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Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Levels I & II

Can you envision yourself working alongside a Dentist, and patients looking for the perfect smile? If you said yes, then our Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Levels I & II program, teaches you all you need to know in this field.





Program Duration
Full Time: 46 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
Windsor, London, Kitchener, Brantford Campuses
Practicum Duration
150 hours
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


As an Intra Oral Dental Assistant, you work chairside and receive and prepare patients for treatment. You sterilize, prepare, and set out dental instruments and materials, process x-rays, assist dentists during dental procedures and record dental procedures performed. You also educate patients, polish clinical crowns, and apply fluoride. On the technical side, you apply dental dams, pit, and fissure sealants, desensitizing agents, topical anaesthetic, and acid etch materials.

You also take preliminary impressions for diagnostic casts and expose radiographs (x-rays). Beyond the chair, Dental Assistants may also take on an administrative role, answering telephone calls and coordinating appointment schedules, as required.

Our Intra Oral Dental Assistant program is HARP approved (Healing Arts Radiation Protection) by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. This course is specifically designed for dental assistants aiming to be employed in a dental practice in Ontario, and wish to be HARP qualified in the exposure of prescribed dental radiographs.

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Our Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Levels I & II program emphasizes the importance of hands-on training and our students have the distinct advantage of learning within our fully equipped dental clinic. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from our industry-expert instructors all the technical requirements to excel in your new career and have the chance to perform them in our simulated work environment, but you will also gain the interpersonal skills required to engage in quality patient communication and care. And finally, 150 hours of practicum allow you to experience the work environment and put into practice your classroom instructions.

Whether new to Canada and looking to expand your experience, trained in healthcare and wanting to specialize, or new to the field and fascinated by where this diploma can take your future, this program is second-to-none.


  • Gain real-time knowledge and best-practices onsite from our industry-expert instructors and offsite through practicum with dental offices and clinics
  • Work within our fully equipped and automated dental laboratory
  • Get hands-on training in specific and varied dental procedures required for success in your new career
  • Practice in our simulated real-life dental clinic, providing services to people within the community


Intra-Oral Dental Assistants work in a variety of dental settings including general dentistry, specialized dentistry, operative dentistry & dental sales in London, Brantford, Windsor & Kitchener, Ontario. They can have a variety of titles including:

  • Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
  • Dental Assistant/Administrator
  • Dental Office Assistant
  • Preventative Dental Assistant
  • Dental Assistant/ Receptionist

Areas of employment for Intra-Oral Dental Assistants in Southwestern Ontario are:

  • Dental Clinics
  • Private Practices
  • University Clinics
  • Dental Supply Companies
  • Public Health Centres


Contact us to talk with one of our Admissions Experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what you’ll need and how to apply, the details of the program curriculum and the next steps to get you on your way to your first, or next, successful career.


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I completed the 1-year Intra Oral level 1 & 2 Dental Assisting program with flying colours thanks to great teachers, mentors and the support of new friends I now consider family. … I’ve learned to never give up, be more mindful of others, appreciate the little things, be patient, persevere and always push your limits! All thanks for this goes to Anderson College.

Christine T.

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