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Powerful Job Prospects for Paralegal Diploma Graduates

By August 17, 2022No Comments
Paralegal Diploma

Job prospects are rich and varied for those who have completed their training to become a paralegal and have become licensed. In our experience as a leading college offering classes for paralegal students and supporting hundreds of graduates as they enrich the workforce, we’ve found about half are sole practitioners and a few more work within small paralegal firms. The rest are about evenly split between either working for a law firm or providing services in the public sector, at legal clinics, or in-house. But knowing the specifics on job opportunities, can be invaluable as you set your goals.

Now, before we begin that overview, if you’re still looking for options for paralegal studies in Ontario/a paralegal training program, we recommend that you select an offering from a school that is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario. You can learn more about Anderson College’s accredited Paralegal program here. If you’re still considering whether this career is for you, why not take the “Anderson College Legal Career Training Readiness Quiz” or review our popular blog post The Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Paralegal Career?

If you’re nearing graduation and are looking to get specific about the road ahead, here is the lowdown on the …

Powerful Career Prospects for You, Paralegal Diploma Grads!


  • Private Practice with a Team or your Own – In Ontario licensed paralegals are able to represent clients in court for certain legal matters, such as small claims, landlord/tenant disputes, traffic violations and even minor criminal matters, and this opens up a world of options. You can work alongside a professional legal team or start your own practice, building a reputation and client base for quality services. Joining a team, you’ll be able to build contacts and experience. Flying solo with your own practice allows you to set your schedule and earning potential.
  • Government Service – Job opportunities here exist within the municipal, provincial and federal sectors. You may work in courthouses, on within provincial or federal government departments, with lobby groups or within community organizations. You’ll engage in research, prepare, file and maintain legal documents, and work alongside clients. You may also support in community outreach and provide legal aid. In these positions you can experience a greater sense of stability and contribute to the greater good.
  • Non-Profit Support – This sector is always in need of quality support and representation. You may work for humanitarian organizations focused on protecting and uplifting the rights of a variety of vulnerable populations and causes, such as children, women, LGBTQ, refugees, and even the environment. If you’re intent on making a significant impact on your community and even the world, this may be the work that is calling to you.
  • Immigration Work – With a diploma and a license, as a paralegal you can provide certain services for immigrants to Canada. You may help them with their applications, compiling support and evidence to present their cases. You may also represent clients in an Immigration and Refugee Board admissibility hearing, or in an appeal. Knowing that you are helping those transitioning to a life in Canada is highly rewarding and increasingly needed.
  • Specialized Sectors of the Law – You could focus your talent and expertise in any number of areas, such as:
    • Family law covering divorce, child custody, adoption
    • Bankruptcy working for debtors, creditors or trustees
    • Estate planning, including testate and intestate proceedings, creating trusts and conservatorships
    • Intellectual property, covering trademarks, patents and copyrights
    • And many more.
  • Inspiring Future Paralegals – Once you’ve spent some time in the field, you can take your experience, passion and interests and apply them to empowering the next generation of paralegals, as a program instructor. A career in teaching has many benefits and at Anderson we’re grateful for those industry experts who apply their knowledge and insights day after day, encouraging our students to pursue their career and life goals. You could be one too!
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If you feel a charge after reading all this, and imagine becoming a paralegal in Ontario, know that within 50 weeks you could be embarking on any one of these powerful opportunities and building a career that matches your vision. Please know that we’re here to assist you every step along the way, from exploring the options, to determining your eligibility for financial aid, reaching day one of classes, to crossing that stage and celebrating your accomplishments and launching your rewarding career. Why not book a virtual appointment with an Admission Advisor today and let’s see what the future holds, together?

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