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Our MLAT Students Are Back In The Lab

By August 18, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

After several months of attending virtual classes, some of our students are now returning to the laboratories. We went to see the Medical Laboratory Technician students at our Downtown campus to see how they feel about being back in school and what they thought of the virtual classes.


Virtual classes are not the same as being face to face, in the classroom, but it was really helpful. Being at home felt just the same as we would call our instructors. It felt good not having to stop learning.

The first time I used Microsoft Teams, it was a little bit hard because there were many students in the class, but after I finished the 1st day, I found it much easier.

Miss Simona, my instructor, understands if we miss some information since many of us have children or other distractions and background noises.

She is so understanding that she repeats herself and we can ask any questions at any time. You don’t have to worry as the school is providing everything to protect you and it makes me feel safe here.


I’m a mother and I have children and family at home, so it was challenging for me to study at home. My baby sometimes needs me during the virtual class, so he sits with me in front of the computer.

I find studying at home convenient as you can wake up when you want, and you don’t have to take the subway. I found the bi-weekly connect emails really helpful. I truly enjoyed reading the stories and sometimes I even read them to my children. They are so heartwarming!

I had mixed emotions about going back to the lab. I was scared but I wanted to finish my practical and do my placement because it’s important for me to finish the program.

In the laboratory, we need to wear full gear with face shield, mask and gown and we need to remain physically distant. These measures make me feel much safer. Anderson has really good and supportive staff and everyone is friendly.


Studying at home is very comfortable! You are not wasting your time travelling so it’s much easier to study in your comfort zone. My instructor is really good and has been helping us throughout this journey.

We are using Microsoft Teams to communicate and I found it has been very easy to use. Also, if we have any issues, the IT team always helps us.

I was really excited to be back in the lab and finish my program. At first, I thought: “How is this going to work?”, but when I came here, I saw that they are taking all the precautions including face shields and gowns, and we can also take our uniform home for safety reasons. They have prepared everything for us and I find it 99% as safe as my home. They are doing the best job they can!


Studying at home was challenging since I have 3 kids, my husband and my mother-in-law living with me. When I saw the bi-weekly connect emails, I saw that it was a way to touch base with us and I found the little stories helpful. I know what’s going on and what to expect.

When we first received news that the school was reopening in July, I was overjoyed! We were all happy to start back. I didn’t know what to expect about returning to the lab.

I was excited to finish my course and curious to see how it was going to work. I saw that there were many measures taken here when we arrived: the temperature checks, the distancing, the sanitizing, washing your hands, changing clothes as well as us having the ability to take our uniforms home every day to wash it. This is what our job will be like and what we will be wearing when we will be working in a lab. It’s good practice for that routine.

Safety here is pretty good, they provide you with everything so there is no need to be afraid. They took the necessary steps to take care of the staff and students. I was scared at the beginning but I’m not anymore, I’m confident.


It was difficult to study at home because I’m used to studying in groups. For me, it was really good to use Microsoft Teams because it helped me to learn, especially how to use computers and it was also really helpful to study online.

Honestly speaking, I was really excited to come back to school because I was worried about when I would be able to finish the program. When I came back, I was so excited because I could practice safely, and it was an advantage for everyone in the class.

I think the school is really doing a good job because they are monitoring everyone. I’m really impressed! For me, the bi-weekly connect emails were really helpful and reminded me that the school didn’t forget about us.

I had a lot of questions during these past months, but whatever I wanted to ask, I was able to call or email anyone and they responded quickly. Sometimes I wouldn’t even wait for more than 2 hours!

What is going on right now is really important, but you also have to plan for your future, so I think it’s safe to come back. It’s not just the school that has to take care of us, we also have to take care of ourselves and do the right thing so everyone can be safe.


For me, studying at home was a little bit difficult because I have kids there, but we adjusted and we made it work. I also have a room where I can isolate myself and avoid disturbances for when we have the virtual class.

I need to organize myself and prepare 15 min before the class. Microsoft Teams was easy to use. As soon as I knew my password and ID, it was really easy to login.

I was excited to go back to school and very interested. I was not so scared because I felt safe. You know what is the best thing that you can do. The precaution measures taken at the school are very positive. We are doing it to protect all of us.

The bi-weekly connect emails helped us in everyday life to stay positive and learn new things. I can’t wait to finish this course! Don’t stop your future because of COVID-19, go on and wait for your good future.

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