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Overwhelmed at College? 5 Tips to Turn Struggles into Success!

By May 26, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill.

If you are feeling the crunch of college life, you need to know right now … You are Not Alone.

As a former marathon runner, I am intimately familiar with what we call “the wall”. When I first heard of it during training, as a die-hard positive thinker, I refused to believe it. But guess what? There it was, psychologically speaking, towering right in front of me at mile 18. Could I have caved? Oh yeah. Would the world have ended? No. But if I had, my dream, all my initial efforts would have been for nothing, and I would have left my cheerleading loved ones searching, instead of hollering “You did it!”, at the finish line.

Any goal worth conquering will test you to the limit, not to drive you mad, but to fuel the fire of your determination. And once that goal is achieved, you will certainly know you are capable of anything, and you deserve career success because you earned it.

But what do you do in the meantime, to keep on keeping on, to regroup, destress, keep your stamina flowing, and get you over the wall to that finish line? Well, having ‘been there, done that’ as a runner, and former student, and knowing many, many college students feeling just like you do now … boy, do we have some tried n’ true success tips for you.

Whether you’re exploring college courses in Toronto, private colleges in Ontario or are a current Anderson College student or even an Anderson College graduate facing next steps, we hope these serve you well.

5 Tips to Thwart College Struggles and Reach the Finish Line!


1. Breathe In Perspective – Breathe Out Gratitude

First and foremost, take a deep breath and realize this was all part of what you would need to go through to achieve your dream. You had to know there would be real struggles and you know deep down in your heart, if you made it to here, you can make it all the way. See what you’ve accomplished to here and give yourself credit. Once you have that perspective in your mind, recognize what is working right now. What are you doing well? Who is cheering you on? Remember your “Why”. (Number one of the list of our blog about Balancing School/Work/Life for Success). Gratitude is a beautiful thing, that allows us to see life from a larger vantage point. Now you’re ready to regroup.

2. Review Challenges – Brainstorm Solutions

Sometimes just pausing to consciously review our feelings of overwhelm, and where the fears are stemming from, can give us insight into where we should turn next for relief and solutions. Find a place that is quiet and brings you calm and peace, take some deep breaths, trust that you know these answers (because no one knows you like you know you), and then take out a blank piece of paper and write down these questions and the answers that come. “What am I struggling with right now?”, “What might the solutions be to these challenges?” “Who can I reach out to

3. Use Your Support Systems!

There are so many people on this adventure who want you to succeed – your instructors, your administration team, your fellow students, and, no doubt, your family members and friends. From answering the question above, you know your cheering squad. If you’re needing moral support and a pep talk, tap your loved ones or your school advisor. If you’re struggling with the course materials, connect with your instructors. Struggles are expected when achieving great things at school, and so your team of college support is equipped with the tools and compassion to help empower you to get back on track or take your studies to the next level.

4. Know When You Need to Rejuvenate

In marathon training you never run seven days a week; you always take one day to rest and recuperate. This is essential! Often as a student, especially if you’re working and have family responsibilities, you never get this vital rest. You must. Just like running full weeks can leave you with muscle strains that can lead to injury and take you out of the race, running full tilt as a student can leave you burned out and unable to be your best, physically or intellectually. Book a day of relaxation. Ask your family and friends for help. Do something that restores your spirit and makes you feel honoured and loved. You’ll be at the finish line before you know it, and you want to thoroughly enjoy the journey. You are worth it!

5. Develop a Plan of Action & Tap the Tips Available!

Reassess your goals, what you’re tackling day-to-day and what needs to shift. Between the work you’ve done in questions #1 through #5 and the ideas your college team and loved ones have given you, you’re ready for action. And make sure #4 makes it into the strategic plan on a regular basis. If you’re still looking for ideas, you can always tap our popular blog 10 Study Tips to Achieve Academic Success.

At Anderson College our team is ready and waiting to support you at every step along the journey. If you need help, you can always connect with your instructors, our admin team or career services, depending on what support you require.

You’ve Got This and We’ve Got You!

If you’re still exploring your career options, take the “Anderson College Career Training Quiz” and see how you can match your passions with your purpose. If you’re ready to connect with our team and learn more about one of our 30+ programs that can help you take life to the next level of success, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions Team today!

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