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Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant

Does working in a hospital, laboratory or doctor’s office inspire you? Join this EQual™ accredited program and learn the fundamentals for various clinical laboratory testing procedures in our state-of-the-art laboratory.



Program Duration
Full Time: 55 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
Practicum Duration
300 hours
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.
EQual™ Accreditation*


As a Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant, you will perform laboratory procedures such as preparing specimens for testing, preparing culture media and stock solutions, and recognizing problems and errors in lab procedures. You will be responsible for drawing blood (phlebotomy also known as venipuncture) and logging patient samples. This will be completed using state of the art equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing several tests simultaneously, as well as microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment.

People need healthcare regardless of the economy. In fact, during a recession, there is a generally higher demand for healthcare professionals. Now is the perfect time for you to become a Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant. Protect your career in the event of a global recession

*Please note – program content and practicum duration is as per registration with the Ministry and may vary slightly from campus to campus. 

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The program is 55 weeks including a 300-hour practicum with on-the-job training, which will take place offsite with potential employers. It provides you with a foundation of skills and experience, both in classroom learning with industry experts and in the ability to apply that knowledge to real-life, practical activities. Whether new to Canada and looking to expand your experience, trained in healthcare and wanting to specialize, or wanting a new profession and fascinated by where this diploma can take your future, this program is second-to-none.


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional programs to our students across the board, but we’re particularly thrilled to say that our Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant program has a *6-year EQual™ accreditation. It meets rigorous national standards and represents a significant achievement, reflecting the quality of our program’s development, delivery and practical training. We also encourage our students to earn the national certification with Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) as this is often required by employers.


      • Gain real-time knowledge and best-practices onsite from our industry-expert instructors and offsite through practicum with laboratories
      • Work within our fully equipped and automated diagnostic laboratory
      • Get hands-on training in blood collection, performing ECG’s and more, using various state-of-the-art laboratory equipment
      • Participate in online review classes and mock exams to prepare for the CSMLS certification


The program consists of theory, practical skills, and practicum components which have been mapped to the CSMLS & MLPAO (formerly OSMT) Competency Profile for the Medical Laboratory Assistant Technicians. Upon successful completion, you will receive an Anderson College Diploma which will allow you to sit the CSMLS/MLPAO Exams. The costs associated to these exams will be the responsibility of the applicant. Please visit the CSMLS and MLPAO websites for more information with regards to the certification exams.
The CSMLS certification exam must be undertaken within 12 months of graduation. The designation of Certified MLA/T will be granted upon the successful completion of this examination. The provincial MLPAO certification examination is offered 3 times a year. The designation of MLA/T will be granted upon the successful completion of this examination.

MLPAO exam certification exam costs and information can be found here.
CSMLS exam certification exam costs and information can be found here.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; OR be at least 18 years of age and pass the Wonderlic Test (a Superintendent approved qualifying test).


Students must attain a grade of 60% or better in each course to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses with a minimum grade of 60% or better and complete all course requirements including practicum within the prescribed timelines.


Students enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant program must meet the clinical requirements established by the program. Before being placed in a practicum experience, a student must have the following on file at the College:

  • Statement of Satisfactory Health Requirements
  • Criminal Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (”VSS”)


Please find the course outline /details here.


Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant Diploma Program tuition fees (in CAD) for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

Tuition $12,995
Textbooks* $936
Compulsory Fees $3,960
Total $17, 891

*This is the cost of the textbooks that the students will own. Students will have access to other textbooks that they can use and return to the college at no cost to the student at the end of each term.

Students are required to pay for their vulnerable criminal records check, fees associated with practicum (transportation, parking, lunch), costs for immunization. Financial assistance is available to students who qualify. For assistance, please contact Anderson College.

For more information about MLPAO exam application and fee – Please refer to MLPAO website
For more information about CSMLS exam application and fee – Please refer to CSMLS website

Program Details

Duration 55 Weeks
Clinical Placement 300 hours
Program Type Diploma


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