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Police Foundation Graduates Tell All – Prepare to be Inspired

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Police Foundations

To become a police officer in Canada means to put your skills and heart on the line every day for your community, to protect and serve and support those in need. Whether you’re taking a police foundation course, law enforcement course or security guard training, it matters where you train, that you glean from field experts and wrap up your experience feeling confident and ready to take on the world, on the street.

Anderson College’s law enforcement programs can have you skilled and in demand in less that a year. Classes are small sized so you have access to the industry experts who lead your training. We’ve got a 138-year track record for empowering students to take on first, or next, careers and we’re dedicated to providing a community environment of support where you can thrive. Can you tell we’re a just a little proud?

We are, but what we are truly proud of … is each and every student who’s crossed our threshold, who set their sights on making a difference for those they serve and their loved ones, building a career and a life they can be infinitely proud of themselves.

And we know that, as you explore your options and determine the best program and college fit for you, that you don’t really want to hear from us. You want to hear from those who’ve experienced what it’s like to be a part of the Anderson family. So, we gratefully turn it over to them to share their insights and stories with you.

Police Foundation Graduates Tell All – Prepare to be Inspired


In the Words of Graduates and Students, Just Like You

Rabia N.
I was already working as a security officer and decided this was the career I wanted. Going into Anderson and seeing what previous students had achieved and how far they had come encouraged me to do the same. All the faculty members and students were so supportive. I learned so much from my time here. I doubted myself a lot before going to school here. I wasn’t sure if I was capable of certain things and honestly going to Anderson showed me that I am capable. It has helped me take my first steps towards the career I want. I aspire to join the Ontario Provincial Police and use my assets in the force. After college, I’m going to be dedicating my time to work to gain experience and volunteering. I chose law enforcement because I love giving back to the community. I come from a family of law enforcement officers, and I aspire to be just like them.

Alireza A.
I was looking to get more involved and be helpful to communities and our country. I found out about Anderson College and learned about the Police Foundation program. My instructor was very good with the students. After a year, I finished my program and got my diploma. Now, I work as a supervisor for a security company called iguard in Ottawa and volunteer at a shelter. I’m doing all I can to gain experience and get ready to apply to become an RCMP. Big thanks to Anderson College for being such an amazing start to my career and for making my dream job come true.

Helena B.
I thought coming from a different country and starting all over would be really hard, but it was more welcoming than I thought it would. Anderson felt like the right school to start my career. The peers made the place welcoming, and I learned a lot during my course. I’m glad I got the chance to go to Anderson and I’m grateful for my instructor for guiding me through the course. I’m excited to work for CBSA and work closely on the border. I am currently working security to gain my experience and even through security hopefully work at the airport as well. Thank you, Anderson, for teaching me all that I know today!

Andrew V.
I found out about the program and Anderson College on Google and that it was a one-year program, which was perfect. My classes were done online, on the computer and long distance which was perfect because it allowed me to work in the morning and do schooling in the evening. The faculty and the administration staff were great and helpful. They understood the difficulty of working and schooling at the same time. When I graduated, I found a job at the location where I did my placement. The college helped in getting me my placement too.

Video Reflections from our Graduates and Students

Mohammad K. – Law Enforcement/Police Foundations Student

Hussein J. – Police Foundations/Law Enforcement Student

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Each one of these stories shared makes our hearts’ soar. These determined students entered in looking to create a new life for themselves, to succeed in their program and in their careers. It is our privilege to be even a small part of their incredible adventure. They began right where you are now, took the leap and just look where they landed.

If they did it, you can too. They didn’t have to do it alone; as they shared, our team was there every step of the way, and we’d like to be there for you too.

If you’re still exploring if this particular career is for you, take the “Law Enforcement Career Discovery Quiz”. But if you’re ready to launch your career in Law Enforcement/Police Foundations, book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today and let’s get you started, shall we?

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