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Dental Radiography- H.A.R.P. Approved

The Dental Radiography course at Anderson College is a comprehensive program that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills required to perform dental radiography procedures safely and effectively.


North York


Program Duration
Full Time: 100 hours


Dental Radiography Course introduces the student to the basic science of radiation including its discovery, history, and modern use within the dental profession. Students are introduced to the equipment and supplies required for the various types of films and images that are utilized in the dental profession.

This program does not require approval under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005


Dental Radiography Course will provide the student with the skills to critique X-rays that have been exposed, clarifying the cause and effect of various equipment and armamentaria adjustments. Specifically:

  • Patient management will include gaining patient cooperation using a variety of techniques used in the exposing of films intra and extra-orally.
  • Students will learn how to expose and process films.
  • Students are expected to correctly mount radiographs using anatomical landmarks.
  • Quality assurance and the As Low as Responsibly Acceptable (A.L.A.R.A.) principle are also addressed.
  • Federal and provincial regulations dealing with radiation are addressed throughout the program.

Upon successful completion of *DEN 105 or *DEN 104 Dental Radiography – Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP), the successful participant will receive a certificate of completion that will be proof they have met all requirements set out by the HARP legislation and are deemed to be qualified to operate an X-ray machine in the province of Ontario.

Course Length: 100 hours

  • 50 hours online, self-directed
  • 10 hours of online simulation training
  • 40 hours of hands-on practical training at various Anderson College campuses (evenings and weekend studies on campus)


The theory component will be delivered online asynchronously (without formal lectures) with a program facilitator hosting regularly scheduled meetings online for student check-ins and to ensure student progress.

Asynchronous learning can be completed at any time of the day as students have 24-hour access. Resources are available on the learning management system Brightspace (D2L), usually with instructions to complete weekly modules. You are free to work through the theory modules at your own speed, however, they must be completed by the end date provided by the program.

Anderson College requires the mandatory use of Respondus Lockdown Browser Proctoring Application and Waiver for all online exams.

NOTE: Scheduled dental radiography practical sessions will be held in person at the Anderson College campus and students are required to attend for program completion.

  • Licensed Nurse with valid credentials
  • Formerly trained Dental Office Administrators or Dental Assistants currently employed by dental office or clinic (diploma or transcript and employer verification letter to be provided)
  • Dental Assistants trained out of province currently employed by dental office or clinic (diploma or transcript and employer verification letter to be provided)
  • Internationally Trained Dental Professionals (Dentists, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists); proof to be verified through NDAEB or WES

Students must achieve 70% on theoretical quizzes, examinations, and demonstrate competency in radiology procedures, specifically:

  • achieve a minimum of 70% on the practical component of Dental Radiography
  • achieve a minimum of 70% on the quizzes and final examination for Dental Radiography
  • achieve a minimum, overall average of 70% in the Dental Radiography course.

Students will receive a certificate of completion.


Your first step is to send us your inquiry using the form on our website. Also please refer to the ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT section above. Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, you will be contacted by our registrar team, and a phone call appointment will be arranged.

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