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Occupational Health and Safety Standards Shift, Opportunities Rise – In the Wake of COVID 19, An Exciting Career Awaits

By August 26, 2021November 27th, 2023No Comments
Occupational health and safety certificate

COVID 19 brought with it the most dramatic shifts our modern world and culture have ever known, at home and in the workplace. With a heightened awareness of the necessity of standard safety protocols, their application and compliance, in employees and customers alike, occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals are needed more than ever. This is true across all industries, but particularly in food and beverage, an industry that was hit hard, but now holds incredible opportunities for growth.

The momentum in OHS, to understand the current challenges and work with senior management and teams to determine and implement practical solutions, is at an all-time high. If you are motivated by the idea of being a leader when it comes to the health and well-being of people in the workplace, helping to enhance performance by upholding safety standards and collaborating with employers as they strive to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses – this may be just the career for you!

What Does an OHS Professional Do?

Professionals charged with an organizations’ occupational safety are responsible for protecting the physical and mental well-being of employees and drive, implement and manage health and safety initiatives to prevent work-related accidents, injuries and fatalities. They identify risks and hazards, create health and safety plans and deliver training programs, investigate complaints, accidents and injuries, deal with the Worker’s Compensation Board and disability claims, conduct ongoing inspections, and develop strategies to continuously improve workplace health and safety in a variety of environments. OHS professionals are collaborative team players, work alongside all levels of staff and management to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and they are fundamental to an organization’s success.

Where Do They Work?

While OHS standards are implemented across numerous industries from government, education, and construction to manufacturing and insurance, one industry in particular is more keenly aware than ever about the role of OHS in the workplace – food and beverage.

It is easy to understand why a construction site or manufacturing plant would need OHS professionals, but the pandemic heightened our understanding of the need for standard protocols in serving and caring for those enjoying food and beverage. In addition to our increased knowledge around the spread of germs, we are also living in a time when the internet allows us to be more attuned to where our food comes from, and how healthy it is, from farm to table.

OHS professionals in this industry cover standards for kitchen cleanliness, food prep protocol, ensure machinery is up to code, staff are following guidelines for self and food care, and that they are trained properly to fulfill tasks in a manner that promotes safety for self, co-workers and customers. They also work to mitigate risk when it comes to stress and repetitive strain. All this proactive preparation and education, allows employees to work more productively, keeps customers happy and well, and business thriving.

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OHS Job Opportunities for You – In Food & Beverage and Beyond!

Overall, OHS professionals are needed within:
• Government and Private Organizations
• Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
• Schools
• Manufacturing Plants
• Factories
• Public Facilities
• Restaurants
• Hotels

The potential positions you may hold are:

• Health and Safety Consultation
• Workplace Wellness Coordinator or Manager
• Wellness Advisor
• Policy or Program Manager
• Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Officer, Advisor or Manager
• Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator
• Environmental Director

With employers now acutely aware of the necessity of health and safety standards as a way of supporting their short-and long-term success and with their willingness to put dollars behind efforts, OHS career opportunities are expanding. With Anderson’s comprehensive safety courses and program, led by industry-experts, blending practical training with hands-on experience, you can receive an Occupational Health and Safety certificate and be out in the workforce within just 47 weeks.

To learn more about how you can become a part of this powerful industry or to learn more about one of our other 30+ leading-edge programs, contact our Admissions Team today.

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