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Powerful Benefits of Physiotherapy & 10 Conditions It Can Treat

By April 4, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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Can you imagine anything more rewarding than empowering patients to improve their health, overcome challenges that seem insurmountable, persevere, and choose a stronger more vibrant way to live? If you dream of working in an inspiring field that encourages physical and mental growth, learning how to be a physiotherapist, taking a physiotherapy assistant program or occupational therapy assistant programs, may be potential paths to consider. In a world of aging baby boomers, people intent on living more years and putting more life into them, healthcare workers who help patients prevent and overcome injury, set goals for health-related conditions and progress and offer rehabilitative services, are golden.

Anderson College offers two physiotherapy courses in Ontario, focused on training professionals to work under the direction of a licensed physiotherapist or occupational therapist – Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant program and Physiotherapist Assistant Diploma. Practical knowledge, and hands-on training, delivered by industry experts sets this program apart, and graduates are highly skilled and in demand.

But what is truly remarkable, and not always understood or recognized until you’re exposed to and immersed in physical therapy courses, are the number of conditions that can be successfully treated with physiotherapy.

Whether you are a physical therapy assistant, taking a physio course, or looking to take your own rehabilitation and health to new levels, you may be surprised by how physio can address and help in the healing process in areas simple and severe.

10 Conditions That Can Be Treated with Physiotherapy


1. Back and Neck Pain

Whether acute or chronic, sporadic or lasting months or years, focusing on improving mobility can ease pain and give a patient the tools necessary to get back to enjoying movement and life.

2. Vertigo

That spinning feeling can halt sufferers in taking on new physical challenges or even day to day tasks due to discomfort or a risk of falling. Known for helping patients improve balance, physiotherapy can help provide relief for vertigo.

3. Headaches

Migraines and headaches caused by muscle pain, stress and tension can lead to injury. Improving mobility, strengthening upper back muscles and learning how to properly take care of yourself, can improve headaches and quality of life – a solid physio plan helps with this.

4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Those who experience debilitating tiredness that isn’t improved with any amount of sleep, can be helped with physiotherapy and a treatment plan that includes endurance training.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many of us sit for hours at a computer and this can lead to repetitive stress injuries. Learning about how to shift positioning and engage in exercises and stretches can provide incredible relief.

6. Respiratory Challenges

Respiratory disorders, such as chronic bronchitis, can be treated by patients working within rehabilitation plans that include diaphragmatic breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs.

7. Osteoarthritis

A condition that causes inflammation and degeneration of the bones in the joints can cause stiffness, swelling and pain, can be treated with range-of-motion assessments and strength training to increase functionality and reduce discomfort.

8. Parkinson’s Disease

A neurological movement disorder that causes tremors and motor limitation can be treated with plans that focus on resistance strength training and stretching to relief discomfort and improve range of motion.

9. Huntington’s Disease

Movements, voluntary and involuntary, are affected and can cause slurred speech, spasms and difficulty walking, all of which can be treated with a physiotherapy plan.

10. Cancer

Treatments administered to counter cancer, can affect a patient’s quality of life, leaving them with disability or in severe pain; physiotherapy can help that patient manage pain, offer relief, and help improve their lives and healing process.
As a physiotherapy assistant/occupational therapy assistant you can powerfully enhance the lives of others, and experience a rewarding career as a professional who truly makes a difference.

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