protecting your assets is extremely important, which is why the market for security guards in Canada is currently very healthy, with a lot of demand for professionals with security guard training.  A career as a security guard can be both interesting and rewarding, as you won’t ever experience the same day twice and will be tasked with important responsibilities. If you have a strong sense of duty, love helping and protecting others and have a good eye for details, a career as a security guard could be a perfect fit for you.

So how do you become a security guard in Canada? Do you need a license? Can you get your training through an employer? While some details will change from province to province, here are the main steps.

Being eligible for the position

First and foremost, you won’t be able to find work as a security guard in Canada if you’re not legally eligible to work in the country, at least 18 years old (or 19 in some provinces) and don’t possess a clean criminal record. Depending on the province in which you live, make sure you meet these three criteria. You will have to undergo a criminal background check, but don’t be alarmed. This is simply a normal procedure to ensure no bad surprises.

Passing your exam

To be employed as a security guard in Canada, you’ll need to acquire a professional license. This is done through your provincial ministry. Though each province has its own rules and regulations, a lot of them are similar. To complete your security guard exam, you’ll need to take a 40-hour course on how to be a security guard, which will be followed by an exam made of various multiple-choice questions. Lastly, you should know that passing the exam doesn’t necessarily guarantee you employment, though it’s a step in the right direction!

Applying for your license

Almost there! After completing the exam, you’ll need to apply for your security guard license. This is done through your provincial government. There will be paperwork for you to fill out, though nothing too complicated. In other words, you won’t need accounting courses to fill out these few forms! There will also be an entry fee (25$ to 60$, depending on where you live), which you need to pay every year to renew your license. Once you receive your license in the mail, you’ll be ready to find work and start making money protecting a business, its clients and assets.

As a security guard in Canada, there are several businesses, organizations and even individuals that can hire you. You might end up working in banks, bars, schools, casinos, small businesses and more. You’ll get to meet people from all walks of life, from early childhood assistant to professionals with medical office assistant training. Lastly, you’ll feel great knowing that your efforts are making a difference.

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