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Overcoming Fear to Live a Canadian Medical Lab Tech Dream

By October 14, 2022No Comments
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At Anderson College, we are constantly amazed by the courage of our students, faculty, and staff. In December 2021 we ran a “My Courageous Moment” story-gathering campaign to celebrate our students, their strength, the moments that have defined their lives and the people who have motivated them to overcome and succeed.

In sharing our stories, we realize we are not alone and are often inspired to recognize, or to find, our own extraordinary courage. We hope the following story moves you, as it has our Anderson family.

The courageous moment I experienced in the past would be when I arrived here in Canada. I had a lot of questions in my mind even before I started to work on my application for Canada. The first question was about what my future would be like there, as I didn’t have family going with me. What would happen to me when I got there and what if my employer didn’t like me and terminated me? Then what would I do? Those things rattled around in my mind before I decided to move here.

In addition, I encountered some problems concerning my documentation. Although I was experiencing all those setbacks, I still bravely pursued applying and working toward immigrating. When I finally arrived in Canada, although I did have a few friends here, they were still far from where I lived. That too was a challenge to overcome.

“I will say I’m a conqueror now because of the things that have happened in my life; I overcame my fear of being alone in a faraway place.”

My inspiration in life is my family. One of my greatest inspirations was my mom. She gave me courage and hope to go on, and to face all the challenges I encounter in life. She inspires me the most because she raised her sibling by herself and worked as a domestic helper in another country. She’s the person who supported me financially, for my college studies. I adored her and idolized her as a good parent. The second person who influences me and gives me courage to conquer any battle in life, is my husband. He’s my ally in everything; he is always there for me when I feel empty, when I’m sad, and when I’m facing any difficulty in life. He supports me in everything. That’s why I chose him from among all my admirers because he knows my weaknesses, my strengths and cheers me up when I’m feeling hopeless.

“I decided to choose [Anderson College] and study here because I have a dream to become a successful medical laboratory technician.”

I will say I’m a conqueror now because of the things that have happened in my life; I overcame my fear of being alone in a faraway place. I conquered all the trials by myself. With the support of my loved ones, I also achieved my status in Canada as a Permanent Resident.

Now I’m a student at one of the most respected schools in Canada, at Anderson College. I decided to choose this college and study here because I have a dream to become a successful medical laboratory technician. In this career I can pursue my biggest dream, to work in the medical field. I do it for me and for my family’s future. Next, I’m starting to apply for my husband’s spousal sponsorship, as he is going to be with me too, and we will both pursue our dreams, together.

I hope to encourage others to conquer their fears, to pursue the passions burning inside them, and release them by taking action. This is the start to encouraging yourself to dream, and the next step is working courageously toward that dream.

Jonalyn E.

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