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Health Information Management

Are you known for being detail oriented and organized and are you passionate about leveraging technology to empower healthcare teams as they provide patient care? If yes, this program can empower you to achieve your career goals.


Program Duration
Full Time: 60 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
London Campus
Practicum Duration
12 weeks
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.
Accredited by the Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM)


In a health information management career you are part of a dynamic healthcare profession that is currently in high demand across the continuum of care, as patient needs continue to rise. You are trained to manage health information services, work with confidential records, use technology to capture, manage and analyze data and present health information for use in healthcare delivery and financial and management planning.

You will have the chance to interact with medical staff, health providers, and management; May specialize in areas such as research, management, quality improvement, risk analysis, clinical trials, and clinical financial resource integration and maintain skills, knowledge, and expertise through mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE). There are a myriad of exciting opportunities within the provincial and federal government sectors for you, a well as within education, community clinics and private businesses, to name a few.

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This program is 60 weeks, including 420 hours of practicum with on-the-job training, offsite with potential employers. Our Health Information Management Diploma program covers the areas of study that will ensure you are highly skilled upon graduation. Educational content includes areas such as healthcare laws and ethics in Canada, health information analysis, systems and technology, electronic health records, database management, statistics for health sciences, project management, workplace communications and more.

This program is accredited through Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM). Candidates who successfully write the Certified in Health Management (CHIM) national certification examination (NCE) earn a CHIM professional designation. This examination assesses the entry-level competencies of graduates of accredited Health Information Management programs.


Beyond Anderson College’s industry-expert instructors, easy-to-use learning materials and real-world training – what sets us apart, is a community of support, sharing your interests and goals for creating a life-changing career path, one that will become like a family as you navigate your way to success.


  • Gain real-time knowledge and best practices onsite from our industry-expert instructors and offsite through a practicum with health information management employers
  • Apply the technical skills learned, to oversee the quality of patient information delivery, through practical application and training
  • Learn, alongside your fellow classmates, how to provide comprehensive support to a healthcare team and work within a professional environment


Contact us to talk with one of our Admissions Experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what you’ll need and how to apply, the details of the program curriculum and the next steps to get you on your way to your first, or next, successful career.


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I was in the middle of switching careers and choosing the right path was crucial. I [attended a personal interview with Anderson College]. The rest is history. Success is not just about accomplishing something, it is also about being at the right place at the right time, and most importantly, having acquired the right training from selfless … dedicated people. I am proud to be a product of Anderson College.
… I walked into Anderson one way and, just months later, walked out richer – professionally, personally, culturally and with new lifelong peers. I am grateful to Anderson College for being instrumental in my success!

Duane Z.


Charmaine S., BA, MA

“Today's students will become tomorrow's Health Information Management Professionals. It is a pleasure to teach them.”

Charmaine has more than 35 years of experience in health information management, 12 of which include privacy. She has served as director of health information management for several large healthcare organizations. Charmaine was a consultant in health information management/privacy for more than 10 years, working with ministries and in several provinces.

She has experience in acute care, community care, public health, the Ministry of Defence, the First Nations Inuit Health Branch, and the private sector. She has been teaching courses in health information management since 2016.

Charmaine is a certified health information management professional with the Canadian College of Health Information and is certified as a privacy professional with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Waterloo and a master's degree in health information management through the College of St. Scholastica in the United States.

Charmaine has been a member of the Board of the Canadian Health Information Management Association and has taken an active role in participating in the Ontario chapter. She joined Westervelt College in September 2021.

Deborah L., BSc

“I enjoy teaching and the challenges it can present. At Anderson College, I can help adult students in their endeavours to attain higher levels of education and provide the skills necessary to allow them more choices in their career path.”

Deborah was the senior pathologist’s assistant in surgical and forensic pathology at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) for 30 years. She worked with a team of pathologists in educating and delivering innovative health care and research to the Middlesex community.

Deborah has a Bachelor of Science degree and additional learning in anatomy, physiology, and pathology from the University of Western Ontario (UWO). In 2007, she developed and coordinated the syllabus for year 2 of the UWO Master of Clinical Pathologists' (MClSc) Assistant Graduate Program. She received a letter of recognition in 2010 and a certificate of recognition in 2011 for “Commitment to Teaching and Mentoring” at the UWO MClSc Pathologists' Assistant Graduate Program.

Deborah is a past member of the Pathologists’ Assistant Section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists and was the regional director of College Prospects of America, southwest Ontario division from 2000 to 2006.

Michael G., BSc

“I believe that it is a privilege and high calling to be able to contribute to the education of another person. There is no greater reward for me than seeing a student complete the program and go on to find that first health information related job.”

Michael has been working as an instructor in the health information management program since 2016. His courses are health science and healthcare management related.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and soon after began working as a pathology assistant at the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

Following this, Michael became the coordinator of the Southwest Regional Forensic Pathology Unit supervising the autopsy, surgical grossing and specimen receiving units within the pathology department at LHSC. Michael served as the clinical coordinator for the UWO Pathologists' Assistants Masters program which began in 2008.

Michael retired from LHSC in 2013 after 32 years of service.

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