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Professional Opportunities Await … for Occupational Health and Safety Graduates!

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Occupational Health and Safety

With the monumental shift in accountability for businesses since the pandemic, those who study occupational health and safety (OHS) in a program approved by the board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), are poised to empower organizations to take well-being at work to new levels.

Myriad and varied career opportunities are available after training within a workplace health and safety course and it’s thrilling for graduates to know that CRSP reports that, “91.6% of OHS professionals report being satisfied or very satisfied with their career.

To know what you can look forward to after spending the hours and energy required to get the necessary knowledge and skills under your belt, can certainly help during those long nights prepping for exams.

Your Career Opportunities as an OHS Graduate!


Where You Can Apply Your Skills and Training:

  • Private and Government Organizations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Factories
  • Public Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail

Potential Positions within the OHS Industry

  • Health & Safety Administrator – an entry-level position, perfect for getting solid within your skillset after your occupational health and safety training courses/online safety training courses. In this role you’ll provide support to your senior safety team. Your focus is on conducting safety orientations, maintaining incident logs, the upkeep of workplace safety notices and information, ordering supplies and the scheduling of meetings and keeping the minutes. A terrific place to learn!
  • Health & Safety Technician – a more specialized role, technicians focus on evaluating production processes and work environments, assessing safety conditions and analyzing data for policy making. Responsibilities can include checking equipment and machinery to ensure a working order, testing air quality, performing hearing tests for employees in need, investing workplace incidents and reporting.
  • Health & Safety Coordinator – responsible for monitoring internal health standards, you will ensure staff are following federal and provincial guidelines for practices. Your role could include inspecting work sites, monitoring inventory, ensuring equipment is in safe and operable condition, investigating incidents, providing training, and maintaining records.
  • Health & Safety Officer – available to new graduates and those with a little experience under their belt, in this role you’re report to a health and safety supervisor/manager. Your responsibilities will range from documenting OHS procedures, safety training, workplace inspections, investigating accidents and ensuring regulations are being followed, to working with workers’ compensation claims and return-to-work programs.
  • Well-being Manager – playing a key role in the overall wellness-standard within an organization, you will oversee all programs that improve and support employees’ mental, physical and emotional health. Your programs can focus on managing stress, practicing mindfulness, achieving work-life balance, even weight loss. You may conduct surveys collecting feedback, provide educational materials to support the programs you offer and consult other healthcare specialists for team support.
  • Health & Safety Manager – in this senior role, you must have a minimum of five years experience in an OHS position. Your focus will be on developing strategy, policies, and procedures, conducting regular inspections, overseeing training, risk assessment, developing annual budgets and managing safety officers and administrators.
  • And so many more …

This is a thriving field and one that offers career satisfaction and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in the workplace every day. If you’re still considering your interest in an occupational health safety course, take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”.

But if you’re ready to embrace a rewarding Occupation Health & Safety career, book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today and let’s get you started shall we?

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