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Accounting & Payroll Administration

See yourself crunching numbers in an office or working with an Accountant to make sure the books balance and the team gets paid on time? If so, this program is the right choice for you.




Program Duration
Full Time: 49 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


As an Accounting and Payroll Administrator, you work under the general supervision of accountants within established procedures, regulatory requirements, and corporate policies. You are likely responsible for day-to-day operations including processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer invoicing, and various accounts reconciliation. You may also manage government remittances including GST, QST, HST, WSIB, and source deductions. Other duties range from coordinating office administrative procedures and delegating work and deadlines, to preparing operating budgets. You calculate, prepare and distribute wages, calculate overtime and deductions, prepare and receive invoices, arrange payments, and prepare reports related to the business’ accounting activities.

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The program is 49 week. Our Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma program provides you with an understanding of manual and computerized accounting payroll systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to business situations. Combining classroom theory with practical hands-on experience, the program will help you develop the confidence and experience needed for a successful career in accounting and payroll administration.


The National Payroll Institute (NPI), formerly known as the Canadian Payroll Association, offers the only payroll designation in Canada – the Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation.

We are pleased to advise you that these designation exam fees are already included in your tuition fees.

The National Payroll Institute’s PCP designation is the foundation for a successful career in payroll. The PCP courses will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the legislative requirements to keep your organization compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle. When you achieve the designation, you join a growing community of supportive professionals and gain access to the resources you need to stay current and compliant.

The PCP designation requires three core payroll courses, an Introduction to Accounting course transfer credit and one year of weighted payroll work experience:

  1. Payroll Compliance Legislation
  2. Payroll Fundamentals 1 – Prerequisite: Payroll Compliance Legislation
  3. Payroll Fundamentals 2 – Prerequisites: Payroll Compliance Legislation and Payroll Fundamentals 1
  4. Introduction to Accounting – must be completed at a post-secondary institution
  5. PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (a minimum of one year weighted payroll work experience)

All PCP courses, including the Introduction to Accounting transfer credit course, require a passing grade of 65%.
For more information visit, or email the Professional Certification Department at


Beyond Anderson College’s industry-expert instructors, easy-to-use learning materials and real-world training – what sets us apart, is a community of support, sharing your interests and goals for creating a life-changing career path, one that will become like a family as you navigate your way to success.


Contact us to talk with one of our Admissions Experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what you’ll need and how to apply, the details of the program curriculum and the next steps to get you on your way to your first, or next, successful career.

Scroll down to see who your industry-expert instructors will be, and the experience they have to share with you.


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It all started with a visit to Anderson College! … I was enrolled and now I’m a proud, certified Personal Support Worker. … I was blessed to have great tutors, vibrant classmates from different backgrounds and an environment to conducive to learning success. My PSW instructor … was very caring and always willing to offer professional advice.
The value of the college isn’t simply in the education, it is in the variety of programs offered and building a social network that allows you to succeed in life. So, whenever you are ready for a life-changing career, just follow the path that leads to Anderson College.

Nadine D.


Genelyn F.

“Teaching is my “calling”. I love sharing my knowledge with others, as well as the feeling of accomplishment seeing my students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills. Every single day we make a difference in someone's life which goes far beyond knowledge.” - Genelyn

Genelyn has over 10 years’ experience in accountancy and customer service. In her role as an instructor, she identifies and selects different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs, establishing and communicating clear objectives for all learning activities. She believes that a positive attitude, commitment, and hard work are the keys to success.

Qualifications: BSc in Accountancy; Accounting and Payroll (Diploma); Tax Fundamentals (Diploma)
Accreditation: Member of Canadian Payroll Association, Member of Association of Filipino Accountants

Joseph M. B.

Joseph M. B., anderson college

“I feel very pleased when I see my students apply what I have taught them when they are in a business environment – that is the reason they came back to school – and that’s when I know they have fulfilled their purpose. I enjoy what I do, and the students seem to enjoy it as well since I receive many emails of appreciation from them and their families.”

Joseph has also taught Business Communication, Business Essentials, Windows 10 and Employment Strategies. He’s been employed by many other colleges in the past 25 years.

Joseph is a Microsoft Office Specialist (MSO); specializing in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. He is also an Industry trained (IBM) in Accounting.

Yalda P.

“This educational journey is one of personal and professional growth. As your guide my commitment is unwavering, and together we'll conquer obstacles and celebrate victories. Your determination fuels our adventure; I'm here to ensure you emerge not only educated but empowered, ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of accounting and payroll.”

Yalda is a seasoned accounting and payroll professional with her Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) certification. She has extensive experience as an accountant, is renowned as a communicator of complex concepts and has earned a reputation for clarity, within corporate settings and in the classroom as an instructor. Her meticulous attention to detail defines her accounting approach and has significantly contributed to the fiscal health of organizations she’s worked within.

Yalda also excels in curriculum development, has a dynamic teaching style, and a proven track record as an inspiring instructor. Her dedication to imparting valuable knowledge and fostering success for students as they embark on their accounting and payroll careers, is to be admired.

Kafil C.

"Don't give-up, keep trying and be confident. Remember, you are on the right track. Determine your goal, keep working on it, you will achieve your desired success with perseverance."

Kafil has over 15 years’ experience working as an accounting professional, more than six years of combined experience in Canadian accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and in the tax field and over three years of teaching experience as an accounting and payroll instructor.

Kafil has achieved the Pro-Advisor designation in QuickBooks by Intuit Canada, is a member of the National Payroll Association in Canada, has a diploma in Accounting & Payroll Administration from the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) and a diploma in Business Development and Management from Trios College. In addition, he received his master’s in business administration, in finance, from the University of Business & Technology (UBT).

The next generation of accounting and payroll professionals who attend Kafil’s classes at Anderson are in capable, skilled, hands!

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