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Massage Therapy

Do you have the desire to be a healthcare professional and want to know how to assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain? If yes, then this program offers the knowledge and skills to be a massage therapist.





Program Duration
Full Time: 88 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


As a massage therapist you have the opportunity to play an integral role in the health and wellbeing of clients, as you guide them through various service offerings for healing and relaxation and provide massage treatments. In your day-to-day, you gather client history, including information about any injuries, conditions or concerns, develop purposeful treatment plans, massage muscles and soft tissues in order to offer relief from medical conditions or to aid in wellness maintenance. You upkeep detailed and accurate treatment records and may consult with other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, and psychologists in order to support a client’s wellness goals.

You also have excellent communications skills, both written and verbal, and exceptional interpersonal skills. You have the strength and stamina to perform massages on a diverse range of clients and can stand for extended periods of time. Your compassion for people and desire to help them experience a greater sense of wellbeing is second to none.

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This program is 88 weeks. Students are exposed to diverse and extensive clinical opportunities through the in-house public clinic. Upon successful completion of all courses and clinic experiences within the curriculum, students of Anderson College Massage Therapy program will be eligible to graduate and challenge the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario registration examinations. This exam has both a written and practical component.  Our accelerated Massage Therapy program is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as meeting the academic requirements for eligibility to write the registration examination. Candidates who successfully complete this examination will be entitled to use the professional designation of Registered Massage Therapist. Additional fees will apply. Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario are regulated health professionals whose governing body is the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Applicable legislation includes the Regulated Health Professions Act, and the Massage Therapy Act.

Our program is based on the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics identified by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and the Inter-jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators identified by the Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC).

Anderson College is also a member of the Ontario Council of Private Massage Therapy Colleges.


Beyond Anderson College’s industry-expert instructors, easy-to-use learning materials and real-world training – what sets us apart, is a community of support, sharing your interests and goals for creating a life-changing career path, one that will become like a family as you navigate your way to success.


  • Gain real-time knowledge and best practices onsite from our industry-expert instructors and get exposed to diverse and extensive clinical opportunities through the in-house public clinic
  • Work within our fully equipped massage/spa training centre
  • Learn with your fellow classmates, through materials and practice, how to provide exceptional client care and support and be part of a professional team


Contact us to talk with one of our Admissions Experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what you’ll need and how to apply, the details of the program curriculum and the next steps to get you on your way to your first, or next, successful career.


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Bonnie T.B.

Bonnie TB

“Follow your heart. You have the power within you to make any dream come true.”

Bonnie has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) in Ontario since 2006. Before that, she studied massage therapy and worked in London, England.

She has worked in a variety of RMT settings including health spas, high-end hotel spas, and multidisciplinary clinics. In 2014, Bonnie opened her massage therapy clinic in Paris, Ontario. Her clinic offers registered massage therapy, reflexology, osteopath, hypnosis treatment and Reiki.

Bonnie is excited to work with the students at Anderson College to share her knowledge and experiences with them. She wants to inspire the next generation of RMTs.

Christian G.

“It's okay to struggle when looking for success.”

Christian has been a registered massage therapist since 2015. His approach to massage therapy is to look at the body as a whole and not just chase pain.

There was a point in his career when he wished he had more guidance and topics that could have been covered better while he was in school.

He decided to get involved in teaching in hopes to make others in the profession struggle less. When Christian is not massaging, he enjoys spending time with family and weightlifting.

Dylan B.

“You just have to show up everyday, that's the hardest part. once you have mastered that, then it all gets easier.”

Dylan is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with a passion for health and fitness. Prior to becoming an RMT, Dylan worked in a factory setting and witnessed firsthand how repetitive strain and poor posture can affect the body.

This fueled his decision to utilize his expertise and knowledge to help improve the quality of life of those dealing with pain and poor mobility. Now, Dylan wants to utilize his experience and knowledge to help foster a new group of Massage Therapists. He truly wants to give back to the community that has helped him so much in his career.

Manuel G.

“Omnia possum facere.”

Manuel has been a member in good standing as a registered massage therapist for 28 years.

Nicola C.

“We hold every emotion and trauma in our body. I believe we must learn to love our body and recognize the gift it is for us to use as we traverse the earth. Only then, will we free ourselves from the chastity that binds us.”.

Nicola has close to 20 years of experience as a registered massage therapist. Nicola is a lover of learning especially about the body, mind, and soul.

Nicola has taken many courses to improve her palpation skills and has a keen eye for observing what is not obvious to most. Nicola has a passion for life and teaches classes in person and online including yoga, Tibetan ancient rites, and fitness.

Nicola is an intuitive energy healer who is excited to share her knowledge with those seeking to learn.

Pooja V., MPT

"I love to teach because there is no other job that gives me challenges such as joy, headaches, triumphs, love, creativity, and inspiration like teaching does. No two days are the same and the positives always outweigh the negatives. I always wanted to become a teacher as I can't see myself doing anything else."

Pooja has over 5 years of experience working as an instructor for massage therapy and physiotherapy assistance.

She started her journey in Canada as a physiotherapist assistant working in physiotherapy clinics and long-term care homes. Pooja has experience in neurology, musculoskeletal, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and geriatric physiotherapy. She has proven skills in all physiotherapy treatments, modalities, soft tissue release techniques, and exercise plan development.

Pooja was always enthusiastic about teaching and joined Anderson College in 2018 to teach students and implement the value of education. She provides guidance and resources to help students obtain their massage therapy registration.

In 2012, Pooja earned her master’s in physiotherapy from India and currently has experience in teaching medical courses like anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

Shelley H.

Shelley graduated 20 years ago from the massage therapy program at the Darcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario. She has 19 years of experience as a registered massage therapist, she is honoured to share her knowledge and passion for massage with the students at Anderson College.

Throughout her practice, she has worked alongside many other health professionals and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment. Shelley specializes in myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal care, and deep tissue massage.

Shelley has dedicated her life to making people feel better and is excited to share that devotion with her students.

Tony A., BSc, MSc

Tony A

“I enjoy teaching and making an impact in my students' lives. My goal is to ensure that my adult learners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their chosen careers.”

Tony is a doctoral trainee in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program (Physical Therapy) at Western University working in the Mobility in Aging Lab.

Tony has over 7 years of experience in teaching with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Tony holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in science, specifically, applied health sciences (kinesiology).

Tony has several scientific publications and is skilled in exercise physiology, research, and knowledge translation.

Christiane L.

“Everything worth doing is hard. Massage therapy is not an easy course to choose, but the reward is so great. I love teaching; I love health and wellness and watching people heal and grow. So, naturally I love being able to instill these same things in others. I hope that all of my students get as much joy from experiencing their journey, as I do watching them grow throughout their journey.”

Christiane received her Registered Massage Therapist designation in 2010, found her passion for rehabilitation almost instantly and for over 10 years has applied these skills in a clinical environment.

Christiane has worked alongside clinical practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, and acupuncturists to aid in the health and recovery of hundreds of patients, including competitive athletes. In addition to this valuable experience, Christiane has also furthered her education and understanding in modalities and conditions geared to complement her practice, such as taping, concussion protocols, postural rehabilitation, and more.

Latterly, she has discovered another passion, teaching, and Christiane’s skills, experience and passion are invaluable as she guides the next generation of RMTs.

Amy J.

"I really admire the students who come to Anderson College to pursue their passion and make a better life for themselves. I love being an RMT and am honoured to help my students prepare for, and enter, this fulfilling career.”

Amy has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) since 2014 and has completed additional training in perinatal massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports therapy, and TMJ dysfunction. Being an RMT has given her the freedom to move across the country and gain experience working abroad. As a mother of two, this career allows her the flexibility to take care of her family while being a healthcare provider within her community.

Amy started teaching in 2018 and has been sharing her enthusiasm for health and wellness with future RMTs ever since.

Marshall T.

"I receive great pleasure in being an instructor and a student, at the same time. I understand stressful times and the importance of balancing school and your personal life, but I assure you if you focus in, it will pay off in the long run.”

Marshall has multiple years of experience as a registered massage therapist (RMT). He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, a massage therapy diploma and is a registered RMT with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Marshall currently works with clients who have experienced motor vehicle accidents and is well versed in treating various types of acute and chronic soft tissue conditions. Additionally, he is in the process of completing his bachelor’s degree in adult education to expand his knowledge as an instructor.

Taylor M.

"I love sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over my years, but I also get to learn from my students. It’s amazing how much of an impact we can have on one another’s lives.”

Taylor has more than 10 years' combined experience in massage therapy and teaching. Starting her career as a kinesiologist, she has an extensive background in anatomy and human kinetics and after completing her massage therapy training, she worked in a prestigious multi-disciplinary clinic.

Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, graduated summa cum laude with a massage therapy diploma from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, and completed her certification in Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education. She is a registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and brings a dynamic skillset to her students.

Laurie B.

"I love to learn and expand my knowledge base. I hope to pass on this passion to my students.”

Laurie started her career in social work in 1996 obtaining her Child and Youth Worker diploma. After gaining solid experience in the social work field, she chose to broaden her education and took the Law Clerk program, finishing in 2001. Laurie then went on to become a birth doula where she assisted in 10 births.

Laurie then chose, once again, to expand her education and followed her life’s passion by combining her two favourite things - helping others and fitness. This led to her embarking on the Registered Massage Therapist program. She graduated with honours in 2018 and has since run a successful home-based practice and imparts her varied knowledge and extensive skills to the Anderson College students looking to launch a thriving career in massage therapy.

Sue-Ann M.

"I am excited to share my professional experiences with my students and encourage them to embrace this field with as much, if not more, passion than I have for massage therapy. The stakes are high; I trust your commitment!”

Sue-Ann has over 25 years in the field of massage therapy. Her clinical practice embraced a wide variety of clinical and therapeutic treatments with a clientele ranging from newborn babies to individuals who were at the end stage of life. In 2003 Sue-Ann branched out of her clinical practice to start teaching massage therapy. She took on the roles of teaching assistant, lead instructor, and clinical director/coordinator in two of the local programs. In 2014, she returned to full-time practice.

Sue-Ann has a degree in Linguistics from Western University and a diploma of Massage Therapy from Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic. Throughout her career she has also acquired a Reflexology certification, and a Yoga Teacher/Trainer certificate. She practices as a Reiki Master and End of Life Care Provider.

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